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  Lima 2017
Posted by: Hicks - 04-22-2017, 10:24 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - No Replies

I've been in Lima for a few weeks and am still getting to grips with the city, but I'm likely to stay here for a few months.

Based on interest in another thread and some questions I've had PM'd to me I'll start taking questions here and answer anything as well as I can.

Quote:how much is a furnished month to month apartment in a nice area of the city? 

is a budget of like 700 a month for a nice apartment near the nice malls, 300 for food, 500 for everything else doable and will allow for a good life there?

I used Airbnb to get a nice furnished apartment with a great location in Miraflores, it costs roughly $1k for the month, but there are plenty of cheaper apartments to be had.  There are other liveable areas surrounding Miraflores and they will all be cheaper.

The budget you mention is doable, although I will spend roughly double that on food.  The food here is really amazing and I like eating at some nicer places.  In the supermarkets some items were significantly more expensive than I thought they would be.  Also, if you're not pre-drinking then nights out can be relatively expensive, drinks prices in a lot of places are similar to prices in a lot of UK cities.

Quote:What are you spending/month to live in Lima? 

I'd say $2-3k depending on how much I go out.

Quote:How's do to girls look on a scale of 1-10? What would you rate the girls in other places you've been compared to Lima?

The average quality is very low, but there are some very attractive girls and they are attainable.  I've lived in countries where the best girls are pretty much out-of-bounds for foreigners, that isn't the case here.  It helps that I'm in the top 1% of men for looks in Peru.  The average Peruvian guy is short, podgy, and doesn't dress well.

Quote:What kind of unique adjustments have you had to make to both your game and lifestyle in general for the culture in Lima?

Are you doing mainly day, online, or night game in Lima?

I haven't been out too much and have mostly focused on online (which is rare for me).  Things seem very simple here though, if you like a girl then you and introduce yourself and just talk normally, I feel like Peruvian girls are very open to meeting foreigners and they won't throw shit-tests at you or try to push you.  Just being nice and sincere will work.

Quote:Do you feel safe/Is the crime bad (the place can't be as civilized and orderly as Europe has a reputation for being right?)?

I was told from multiple sources just how bad it is, but -- as of yet -- haven't experienced any crime.  Miraflores is a nice area though and not representative of the city as a whole.

Quote:Whats the best and worst thing about your time in Lima so far?

The food is amazing.  I do my workouts by the seafront, they have dip/pull-up bars there and it's a really great way to exercise, it feels good to be able to look out across the ocean whilst working out.

My favourite experience so far actually came outside of Lima though.  I went to the sacred valley to an Ayahuasca retreat and took part in a couple of ayahuasca ceremonies.  It was the greatest experience of my life, something I would definitely recommend to people who are comfortable with psychedelics.

The worst thing is the internet.  Where I am staying has a piece of shit connection -- despite assurances that were made to the contrary.  The previous place I stayed at had a much more stable connection and was 10x faster, so good internet does exist in Lima, just not in my current apartment.

It's also annoying that Peruvians use their car horns in the same way I would expect an 8 year old kid with ADHD to use it.  The horns are constantly being overused and it can be frustrating when trying to sleep, fortunately the fan in my room drowns most of it out.

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  1 month based in any city the world. Money no object.
Posted by: Zolo - 04-20-2017, 01:18 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (12)

All I need is decent internet. This is sometime between Sep/Oct. Preferably outside Europe.

Was thinking pretty typical places: Tokyo, Cape Town, Rio, Taipei...

Any good ideas?

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  Crossing the Darién Gap ?
Posted by: Edmaster - 04-14-2017, 11:54 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (2)

Hello guys, 

I'm planning to do a road trip from central to south America (without flying). I came across some obstacle when i discovered the existence of the Darién Gap between Panama and Colombia. 

I always wanted to do something a bit adventurous. But this place seems kind of wild (Guerrilla between drug dealers, dangerous poisonous animals ..). I want to avoid taking the ferry as well... walking would be more fun. 
I know you have to hire someone in Colombia or Panama to help you to cross dat gap. It's like 80-90km of wild, filthy stuff around there. 

One of you guys has done it ?

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  Summer in West Africa
Posted by: Alex - 04-09-2017, 01:03 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (3)

Sup nomads.

This summer I am going to spend a couple of months in Sierra Leone doing some work. My original plan was to spend a few days after finishing the work chilling on the Freetown peninsula beaches before flying back home but the more I think about it the more I think I could do a bit of an overland trip for this.

Right now I'm thinking I can head north through Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and southern Senegal to Gambia, where I can pick up a cheap flight back to the UK. In terms of destinations outside the big cities I'd like to head to the Bijagos archipelago just out from Bissau, cap Skirring in Senegal and maybe somewhere in central Guinea (avoiding Zolo's infamous Journey from Hell if possible). Splitting time between cities, beaches and jungles sounds perfect for me.

Any Africa fans here have some input?
[Image: 3kQPfVw.png]

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  Cuba: 2 questions
Posted by: HunterBonito - 04-05-2017, 04:03 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (3)

Hi, I don't know Cuba at all and I'd like to ask 2 questions. I'm 60 yo, I'm in a good shape and goodlooking.
These are my 2 questions:
1) Do girls pay attention to age in Cuba?
2) I'm noticing there are some website renting good furnished apartments. Is it possible to rent an apartment or will I have some problems? I know if you like to reach Cuba you have to live in a "casa particular".
I know well Asia and always I get very good relationship with 20-30 years old girls.But I think Cuba is very different than Asia. I will have 20 free days and I'd like to rent an apartment and to get 2-3 girlfriend experiences.
Thanks for your reply.

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  Illegal Raves in Europe's Only War Zone: BIG NIGHT OUT Ukraine
Posted by: Alex - 04-05-2017, 04:24 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - No Replies

Pretty decent documentary from Vice on nightclubs in and around Donetsk (I guess summer 2016?). Despite an 11pm curfew there's still a lot of life in the clubs left open. Girls are hot and seem keen, making me consider some of the mid-tier uni cities in eastern Ukraine (probably not the DNR itself though, I'm looking at Kryvyi Rih, Zaporizhia, Dnipro etc).


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  Best 100 cities in the world - how many you been to?
Posted by: JJ Roberts - 04-04-2017, 05:58 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (13)

Hmmm, I rank number one out of more than 128,000 people who did this quiz.

Seems I am more well travelled than I thought.

Yes I gave honest answers and, of the 30 that I have not been to, I am going to 2 of them next month.

Whats your score?


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  Krakow or Lviv for women, what to expect (read about my Czech experience here)
Posted by: latinluva - 04-02-2017, 04:43 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (4)

Long story short:

I'm a 34 year old, 5'10 white Mexican, I'm good looking and I'm seen as friendly and outgoing, I speak: English, French, Italian, learning German. People usually think I'm Italian or French. I think it's important to clarify this since I know results will not be the same if you're Asian, Indian, etc.

I want to get a girlfriend, I don't care much about night stands and at my age I don't enjoy much staying up late at clubs drinking all night anymore. I enjoy being in a relationship.

For the last 2 years I lived in Prague, Czech Republic. I enjoyed those 2 years but in terms of Love/Sex it really sucked for me:

I work as a freelance translator, and I decided to live in Prague since the city was very beautiful, cheap and walkable PLUS it was full of really beautiful women.

I started going to bars/clubs, speed dating, tinder, conversation exchange and I got kisses, got to dance with beautiful women, fingered some at the club but I got  0 lays and 0 girlfriends.

I discovered that while Czech girls were beautiful, they had one huge problem: They don't like foreigners, are cold, and introverts. I made many friends from other countries and they all said the same thing and none of them had Czech girlfriends. Also, while there were many foreigners in the city, those who wanted to live in the city were mostly men, women were temporarily and not looking for boyfriends.

I got fed up and left to Malaga, Spain. Over there, I had a Czech flat mate who eventually became my girlfriend, we lived together for 3 months then I brought her back with me to Mexico. We're in Mexico right now, she's going back to Europe in a Month and I'm already looking for her replacement.

We have deep feelings for one another and we appreciate each other a lot, however, she is everything that was described to me about Czech women: She's introvert, cold, negative, cold in bed and she did tell me Czech women prefer Czech men over foreigners, even though Czech men are simpletons.

I already see Czech women as not a good option for the reasons already stated. So this time I want to try Krakow or Lviv. 

I only have 3 months in the summer, I want a girlfriend, I want to create a bond, and I want her to come back with me (I live in a luxurious apartment in a nice beach resort) and then who knows, I might move over there if I really like her.

Now, why Krakow? The city is beautiful and cheap. I have already met Polish women in the past and they have given me the impression of being good looking, very warm, friendly and boyfriend/dating oriented, I actually dated one in Malaga and she was very sweet. All Polish women have been nice to me, they have good conversations, good social skills unlike Czech women and they also seem to like Latin men, I have seen some simpleton Spanish guys with Polish girlfriends. I also think the fact that Krakow is smaller and less touristy than Prague will give me extra advantages, I also believe most young people will speak English (In Prague it was like this and also there were enough foreigners to make acquaintances and have a good time).

Why Lviv? It is probably the prettiest city in Ukraine, decent amount of people and Ukrainian women are famous for being the most beautiful, also, since the situation in Ukraine sucks I believe I can bring one with me to Mexico. I also met a guy from Portugal married to an Ukrainian, he told me he went there to study and that women were beautiful and that there were two kinds: gold diggers and perfect wives but he said gold diggers were easy to detect.

I have met women from Lviv and they were all very warm and beautiful, apart from the Portuguese guy, I also met a stupid Czech guy married to one that was delicious and gentle and the guy was a simpleton construction worker, etc.
The only problem I've seen with Ukrainian women is that people in Ukraine barely speaks English and they are more of the shy/introvert kind. I have no idea how they are in bed.

Also, as a Mexican, I need a visa to go to Ukraine and I'm a bit lazy about the whole process to obtain it.

Therefore I kindly ask What do you suggest, Krakow or Lviv?

Also how would it compare to my failed Czech experience?

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  Which country should I study in if I want a lot of sex?
Posted by: sexypizza - 04-01-2017, 11:12 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (1)

Hey guys, 

I'm a 25-year-old from Kuwait  (I'm not sure why my profile says I'm from Afghanistan lol). I'm currently having a really rough time in life and would like some help. 

-I studied in Australia for 5 years and graduated with a bachelor's of literature which is kind of a really useless degree. I was hoping I could teach English abroad but I don't think its a very sustainable way to live because the salaries are so low and most places won't hire me because I'm not a "native English speaker" despite English being the language I'm most proficient with. 

-to make matters worse, my Asian-Australian girlfriend, whom I had plans to marry, dumped me a few weeks ago because we've been in a long distance relationship for so long. 

so in summary, I'm stuck in the Middle east now. I can't have sex with anyone here (nor do I want to) unless I have an arranged marriage. I'm really lonely and would like to meet other women but the Muslim culture simply won't allow it and it's devastating me. I hate living here and I would really like to go somewhere else that's a bit more laid back and isn't so conservative and I would really like to find someone to replace my ex-girlfriend. 

My plan right now is to save up money to study nursing abroad for a few years and then work as a nurse abroad and never come back to Kuwait ever again. However, I'm not sure which country to go to. I'm really poor right now I can only study in countries where the cost of living and tuition fees are really low. 

Ideally, I would really like to study somewhere where it's easy to sleep around and find a relationship and eventually, after play the field for a while, a wife.

Here is a list of my possible choices. 

1- Ukraine
2- Poland
3- Czech republic
4- Germany
5- Mexico
6- Taiwan
7- Malaysia

Out of all these countries, I seem to be gravitating the most towards Mexico. It seems like it's easy to get laid there and the women seem really friendly and loving but really I've never been there so I don't know if it's really that good. 

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  The most easy towns to fuck non pros around the world?
Posted by: HunterBonito - 03-30-2017, 01:51 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (11)

Hello, in your opinion what is the best town to fuck non pros? These are the guidelines:
1) Easiness of fuck regular girls or freelancers who  look like regular girls
2) Abundance of girls
3) Girls don't take interest about age of the man
4) Passionate girls in the bed
5) A town where if you meet a girl then you can fuck her easily
6) A country or town where there are a plenty of girls on dating sites
7) The cost of living is low

Please reply only if you have traveled extensively around the world.
In my opinion the best countries are:
1) Philippines
2) Cameroon
3) Indonesia

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