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  Where do i go for the cheapest (but worth it) massage in europe ?
Posted by: Prince - 12-02-2017, 10:20 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - No Replies

I havent had tons of massage yet.. but i had equally good massage in frankfurt (supposedly expensive place) for 17 europe and in wroclaw (supposedly cheap place) for 30 euro !

im pretty sure there is a strong correlation with prices and geographic location; but i feel massage is kinda difficult to research for the best value (and being cheap at the same time)

On your experience, which place would you recommend me ? (preferably not too east (ukraine, russia, belarus, turkey, etc)

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  Why did the Realcmqforum vanish?.
Posted by: Deebios - 11-11-2017, 09:31 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (2)

Why did the Realcmqforum vanish?.

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Posted by: Socal616 - 11-07-2017, 10:30 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (2)


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  Asian Guy Goes to Colombia (BOG, MDE) - 10 Days, 5 Bangs (Datasheet+Report w/ Pics)
Posted by: whiteknightrises - 10-11-2017, 03:26 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (4)

I just got back from a 10 day trip to Bogota and Medellin and needless to say, it was awesome. Here are my datasheet and trip report (with pics of girls that I banged):



5 bangs (10 days – half in Bogota, half in Medellin – last day I just flew back to Bogota though)

So I went to Colombia for 10 days recently and needless to say, it blew away my expectations. It was my first time in South America (have been to places in Central America like Mexico). I already knew that it was going to be awesome based on what people had told me and what they had said about how I would do as a Spanish-speaking Asian, but it was even better than that.

Loved the people, the weather, the overall vibe, and more. Going to be returning fairly soon.

In terms of girls, you could probably do better if you weren’t

Hungover/fucked up 80+% of the time
Working on other stuff during the day at times
Hanging out with friends and only chasing pussy (but what fun is that)

About Me

Mid 20s Korean-American guy. Would consider myself “conversationally fluent” in Spanish or able to pick up more or less entirely in Spanish.

Average height (slightly shorter than 5’9” or ~175cm), slim, street-ish style (think Justin Bieber but not as raggedy), above-average looks and “game”.


Obviously, this is gonna be a huge concern for people as Colombia is a place known for things like Pablo Escobar, kidnappings, and drug cartels. In fact, Medellin, from the 1980s to 2003, almost continuously ranked as the most dangerous city in the world. While there were only a few times I felt that I was in a potentially dangerous situation, it’s something to keep in mind.

I’d say that the safety in Bogota and Medellin (at least based on my short experiences) is probably comparable to places in the US but perhaps slightly more dangerous, even in the nicer areas. If you are white, grew up in a gated community in the suburbs, went to a private university, have never been in a fight in your life, etc. (in sum – no street smarts), I would recommend traveling to more “tourist-friendly” places like Las Vegas, Cancun, Western Europe, Thailand, etc. (somewhat in that order from first world to third) before going to a place like Colombia.


I’m not positive since I basically spoke Spanish the entire trip, but I think you’d be at a significant handicap without Spanish-speaking skills.


It’s Colombia – there are bangable chicks everywhere. I went to both Bogota and Medellin – people often say that Medellin is teeming with hotties but honestly, I thought that there were hot girls in both cities – this is of course subjective. Nevertheless, you might just get the impression that there are more hotties in Medellin because the city isn’t as spread out and because the weather is better (girls wear less and generally don’t wear things like coats or jackets). There might be a slight difference in the types of girls you run into in Bogota and Medellin (the accent is different among other things) but as far as I know, the two cities are magnet cities for Colombians so they both have people from all over the country because of things like weather, jobs, etc. (Bogota more-so since it’s the capital – think my friend told me that it’s 50% non-Bogota natives)

The Asian Factor

I got the impression that being Asian was somewhat of a plus in Colombia, whereas it can be a minus in places like the USA.

The amount of girls that were into Korean culture (music, TV shows, etc.) was pretty surprising – I can’t make this shit up; people who were with me on the trip can attest. While Korean culture is not as big in Colombia as it is in Asia (Korean culture more or less being mainstream there), the TV shows and such are definitely not niche like they are in the US – so the penetration of the culture is somewhere between niche and mainstream, which is a bonus if you’re Korean. Some of the girls into all that shit were even attractive, like above-average, whereas most of those types in the US tend to be busted (from my experience).

Regardless, being Asian in general definitely gives you an exotic factor (good or bad); I can probably count the number of Asian people I saw during my trip on one hand.

Budget (I Spent Too Much)

This was how much I spent in Colombia (way too much, but it gives you an idea of expenses):

- Total ~1900 USD
- Uber from my house to JFK airport in NYC ~70 USD – fuck the US and its lack of transportation
- Flight from NYC ~600 USD (should be 500 but my flight with Avianca, the Colombian airline, got cancelled because of a strike and I had to book a different flight on a different airline for 600 USD last minute to get back to the US.)
- Airbnb ~450 USD
- Round-trip flight from Bogota to Medellin ~100 USD (should have been less but Viva Colombia, the budget airline there, charges you ~10 USD if you don’t print your boarding pass beforehand)
- Uber ~120 USD (includes Ubers from airport, which cost more than getting around Bogota and Medellin – no more than a few USD one-way in either city – Uber to far-away places like Chia outside of Bogota, and basically taking Uber everywhere – recommended for safety and convenience).
- Food ~150 USD (you could spend less if you eat only Colombian/not at nice places)
- Nightlife and drinks ~150 USD – about half of that being a bottle at an expensive club called Andre Carnes de Res in Chia, a city outside of Bogota (I know 75 USD is chump change to those coming from expensive countries)
- Bottle at duty-free 21 USD
- Overpriced SIM card at airport ~25 USD (probably cheaper to buy at the supermarket or convenience store. The cashier also overcharged me a few bucks – check your receipts)
- Cash/miscellaneous expenses ~250 USD

For a guy who is generally cheap as fuck – I kind of balled out on this trip, but I don’t regret it – I had a lot of fun.


Stayed in Airbnb in both Bogota and Medellin. Both places were ~50 USD a night including all fees to stay in the prime locations in both cities (Zona Rosa in Bogota and El Poblado in Medellin). Enjoyed my stay in both, not super fancy but decent enough 1 bedroom or studio setups with everything I needed and minutes away from the nightlife (walking distance).


There are buses in Bogota but I never took them. If on a short trip, Uber is probably better both in terms of convenience and safety.

There’s a metro in Medellin, which I took once, but to get around the city quickly, Uber isn’t that much more expensive and again, is more convenient.

Be warned – both cities have bad traffic during the day.


I’m not really a foodie. In general, Colombian food is pretty heavy (for someone used to Korean cuisine) and lacks spices. For example, there is this famous dish from Medellin called bandeja paisa (worth a try) and one of the things that comes with it is called chicharrón, which is literally like fried pork belly or pork skin (cholesterol attack).

Nightlife/Daygame Spots (That I Went to)

I will cover these throughout my trip report (below). I didn’t do much daygame though – approached 2 chicks total during the daytime. The problem with these short trips is that I’m always waking up late and by the time I go outside, it’s usually dark, etc.


I’ll also cover this throughout my report but honestly, I barely did any sightseeing.


Before going to Bogota, I messaged a lot of girls on Instagram – the amount of conversations I had going on was too much (~20+) – unnecessary and too much to keep track of. Only a couple of the girls followed through in terms of meeting (lots of delays in response time, girls often busy during the week, general flakiness, me being beta, etc.) and I only banged 1. I think it could be better for a longer stay but generally, I prefer meeting girls in real life (usually better since I know what I’m getting right away – with online girls, you don’t know what they’re like – personality – and to a lesser extent what they actually look like – I’m good at spotting catfish though from knowing about photo editing – until you actually meet them). Just for the purposes of banging on a short trip, Tinder is probably better (I banged 2 girls off Tinder).

Now for the Report

Here comes the hard part… I’m going to try to piece things together… Wish I had written stuff down as it happened. I probably lost a few IQ points from all the partying haha.

Will split this report between my times spent in Bogota and Medellin, respectively.

Warning: very long and detailed


Night 1 (Arrived in Bogota at night – first bang)

My friend – who I will refer to here on out as Joe - met me at the airport – awesome. I can’t remember what we did between me arriving and us going out but anyway, we grab a bottle and start pre-gaming around Carulla – a supermarket that people pre-game in front of in Zona Rosa in Bogota (not so much these days – police cracked down).

After getting a little yucky, we went to some small club – we were with some of Joe’s friends, who are Colombian, so we were trying to avoid cover charges if at all possible (a few USD, which isn’t much coming from the US, but people make much less in Colombia).

I think we split a bottle or something but yea we’re in there and it was my first time partying in Colombia (and South America). It was really fun but from what I experienced throughout my trip, Colombia is definitely more “social circle” than “cold approach” when it comes to nightlife (though I’m sure that there are spots for just picking up similar to those in the West and other places). Something that really struck me as cool was how you can socialize with the staff at nightlife places – they will take shots with you, etc. and girls will flirt with you and give you their number, whereas that is a no-go at times in other countries.

From what I remember, I got the number of the waitress (she was eye-fucking me hard on the stairs and told me she was working there – thought she was just a partier at first). We never got to meet but maybe when I return to Bogota.

Approached a few more girls I think, including two girls in the smoking area who my friend noted were the type of girls (really attractive) who probably wouldn’t give us the time of day in NYC.

Anyway, I eventually head to the bathroom and on my way there, I see a girl kind of checking me out (or so I thought). Either way, I approached her when I got back and we danced, made out, etc. She was with a big group, as was I, and we went to each other’s tables, danced, drank, introduced ourselves to each other’s groups, and so on.

I tried to leave with her multiple times but she said things like, let me get my purse, my friends are looking for me, etc. I probably tried taking her home at least 2-3 times before we finally left ~2 or 2:30. In dim lighting and with me being drunk, she was above-average but in reality, probably slightly above-average (pics below). She was a typical Colombiana with a decent body. She was from the coast so she was a bit darker (and insecure about this – she kept saying how white I was – I don’t think I’m that white haha). Pretty big tits, typical Latina ass, etc. Hit it once at night and then in the morning, before she started bleeding, which gave me an excuse to stop (I didn’t really want to hit it again). I made some excuse like “I have to work” (I actually did) and she left in the morning looking sad (I didn’t get her number or anything).

Pics (2 = NSFW): [1] [2] [3]

Day 2

I met my friend for a late lunch (also breakfast) and he took me from where I was staying in Zona Rosa to the neighborhood of Chapinero, which is more hip (and slightly more dangerous, to my knowledge – have heard of guys being held at gunpoint in broad daylight).

We had a good lunch (the famous Medellin dish bandeja paisa) – I’m a big eater usually and even I couldn’t finish all the food – I got a soup for the hangover but it came with a bunch of other shit (even though it was cheap, like a few dollars).

Girls definitely stared at me more (giggling as I walked by, saying shit like “look at the Asian guy!” – in Spanish) when I was in Chapinero vs. Zona Rosa, which has more foreigners and is expensive (aka Colombians who have money and have probably done things like studied abroad, etc., which means they’re probably more used to seeing non-Colombians).

Night 2 (Crazy club, sketchy afterparty until 10 A.M.)

After eating, I forget what I did but eventually we met up at Joe’s friend’s house to pre-game and get ready to go to Andres Carne de Res, a cool club outside of Bogota in a city called Chia (about 30-45 minutes away in a taxi – taxi isn’t cheap for Colombia, I forget how much exactly but probably ~15-20 USD one-way). I had planned a date for ~4 P.M. with some chick from a language exchange site but flaked on her because I wouldn’t have had time to do that and make it to the pre-game.

We get there ~12 – place is packed but we eventually get a table. I got the first bottle (~75 USD for some rum). Honestly, the club was pretty fucking awesome but I was also kind of wasted and with a group. I’m not sure I would go to a place like that by myself.

The place is absolutely huge – we probably only saw ~10% of it as we had a table and mostly stayed around it. It’s a real quirky place with actors dressed in silly costumes giving out drinks and stuff like that. Lots of Latin dancing – I have no idea what I’m doing with regards to that but I know a couple of moves and have somewhat of a natural aptitude for music-related stuff (people were admiring my “skills”, especially as a non-Latin person).

I tried hitting on a couple of the waitresses (definitely my type) but they weren’t as friendly as the girl on the previous night in Bogota (maybe they weren’t allowed to interact with customers in that way, maybe I’m “beta”).

I also remember getting the number of what I would consider a “dime” (amazing face) – I tried getting her out during my stay in Bogota – she eventually said to message her when I got back from Medellin but the day I got back, I didn’t bother booking an Airbnb or anything because I had barely gotten any sleep after a crazy night out in Medellin. Maybe when I go back.

Eventually I saw some girl smile at me and I went in. She was one of those hip-looking chicks with blue highlights in her hair and a nose piercing (otherwise dressed normal though – not nearly as trashy as this one chick that I met later in Medellin). We danced, made out, etc. but at the end of the day, she had to go with her friends.

Towards the end of the night, I met some other chick who lived in Chia (works in Bogota) – same thing: danced, made out, but she had to go with her friends.

We all eventually left the club and got back to Bogota ~4 A.M. or so (I passed out in the cab). I was still trying to party and smash some sloot though so I walked around Zona Rosa to see what was going on.

** I DO NOT recommend doing this but basically, I met two girls on the street and got in a cab with them. I was kind of sketched out because it was a long cab ride (later on, my friend told me that I was in a SUPER sketchy neighborhood). Also, it’s Colombia and I had just jumped into a cab with two complete strangers. Anyway, the one chick had the sexiest eyes ever, like yellowish-green, and we briefly kissed in the cab.

We got to some afterparty place and even the girls were telling me to be careful as we walked around the neighborhood (immediately got dangerous/sketchy vibes from the area).

We eventually went inside this one place and met up with the girls’ friends, who were a bunch of thug-looking Colombian dudes – tats, piercings, etc. The “leader” of the group seemed to think I was cool and he told me to hit him up when I go back to Bogota (we messaged and shit on Whatsapp – he invited me out the following weekend but I was in Medellin – could just be that he’s trying to play me or kill me, who knows).

Anyway, we started slamming aguardiente, which is the national drink – tastes peppermint-y and gives you bad hangovers. Keep in mind I was already pretty fucked up; I’m surprised I didn’t black out.

But yeah, we were just dancing, chilling, and drinking; I was mainly just trying to bang the one chick. She convinced me to go to the next afterparty place with them (it was already like 6 or 7 A.M. at that point) and we went somewhere (it was bright as shit outside – hate that feeling) to continue partying. I paid ~10 USD to split another bottle of aguardiente with the group and we continued to slam el guaro. The chick with the nice eyes and I were all over each other – dancing, making out, etc.

However, at the end of the night (or beginning of the morning – 10 A.M.), she wasn’t willing to come home with me (friends, blah blah) and I went home with my dick in my hand – I should have just banged one of the girls from our group at Andres Carne de Res who was checking me out hard but she was average, probably more like below-average.

Day 3

Got spicy Asian soup, passed out

Day 4 (Instagram Asiaphile)

I think I woke up semi-early ~11-11:30 A.M. to have a “coffee date” with some chick from Instagram (retarded idea – daytime, coffee, etc. – not sexual).

I met the girl at a coffee place literally a block or two from where I was staying. However, I was pretty non-aggressive and she was a super “nice” kind of girl.

I took her to a park nearby (I think she wasn’t down to come up to my apartment when I tried to take her there) and when I went for the kiss she got shy and said it was too fast. It could just be that I was too passive at the start (I had literally just woken up/was out of it) but this is another reason why I don’t think Instagram is as good as Tinder for banging chicks, especially on short trips – you don’t always know if the girl is a DTF chick (unless it’s super obvious from her pics/profile – those kinds of girls usually have lots of followers though and aren’t as responsive to a guy like me who has shit pics) whereas with Tinder, all girls know why they’re on there (to get fucked).

Anyway, we eventually parted ways and I think I did some work before waiting to meet up with other chicks (I scheduled 2 for around the same time – one wasn’t down to come to my place right away and suggested food, the other I told to meet me at a spot literally down the street from where I was staying).

Anyway, I meet the girl who comes to around where I’m staying first instead of the girl who’s at a food place ~10 minutes away. The other girl waits for like an hour before leaving (I made an excuse like my phone got stolen but luckily there were police in the area and I shouted for help. I had to file a police report for an hour before getting my phone back – this actually happened to me in Barcelona. I felt bad about lying, etc. but such is life)

Back to the girl I actually met – I met her at a street corner right by my place. After learning from my timidity earlier in the day, I just took her hand and started walking toward my place. There was no resistance and at this point the doorman laughed – he knew what I was up to haha.

We went up to my place and I poured some drinks – probably not even necessary – had like a sip each before making out. She was a total Asiaphile. Like most Colombianas, she had a decent body naturally. Sex was pretty nice and she left a bit after. Not sure what else I did that day – probably a bit of work.

I ghosted on this girl and she later sent me a long-winded message – I felt bad.


Night 4

I got dinner with a guy from another forum before meeting another guy from the same forum to hit the “gentleman’s club” in a super sketch part of town. Would NOT want to be walking around there at night by myself. Took a cab straight there and back.

Anyway, it was at the gentleman’s club that I first experienced Colombian cola (nomsayin’) and it was fucking wild. Considering that during the trip, I never once had a line of drinks like you would usually drink in the states, and just small sips, and considering how cheap carbonated beverages were, it was wild. Just one or two sips will get you super caffeinated. However, too much sugar can fuck with your erections (or it did for me) – nothing is perfect.

As me and the forum guy were leaving, some crazy guy outside (clearly fucked up out of his mind) gets in forum guy’s face and I almost thought the forum guy was about to get stabbed. The guards pulled forum guy inside and they took us to our Uber when it got to the strip club (the Uber parked a block or two away to avoid getting into shit with the taxi drivers – I think Uber technically isn’t allowed over there).

Day 5

I honestly have no idea what I did during the day – probably not much. As you can see, I did 0 sightseeing in Bogota, which I regret. I’ll get around to it next time.

Night 5 (Gringo Tuesday)

My last night in Bogota, a Tuesday, my friend Joe took me to the infamous foreigner-oriented party, Gringo Tuesday. Before that, we got tacos and pre-gamed a little. The lack of sleep and alcohol consumption caught up to me though and I tried to take a nap for a bit (it was still early ~8 P.M.) before going out.

I couldn’t really sleep but I think lying down for a bit did me some good as I was ready to go once I went back out and met my friends.

Anyway, we got a few bottles and were chilling upstairs at La Villa (the place where Gringo Tuesday is held). It was a pretty fun party – decent music, foreigners were kind of annoying but not so much. It was pretty scary because the doorman patted me down and made me open a condom case I usually carry (later got stolen in Medellin lol) – forgot I had some cola in there. I tried to pull some ninja shit and as I was opening it, ninja-ed the shit into the palm of my other hand but the hostess saw and I just threw it out nonchalantly. Luckily, it was all good.

I remember approaching some girl I would consider very above-average who was into Korea, etc. but her friend wasn’t into the forum guy I tried to get to wing for me. Plus, she had to go home early ~12. I got her number and hopefully will meet her when I return to Colombia.

I met another girl who ended up being batshit crazy. She tried speaking to me in her broke ass, annoying English (the more Westernized they are, the worse – generally…). She was my type looks-wise though – like petite and slim and I tried putting up with her BS just to bang (mistake).

I eventually get her to leave the club with me – she was so wasted, talking to everyone. I got her to come back to my place and have a drink but she wasn’t really drinking. We made out and stuff and I tried to finger her but she wasn’t having it. We went back to the club and I wasted more time hanging out with her (she was crazy and her friend was also a huge cockblock). I eventually ditched her knowing that nothing was probably going to happen (should have ditched her sooner).

I met another girl by the bathroom who was super cute with dyed blonde hair – I love that look that some Latinas have if you know what I mean – like typical exotic look and vibe with blonde highlights or blonde hair – not sure if that’s natural (I’m sure for most it’s just hair dying or highlighting – it was like that for this one).

I got the girl to leave the place and walk to my place with me (at this point my friends had left – everyone was wasted). We made out and stuff but she wouldn’t come upstairs. We went back to the club and I said I needed to find my friends (in reality, was trying to find another girl).

There wasn’t much going on in terms of girls or partying at that point so I called it a night since I needed to go to Medellin the next day anyway.

In retrospect, I should have banged Joe’s friend’s cousin, who was into me, but slightly above-average at best (nice body, butterface).


Day 1

Honestly, I wish I had gotten to spend more time in Bogota but regardless, I had fun.

Upon advice from a forum guy (let’s call him Nick) that another forum guy introduced me to, I took the bus from the airport, and then a taxi from the bus stop to my Airbnb in El Poblado. This probably added another 30 minutes to the trip but saved me ~5-10 USD? Can’t remember. For a first time traveler and/or someone looking for convenience, it might be better just to take a cab straight to your Airbnb or hotel (I think its like ~25 USD).

Night 1 (Tinder bang)

I got some girl from Tinder to meet me – she was kind of shy, but we got drinks directly beneath where I was staying – the drinks ended up being like 30 USD (Jesus) – a lot for Colombia I think.

I made an excuse to go upstairs to my place (want to smoke – need to get my cigs) and she came up with me. I poured us some drinks (the bottle and mixer at the crib are essential – haha those were literally the only things in the fridge in both the Bogota and Medellin Airbnbs).

We had a bit to drink and started making out. She was “shy” at first but definitely wasn’t that way in bed. A little older than me (late 20s) but had a body that I like – tallish, slim, etc.

Eventually she left. While we were waiting for the Uber, we walked past a few hostel-type places that were having parties. God, I hate that scene.

I don’t think I did anything special but she said she liked getting to know me, saying I was super easy to talk to, etc. She kept messaging me after that night, wanting to meet and suggesting shit for us to do but I wasn’t feeling it.

I felt bad because I was ignoring her and she sent me all these emo messages (I blocked her and she started messaging me from another number – blocked again).

Pic (NSFW - pretty shit but yeah – not posting her Tinder pic – would be too easy to identify her)

FYI: this girl asked me how tall I was before we met. Keep in mind that this was a late 20s chick who was above-average at best – online girls get to be choosy! (Takes no balls to message a girl on Tinder, so everyone does it – more competition :winkSmile

Day 2 (Sightseeing)

I finally did some sightseeing this day.

I took the metro to get to a place called Pueblito Paisa – a little replica village typical of the area a couple of centuries back.

I got stared at a lot as I got further and further away from the touristy areas.

On the metro, I saw a super pretty, sweet-looking girl who also seemed to be checking me out. I worked up the balls to approach her and she actually got off the train to continue the conversation with me and give me her number. Super sweet. She lived far away though so we didn’t get to meet while I was in Medellin – hopefully will meet when I go back.

Anyway, I got to Pueblito Paisa, took some pictures, had some Medellin bandeja paisa (it was a touristy spot though so I wasn’t expecting much – wasn’t amazing or anything) before going back.

Night 2 (Ladies Night, Techno Afterparty, Ratchet Bitch)

Later that night, I finally met up with Nick. He took me to ladies night, where I think girls drink for free or something like that on Thursday. It’s supposed to be better for picking up because of that, but in general, he told me that Medellin isn’t the best for one night stands (heavy, group going out culture, girls don’t want to be seen as sluts, etc.)

We got a small table toward the back. There was a group right in front of us – two Colombian guys (lucky dudes) and like 10 girls. One of them was hot as fuck – legit the type I would love to bang in Latin America – slightly tanned, blonde-ish hair, tight body, not too tall, etc. We danced up on each other (I noticed her looking back at me a few times) but she was with a group and probably with one of the guys (I asked her – she said she wasn’t – but either way, I don’t think anything was going to happen – should’ve got the number though).

Anyway, I go outside and buy cola off some guy – probably overpaid (paid double what I paid in Bogota – which was probably a rip-off to begin with) but either way, still a fraction of the price that I would pay in NYC but many, many times better in quality.

I randomly met another Korean-American guy – I asked him if he was Korean right away (typical Korean look). He was with a bachelor party and we ended up drinking cola together – like the cola in Bogota, it was very organic and amazing.

In terms of girls, I approached some cutie towards the front of the venue and Nick winged the friend but it wasn’t happening (friends, etc.) – I got the number – maybe we’ll meet when I get back.

Nick eventually decided to call it a night – we checked out another venue but it was closing. Apparently right after we said bye, some skanks on the street tried to steal his phone but he got it back – watch your pockets. I got my condom case stolen out of my back pocket – I’m sure the pickpocket was like WTF when he opened it, thinking it would be a wallet, haha.

I met some random guy on the street after we left ladies night (think he came up to me and Nick and asked if I was Korean or something) and we were still trying to party. We walked around and found some random bar that happened to be playing techno (actual techno, I’m not using that term to refer to pump your fist “EDM”) and it’s the kind of crowd you would expect with that kind of music at 3 A.M. or so. Lots of dudes and two chicks, both of whom look ratchet. One of the girls was checking me out and her, her friend-zoned guy friend, and I went to drink some cola together.

The girl was super ratchet – piercings, tattoos, etc. everywhere but at that point I was just hype and trying to smash so I waited it out until the place closed (I could tell that she was trying to party until the place closed).

Her and the guy (who apparently has been trying to bang her forever – some loser American guy – felt bad) get into some sort of argument – I guess he had been trying to bang forever but didn’t know that he was solidly in the friend zone (why he would even care with that type of chick, I don’t know).

Anyway, I get the girl to come back with me to my place – under the pretense of partying more (we were waiting for her friend to come, too, but it seemed as though the friend was trying to hook up with some guy).

The girl wasn’t trying to bang, smoke, drink cola, etc. (at least not in any sort of reasonable time frame) so I told her I was super tired (was ~5 A.M.) and wanted to sleep (wasn’t hot enough to justify more effort – just the truth). We made out and stuff but she bit me and shit – not really into “aggressive” girls like that anyway.

I had trouble sleeping that night but YOLO.

Day 3

I woke up late and met Nick to hit the gym together… didn’t eat anything until like 6:30 P.M. – was about to pass out.

Night 3

Later that night, I met up with another girl from Tinder. Her and her friends were chilling at some super Colombian place (she had told me that the friends were going to leave shortly after I got there).

I was surprised because she was actually pretty cute IRL (cuter than her pics). She had kind of a shy, nervous personality though (like her default expression seemed to be one of worry) – online girls…

Her friends had told me that she was into Korea, etc.

I didn’t really know what to do but just got her to come back to my place. I didn’t mention that we were going to my apartment (I think I said “let’s get a drink”) but just went up to my place anyway – there was no resistance or anything. I poured us drinks (probably not necessary) and we started making out and going at it pretty quickly.

However, she was pretty aggressive in bed, which I don’t really like – biting me and shit, riding me like she was going to die in 5 minutes (felt like my dick was gonna break, no homo).

Haha – after I came she literally wanted to go at it again after like 5 seconds. I told her to chill because I wanted to smoke some non-tobacco (she wasn’t down) – probably a terrible idea but smoked in the Airbnb (smoked a bit in the room before realizing that it smelled and decided to smoke in the bathroom – there was a fan). I did this because I did it once with some chick in the US and it felt awesome but it wasn’t as great this time (details to follow).

Anyway, we start going at it again but she’s teasing me and shit – basically biting and licking me everywhere – which felt good but it would’ve felt better just to bang her when I was feeling buzzed. Eventually, I get tired of fucking and she looks sad – I tell her I usually like more passive chicks and she tells me I’m in the wrong country and that Colombianas like to fuck haha.

Anyway, she gets the hint and goes home – too bad because in terms of looks, I was into it – she was petite, slim, and cute and had surprisingly large tits considering the rest of her body.

Pic (NSFW)

Day 4

Hit the gym again with Nick – not sure what else I did besides that.

Night 4 (Amazing Final Night, Bang a MILF)

It was a forum member’s birthday so a few of us all met up and had some drinks before hitting a club. I had a little cola while we were pre-drinking so I was pretty hyped to hit the club.

It was your typical Colombian style place with lots of tables and groups.

I danced with a few girls and had some fun. This sexy ass mulatta told me to come find her when the bachata came on, which I did. She wasn’t down though once I started kissing her neck haha.

Eventually, there were two Venezuelans at our table (there are a lot in Colombia because the situation in Venezuela is so fucked). It turned out that one was the mom and the other her daughter LOL. At this point, I was pretty turnt but I’m pretty sure within 5 minutes I kissed the MILF and got her to come outside with me.

We walked to my place, which was about 10 minutes away walking (logistics!). We banged and even drank some cola together before heading back to the club. She swallowed so it was nice (I don’t think any other girl had been down for that up to that point).

I took her number out of courtesy (she later asked Nick for my number haha) but don’t have plans to see her again.

We got back to the club and eventually they started playing electronic music – I was literally dancing up a storm and all eyes were on me as I think they’re not used to that kind of music or dancing over there. Honestly, that whole night I had been on fire – dancing with tons of girls, making friends with everyone, taking shots with people, etc. – Colombians are super friendly – “social” game is definitely the way to go (I think that’s honestly the way to do it for nightlife in general though, especially if you want to bang hotter girls with any sort of consistency – unless you’re really good-looking, etc.)

All in all, it was a great last night in Colombia.

As we leave, the MILF makes up some BS about how she dropped some cash in my room and asks me for like the equivalent of 6 USD to replace it and I just give it to her. I’ll count it as a lay since she never asked me before we fucked.

Pic (NSFW)

Day 5 

Flew back to Bogota. Was supposed to fly out the next day but Avianca cancelled my flight (no notice – only checked because Joe mentioned something about the strike). Stayed with Joe’s friend an extra couple of days before taking another flight back to the states – didn’t do much besides work and chill.


I really loved Colombia – I'll definitely go back soon.

However, I wouldn’t recommend Colombia to someone who is a first-time traveler, newbie with girls, non-Spanish speaker, etc. – not sure it would be worth it.

Didn’t think I’d love Latin music/partying to Latin music so much – must have Shazam’ed like 10 songs.

Anthem of the trip (more so the vibe – awesome to party to – good mix of beat and feels):

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  The Iran Thread
Posted by: Zolo - 10-06-2017, 06:59 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (19)


I just booked flights to Tehran, Iran from 10th-17 of December. If any of ye scallywags be there make yourselves known! I'm planning on doing the capital, Isfaphan, and elsewhere.

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  Haven't Been On Here in A While. This Place Dead?
Posted by: PlanetOzzy - 10-04-2017, 01:51 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (6)

First time logging in since July. Where'd everyone go? Is the facebook group where all the action now takes place?

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  Kampala: what is a good place to meet girls?
Posted by: HunterBonito - 09-23-2017, 11:57 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (3)

Hi, I will be in Kampala for 20 days and I'd like to stay in a fun place where I can meet many girls.
I thank you.

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  The MASSIVE Moscow Datasheet 2017
Posted by: icrus - 09-23-2017, 07:24 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (3)


Unlike some other forums this one seems to be a bit short on Moscow datasheets, so I’m happy to chip in. I’ve been living in Moscow for two years and can say that it’s one of the Top 3 cities in the world to me. The lows can be frustrating but the highs are really high.

I broke down the datasheet according to the following categories:

When to go: which time of the year is good to visit, aka is it really cold as balls in winter?

Arrival: a section on which airport to fly into and how to get to the city

Logistics/Where to stay: what’s a good area to stay and how is the city constructed?

Transport: metro, cabs and walking – when to take which option?

Prices: how much does life cost?

Safety:  are you gonna get beaten up by Russian football hooligans and Chechen war vets? (hint: only if you’re dumb af)

Online Game: Tinder, Mamba, Badoo and all the other lame apps that I don’t use anymore but still might be good use for someone visiting

Day Game: what are good spots to meet sexy Russians during the day 

Night Game: leaving the best for last…a MASSIVE breakdown of nightlife venues

Warning: this is a 6,000+ word datasheet, so you might want to set aside some time if you actually want to read through the whole thing at once.

Part 1 - When to go

The climate in Moscow is very continental. The air, unlike in NYC for example, is very dry. That means that even very high and very low temperatures become bearable.

So how cold does it really get?

Between December and March it is pretty much consistently below 0 Celsius. Jan and Feb are the coldest months and yes, you’ll easily get a few days in a row where it’s -20C or less. Thanks to the continental climate though, it is not quite as bad as it sounds. If you pack yourself in in warm clothing, you’ll be good. St.Petersburg is much worse in that regard. The -27C I experienced there once really made your balls shrink.

When does summer start?

The funny thing about Moscow weather is that there’s almost no spring and fall. 

Spring lasts for a good month or so in May when temperatures creep up to 20C. This year unfortunately was particularly bad and we had snow as late as June. Fall starts around Mid-September and also lasts a good month before the first snow starts mid to end of October. 
Actual summer only lasts for a good three months, June to beginning of September. It does usually get pretty warm, around +25, sometimes even above that. Temperatures are bearable and you’ll only really sweat in the metro.

So to recap

6 months of miserable weather (Nov-April)
1 month good (May)
3 months summer (June-Aug)
2 months summer turning into winter (Sep, Oct)

Now when should you actually visit?

Although this might sound particularly bad now, it is actually not at all. Because if you’re out for a good time in Moscow, it doesn’t fucking matter whether you come in winter or in summer.
The best months for visiting are (in that order): June, May, July, September
I excluded August because August is a classic DOWN MONTH. Muscovites leave for dachas or holidays abroad and the city empties out a lot. I’d honestly recommend coming in winter over August.

Benefits of visiting in summer are:
- You don’t have to deal with snow and cold weather
- Everyone’s out and about and walking and being outside will be much more pleasant
- Girls wear less clothing and you get to roam around the parks and chat them up
- 4 out of 5 venues have summer terraces to sit and party outside

Benefits of visiting in winter are:
- You get to experience the hustle and bustle and decorations before NYE, which is a big deal in Russia (provided you come in time)
- People don’t really leave for holidays so everyone will be running towards the clubs in winter to escape the weekday grind 
- Girls wear outrageously hot overknees and fur coats that, quite frankly, look even better than their summer outfits
- Less tourists overall (though Moscow is so spaced out you don’t notice them a lot) 

So to recap:

Yes, I’d recommend visiting in the warmer months but you should not be deterred by the weather. I’d just avoid a few specific dates and weeks like the January holidays (1-10) and the month of August.

Part 2 - How to get your ass to the city

Now this is a short section but I think it warrants an extra few words since you can save yourself some hassle and just have a better experience overall. Unless you get in touch with me to help you out, you’ll have to organize this stuff yourself, so pay good attention.

Moscow has 4 airports but afaik most, if not all, flights to Europe and North America fly into Domodedovo (DME) or Sheremetyevo (SVO). Both are a good deal outside the city but connected with trains to the center. 

My advice:

Definitely try flying into Sheremetyevo!

It is newer, better organized, nicer and will just overall save you a lot of time and nerves, from passing border control to checking in. I mostly fly DME and it drives me nuts every time. They are doing major construction work for the World Cup next year so the situation might improve but this advice still stands.
As far as transportation to the city is concerned, you’ll have to choose between cabs and the Aeroexpress train. Unless, of course, you took care of that beforehand somehow.

The train is cheaper, runs every 30mins and takes you to the circle line in the center. Unfortunately from there you’ll have to deal with changing to the metro and that can be quite unpleasant, especially if you have a lot of luggage and arrive at peak times. You’ll probably also find it hard to find your way through the Moscow metro if it’s your first time and you don’t read Russian. Yes, they do have sort of English info stands and signs in English now but it’s still not all that tourist-friendly.

My recommendation: take a cab

It’s still cheap and just way more convenient. You can get an Uber or Gett, both should be around 20 bucks to the center if you take the cheapest option and maybe 50 if you take a Mercedes (never done, don’t know). It might be a bit iffy, however, with the language barrier and I can’t really say how many drivers speak decent enough English.

Whatever you do, do not get a cab from one of the guys trying to chat you up at the airport!

No matter how “official” they might be, they’re not. They’re scammers and scammers do not deserve to be paid, no matter if it still seems comparably cheap to other major cities. For the money they want to charge you, you can get an Uber Black.

Part 3 - Logistics and Moscow City Center

For better understanding, I drew up a crude map with some rough indicators of what is happening where:

[Image: kmiHIc1.jpg]

These are by no means complete but serve just as a rough indicator. Basically your best case scenario is to be within the first yellow ring. This means you are dead in the center and everything will be a 15-20mins cab ride away tops. Anything within the half-visible orange ring is still good but you’ll need to take the metro/a cab to get to the center.

Moscow is very big and very spread out. Unlike in NYC or London roads are massive. During the day you can walk a good part of the city (in summer) but at night you will be restricted to cabbing it when you’re jumping places. 

Unlike these cities Moscow is also very centralized in the sense that you do not really have quarters that are completely different from one another. Some might have more cafes and bars and others might be more hipsterish but overall they’re all broadly similar. Hence why I can’t really give a top recommendation on which area to stay in besides the obvious tip that being in the center is more convenient (though not necessary). A good rule of thumb is the closer to a metro station, the better.

Part 4 - How to get around

I already briefly mentioned Uber and Gett and these two, together with Yandex taxi should be your go-to apps for hailing a cab. Super convenient and very cheap. I pay about 10 bucks for a 30-45min ride home from the clubs. Basically Uber Black will set you back the cost of a normal cab in a Western city. Gipsy cabs (aka hailing down any random car) still exist but much less than they used to thanks to the improved cab supply and cheap prices. Basically there is no upside in riding with some dodgy stranger in his Lada when you can wait 5mins and take an official cab.

I do still recommend taking the metro, even if only for touristic purposes. Here’s a map:

Metro Map

It not only serves as a mean of transportation but also as a mean of orientation, so you can orientate yourself according to metro stations. Anything within the brown circle is considered central. As you might know, the Moscow metro is almost sacred and stations are very elaborate and a sight to see in itself. Absolutely no comparison to Western metro systems that are dirty, smelly and full of shady characters. It also runs extremely efficiently and in the center you’ll never have to wait more than 2mins for a train.

Part 5 - Prices

I’ll address each cost point separately.


As often the case in Moscow, you can do it really cheap or scandalously expensive. If you’re good with living 50km out of the center (but still within Metro reach), you can get an apartment for 400$. Or you can live dead in the center in a really fancy place for 1,500$. Or, if you really need to show off, in one of the skyscrapers, that will be much better connected to the center from 2018 on, for 3,000$+.

I pay 750$ for an apartment that is fairly out of the center but on the red line. Takes me about 35mins by Metro and 25mins by cab to get to the center. It’s definitely one of the best apartments I’ve seen so far in Moscow, so you’d probably pay double the price for prime location.

In all honesty it is more a matter of convenience than necessity to live in the center. Would I drop double the price if I could easily afford it? Probably. Do I have other priorities at the moment? Yes, I do. To put it bluntly, your location will never cockblock you because Muscovites are simply used to big distances.

I can’t really speak for hotels, I think a good hotel goes for about 100$ a night in a central location. Airbnb has the usual markup over long-term rent, so you can probably add another 25% or so to what I mentioned.


The quality isn’t amazing but the prices are low. I don’t track my expenses on that in detail (prob should) but I’d put it around 300$ at best. That’s with eating at home most of the time.


I already mentioned cabs being super cheap. Really anything above a tenner is simply a rip-off. I’d rather wait 5mins than being ripped off. Time is money and all but I’m not rewarding scammer behavior. 

Metro is even cheaper, one ride costs you 1$, no matter how far you go. If you get a card with a lot of rides like I do, cost goes down another 40% or so. I spend maybe 30$ on the metro at best.

Eating out:

Same story as for accommodation. McD is cheap – a cheeseburger is like 1$ or so, don’t even know. If you get food for you and the skinny girl next to you in a middle class restaurant or one of the chains, it’s gonna be somewhere between 25-35$. If you decide to eat in one of Moscow’s best restaurants like White Rabbit, it’ll be 70-100$+ for one, depending on what you’re getting. 


Now there’s almost never a cover fee, so that is pretty sweet. A couple of clubs do a cover, often clubs with electronic music. Usually somewhere around 20$. Sometimes clubs ask you for a min spend at the door and you have to get a card. That can be anywhere between 25$ and 45$. With my rampant drinking I usually easily exceed that.

Bottle service is actually a much better deal in comparison to that and you can get table reservations from as little as 50$ per person in some venues. Top venues start from 650$ and can go up to 2,000$ if you want a private room with that as well (I reckon that’s for swooping right then and there haha). 


Don’t go to the gym since I work out at home but I think it starts from 35$ a month.


Slightly more expensive than in Europe and much more so than in the US. Think 100$+ for new Levis.


Random stuff like cinema, sports events etc. A good ballpark number is always 25$. If you get cheap seats to wherever you’re going and get a drink and a snack with it then you’ll end up somewhere around this number. Scale it up for better seats, bigger events and having a girl with you.


Flying out is unfortunately not very cheap. Cheapest flights are to my native Munich for about 200$. I paid a whooping 350$ to get to Cyprus. Could’ve gone to New York for 150$ more. I think flying to some SEA destinations is fairly cheap as well. Flights within Russia are cheap but few cities besides St.Petersburg warrant a visit.

Part 6 - How to stay safe

The last section before we get to the meaty stuff Big Grin

Generally Moscow is very safe. In my two years here I’ve never been robbed, threatened or even felt unsafe. Terrorism does exist in Russia too but safety measures are very high, especially in the metro and on public holidays or events. Generally the worst thing that can happen to you is your own stupidity or being scammed by a cab driver. So don’t go around flashing your wealth, talking obnoxiously loud English to people that don’t want to hear it, picking fights with the wrong kind of people (especially Caucasus). Common sense stuff really. Within the center there’s no such thing as a no-go area and even in the suburbs I couldn’t think of any especially dodgy areas. Safety measures in the clubs are high and no one takes an interest in you unless you really try to in the wrong way.

That said, on to the interesting part…

Part 7 - Online Game

Personally I deleted any apps a long time ago, simply because they are not my style, rob me of my best strengths, waste my time and generally decreased in quality a lot.
However, if you’re coming for the first time and haven’t smashed models left and right yet Wink you’ll still be impressed by the quality. In general I’d say that there’s no such thing as “there’s only damaged girls on there” but rather a mix of everything. Attention whores, regular girls, hipsters, girls trying to find a boyfriend, pretty much anything across the board. Pretty much anything that is true for girls in general will be true online as well, so most of the time you’ll still have to put in the work.

Tinder is, in my now limited knowledge, still the best, especially if you don’t know Russian. I briefly installed it on a hangover Sunday a few weeks ago but was disappointed by how bad the quality is and deleted it again fast. 

Badoo and Mamba I barely ever used so I can’t comment a whole lot on them. I think it’s more “Russian” in the sense that English skills might be lower there and generally the girls are probably less-travelled and so forth. Quality seemed ok and I’ve heard of locals pulling girls from there for easy sex but I just could never be bothered to put in the effort.

Any other apps are not really a thing here. I tried the raunchy version of Tinder but it’s barely used by anyone. Bumble and that other app where you have to meet first are also not that widespread. 

Instagram is a BIG thing in Russia and I do not need to tell you how much Russian birds adore Instagram and taking photos of themselves. Not every girl will be a raging IG attention whore, far from it. A lot of them actually accept only people they know or have closed IGs. That said, they still have it and having a good IG makes your life definitely easier. Again, I can’t speak for stuff like pipelining but I nowadays let them add me on IG and work it from there. A good strategy if you have a strong IG is to go through the photos that are location-tagged with some of the clubs straight after the weekend. I get plenty of leads like that but most of the time don’t bother to really follow them up.

I barely use VK (Russian Facebook) so can’t speak for that either. Afaik it’s not really necessary and frankly, I’d consider it a bit dodgy to go looking for girls on there, especially if you have IG that is much more popular and easier to use.

Part 8 - Day Game

I’m not a big fan of day game, so I’m not gonna run you through what I think are the best ways of doing it. Also because there is no best way and all “techniques” and bullshit are just a big marketing smokeshow and a way of squaring the circle. Just go with the flow and you’ll be good.

That said, while day game per se is for me a poor use of my time, I have chatted up girls in all parts of the city. Since Moscow is huge and absolutely rammed with sexy girls, you can feel free to chat them up wherever you want. I’ve grabbed numbers on the metro, in the supermarket, on events, in shops, you name it. If you spot a sexy girl and feel the right energy, just go for it. I advise against “day game sessions”, not only because I find them lame but also because pickup culture isn’t new to Russia and you’re not the first guy to chat her up. I’ve spotted tons of Russians (and non-Russians) doing approaches and girls will sniff you out fast if you’re not genuine, especially in Moscow. With that in mind these are my three favourite spots during the day:

Gorky Park

My favourite spot in the city, especially in summer. Loads and loads of girls here. It’s also a huge recreational area that is connected to two other adjacent parks. In summer absolutely rammed with people and a fav among young Muscovites.

Kuznetsky Most Area

Tons of cafes here and almost no traffic, so people will be walking around and enjoying the sun in summer. Probably more a “let’s grab a coffee” angle that you’d play here.

Malaya Bronnaya ulitsa /Patriarshie Prudy

This is a very fancy and upscale part of town that has lots of cafes and bars as well. People living in this area are well-off, not the fake kind of well-off where they buy an iPhone and a Benz on credit but actually stuffed with money. So most girls you’ll see here are very sharky and you better you’re a game and a big bankroll ready in case you want to do damage. That said, you can spot genuine dime pieces in this area. 

Of course there’s always the option of roaming around malls or whatever the last hype is in the day game community. I’ve seen more than just a few stunners in Europeisky mall on Kievskaya. Again, simply a case of to each their own.

Moving on…

Part 9 - Nightlife

Now this is where it gets really interesting. Moscow has some of the finest nightlife (for MEN) in the world. Upsides include:

- No closing hours
- Most clubs don’t charge cover fee
- Bottle service is stupidly cheap (starts from 650$ min spend for 6 people at high-end clubs, way cheaper in others)
- Generally cheaper than other top tier cities
- Women are sexy as fuck
- You can go pretty much 24hours straight if you do nightclub, afterhours club, strip club
- You get to touch at the strip club (and you can fuck ‘em for money if that’s your thing)
- You can pull 

There’s some negatives as well though:

- Atmosphere is often quite poor, especially at the high-end places
- Sunday to Wednesday more dead than alive
- Girls will often throw on a huge show first before you get to swoop them…alcohol is the only way to speed things up (or other substances)
- Service culture is non-existent and staff are often incompetent
- Less variety in girls: no big deal if you like the slim model type, just warning you
- Music often sucks

Overall the positives by far outweigh the negatives for me and there are not a lot of weekends where I manage to stay in. Fear of missing out is just too strong. Below is a breakdown of nightlife venues according to type, rather than area. Makes more sense this way since chances are you will cab it a few times the same night anyway.

High-end spots


THE poshest place in Moscow at the moment. More of a restaurant than a club really but that is unfortunately often the case in Moscow. They have a thing for turning restaurants into clubs. Anyways, gents are on the older side but you’ll see drop-dead gorgeous women here. Fairly expensive with cocktails at 20 bucks apiece (not even good). Atmosphere is so-so, they always have some Russian pop singer coming on at 2 and after 3am the party is mostly over. If you speak in English girls might become interested and you can bounce them to another place. Generally not high-energy enough for me though. Very poor choice for bottle service because it’s significantly more expensive than any other place and not worth the money.

Duran Bar:

Better vibe here, it’s sort of a three-part venue. First part is an open bar with plenty of seating, second is another bar with a tiny dancefloor and tables for bottle service. Best for swooping is the outside terrace where people go to smoke. Generally good electronic music here and plenty of stunners. A good chunk of them are on the older side though (25+). Bit tricky for swooping because a lot of the girls are sharky and it starts emptying out after 4am. Try bouncing your girl(s) to another venue from here, no girl that wants to fuck ends her night here. They also have another room tucked away inside next to the bathrooms (with Russian music).


The Thursday hotspot. Don’t like their interior because it is rammed with tables and you barely can move and dance but that’s Moscow for you. They do have a nice outside area though and a bar to chat up the women which are not occupied by table shenanigans. Lots of hotties here but not easy for swooping because there’s a lot of distractions and very little space to separate. 

Artel Bessonitsa:

Started warming up to this place more and more recently. Generally similar vibe to Duran Bar but slightly younger crowd and better music imo. Also a tad cheaper and their parties go until 7am in the morning (in summer at least). In general a lot of similarities with the closed Krysha Mira because the same promo/DJ team is working the club. Girls here are hot and come to party but it’s still the “look at me” crowd so you need to find a few that are down for action (=want to/have already had booze or coke). In winter they close the terrace part and I think the parties are not quite as good but I’ll be digging into it.


Another restaurant-turned-club. Very easy to enter though and prices are comparably low. More of an option to start the night and bounce at 2am-3am. Plenty of seriously attractive girls but not high-energy enough to swoop right then and there. Bounce ‘em with you if they’re cool or grab their contact.  Good electronic music here too.

Buddha Bar:

Not a fan of it at all. Spread out over two floors and with really nice interior but not the right vibe for swooping girls. Most people here will be sitting down or looking at the dance shows/go-go’s or whatever the heck they just have on. Dancefloor is tiny but still often abandoned. Girls here are very attractive but often not alone or not really down for it. Better to hit up Valenok just across the road.


An afterhours spot not far away from Duran. Never been since it is supposedly an invitation-only thing that is very hard to get in to. My contact says with a table no problem though, so I’ll have to check it out sooner or later. Heard it’s full of drugs and attractive women, pretty much what I saw on IG as well. Sounds like a good combo for swooping.

The “regular”/party spots: these are the venues which aren’t high-end but somewhere in the middle, some posher, some less. Typically they feature more foreigners as well, especially the first few.


Probably the best combo in terms of quality of girls and ease of swooping. Right next to Bessonitsa, girls are a bit younger here but most come to party. No outright stunners but a very good selection of 7s and 8s. They have two areas as well, one with more electronic music and elaborate shows with nude models, the other one has just regular club music. Also one of the best clubs for bottle service because you can create more physical separation here. High energy.


Very close to Duran Bar and a good amount of people migrate from the former after 3am. Like a high-end, better version of Coyote Ugly (there’s also an actual Coyote Ugly). Good energy in here and one of the most infamous hookup places in town. Used to be one of my go-to spots but nowadays the quality doesn’t do it for me anymore. Still plenty of cute girls here and people get shitfaced so odds of pulling are decent. Music is good if you come the first time but becomes very repetitive after that because they put on all kinds of styles and genres and never change their playlist. Average age about 25 I’d say.


Used to be one of the best clubs in the city but nowadays it’s a teenager shitshow. They changed their concept from a hard door to being super soft, so plenty of young people in groups now. Big club with nice interior (think: palms and pools inside) but management fucked it up and almost all people >23 agree. Generally you can pull here but for my personal taste too many kids with shitty attitudes, poor outfits and too many groups: Plenty of tourists here as well. Music is still decent, they do nice mashup mixes in here. Generally high energy as well.

Rolling Stone:

Right next to Gipsy, pretty much the same concept only with an even younger crowd. People do get smashed here but it feels more like your graduation party than a proper nightclub. If you dress sharp like I do, you’ll feel out of place. Definitely good for younger cats but don’t bother if you’re 25+. I got an acquaintance who loves it there and he’s 23.

Klava Bar:

In the posh area on Malaya Bronnaya Ulitsa. A fav of the older Moscow crowd, tiny bar that is always rammed with people. You’ll like it if it’s your type of crowd (around 30, somewhat posh) and you don’t mind the terrible music and how crowded it is. Have a friend who’s friends with staff there but I generally hate it. You can pull here but you’ll again probably need to bounce your girls to another place.

Lookin Rooms:
Cheap version of Icon. Used to be got some time before I arrived here but now it’s kind of floating around in no man’s land. Have actually wondered why it is still open. Younger crowd here but not very attractive and funnily not even down for action. Their drinks are cheap though and you can get shitfaced here if you dig that. Actually a shame because they are in a very central location.

Chateau de Fantomas:

Only been once there a couple of weeks ago. For some reason I never knew of its existence though it is right next to Gipsy and has been around for ages. Very nice rooftop spot but unfortunately a bit hipsterish, which I don’t dig so much. I wonder whether it is happening in winter but I’ll be back to check it out because it was a bit too empty on that particular evening. They had good electronic music. 

Rock n Roll Bar:

Somewhere on the edge between a normal place and more of a “rougher” place. Rock-themed bar that attracts loads of people on the weekend and is opened seven days a week. Good, high energy here and cheap prices. Girls are not as stunning as in other places but overall still cute and out to be swooped. Was the first place where I banged a girl in a club toilet in Moscow Big Grin


Crossover between a bar and a club with a 60s American motel theme. Cool interior and chicks love it for photos on IG. Generally a bit lower energy and can be hit and miss but if it’s good, you can swoop from there. Closed at the moment, I think they will re-open but I’m not sure. Also close to Valenok and Buddha so you can visit all three in one go.

Mummiy Troll:

Just hit that one up last week for the first time. Seemed like a bit of a lower-energy version of Jagger. Had a few cute girls but wasn’t really that popping and I was not waiting it out, so the judges are still out on this.


Was supposedly great some time but I find it just terrible. In summer they pack their terrace with tables, so it turns pretty much into a restaurant. In winter it is actually the same, only inside. Have never swooped here and never even received good receptions, so I don’t rate this place at all.

Rose Bar:

Yet another place with too many chairs and too little energy. Been only once or twice, I think they have no door policy at all. Bit on the posher, older end as far as I could tell.


Infamous club that used to be amazing in the 90s (or so they say). Now it’s a P4P place and the girls aren’t even that good. Been only a few times for networking events and never actually out. Even for P4P I’d take a regular strip club or the internet over the offer there.


An older club that has been around forever and serves two niches: Black Music on Wednesdays and Sundays and afterparties from Thursdays to Saturdays. Pretty much the only place with Black Music in Moscow and one of the few where you’ll see Black people. Can be good fun, haven’t been there a ton but it draws the usual afterhours crowd on these days and plenty of hotties on the others as well. Swooping is definitely possible here.


Restaurant-ish place with music but without a real dancefloor if I remember correctly. Women were too old for my taste there since most people were 30+. Was very full the only time I came but quality was not so impressive.

Casa Agave:

Mexican themed restaurant/bar that plays Latino music but also often annoying reggeaton. Girls are on the older end and plenty of “brown people” visit here (so anything from real Latinos over Africans to Caucasus). Think you can swoop here if it’s your style and your niche, just not really my thing.

Bar BQ

The one on Trubnaya is dead and a non-starter, the other one I've only been to on weekdays and it seemed very tame. Some guys said they rate it, so I can't really judge yet either way.

Baga Bar:

It’s been ages since I’ve been but if memory serves right, it’s similar to Mummiy Troll, so kind of like a poorer version of Jagger. A bit older crowd as well and with less energy and more lighting. Probably the reason why I haven’t been back.


A Moscow institution that draws in a lot of foreigners as well. Electro club that is stupidly cheap and works 7 days a week. Probably the most “European” club in Moscow. Haven’t been there in forever, you can swoop but it’s more of a European atmosphere instead of the real Russian dynamic that probably a lot of guys are looking for in Moscow.

The “rougher” places: these are your cheap options, the kind of places that students, suburban Muscovites and “real Russians” visit.

Standard Bar:

Right next to Propaganda. Big bar with few people so not a lot to say about it. Think it was overpriced. Dip in if you don’t like Propaganda.

Bourbon Street:

The neighbor to the other side. It’s a pub and not a nightclub. Definitely overpriced. Actually only included it because I once almost pulled a 6 here to fuck her in the alley but then slipped and fell on my face. Got a nice scar above my eyebrow ever since. Never got the notch and never been back either.

Coyote Ugly:

I guess most people will know what this bar is about. Staff dances on the table, some of the female guests as well. Drinks are cheap and most people get shitfaced in here. Because it’s Moscow you’ll still have cute girls and as far as I’ve heard pulling isn’t all that difficult in here. Just not my type of scene.

Crazy Daisy:

Three bars with the same name. They do cheap drinks and the bar dancing thing too. Actually almost no difference to Coyote Ugly. Work 7 days a week so always an option as last resort.

Dream bar

Bar-ish place with a dancefloor that can be good for predrinks if you’re working with a tight budget. Usually packs the occasional cutie but nothing to write home about really.

Cuba Libre Bar:

Same like the above. For some reason the daygame squad that raids Moscow sometimes seems to like it but it is not my style. Don’t bring anything above a cute student here cause you’ll give off the wrong vibe.

Café Didu:

Same like the above with the only difference that they have nice decoration made out of Plasticine (is that how you call it?) that you can contribute too if you like. Actually don’t even have a dancefloor but they have cute go-go girls.

Tema Bar:

Must’ve been good some time before 2014 because it was recommended to me back then and it was pretty dead. Haven’t been in two years and wonder how they’re still working. Other than that, same like the three above.

Let’s rock bar:

Sort of the same like the above, only with a rock twist. If that’s your music then I strongly recommend Rock n Roll Bar, which is better in every single aspect.


Ladies night on Wednesdays here, which means you’ll get plenty of students and teenagers that are drinking for free. Totally outsized place but good for isolation if you want to drag away a girl from the dancefloor. On all other days I’d probably avoid because it is not all that much cheaper and the crowd is on the younger end here.


Expat sanctuary that has some kind of special deal every night of the week. Always packs a few people and some half-cute girls. No fan of the poor music or the watered down drinks there but it’s on the shortlist for off-nights.

Afterhours spots: after 4am-5am people start leaving the clubs and either bounce home or go to afterhours spots. I already mentioned Kvartira and Garage, here’s some more.


Most popular afterhours place nowadays. Attracts mainstream people as well as those who didn’t know when to stop their nightclub days. Plenty of hot girls here and very hot go-go’s. Pulling is definitely possible here but you’ll want to either bring the girls with you or find some that are high on booze/coke/balloons (big thing in Moscow nowadays). Lasts until 10am or 12am, I think the latest I’ve ever been was 9am.


Relatively recently opened afterhours spot right next to Miks. It’s run by the same people and hence the club is pretty much exactly the same. They try to play an “Eyes Wide Shut” angle and create kind of a kinky atmosphere, however I found it to be thoroughly unimpressive. Came very late though when there were no more go-go’s and the club was mostly empty so I’ll have to try again. Seemed to have a few stunners that tagged themselves on IG.


Actually my favourite afterhours spot because they have the best electronic music. Most people are high off their asses and great vibe because it’s not as dark as in most other afterhours spots. They have two areas, one more for chatting at the bar, the other one for dancing and spacing out. Not sure how good it is for pulling because I was pretty much hammered every time I went. More of an underground-ish place but for rich people because their prices are high (=more attractive girls).


Only went once here on a Sunday out of all days. Seemed like a smaller, poor man’s version of Miks. My roommate at that time fucked some skank on the toilet, ha. I think it’s pretty buzzing on Fridays and Saturdays with your regular afterhours crowd.

There was another one we hit up one time on Mayakovskaya. I think it was a gay spot though and I can’t remember the name of it haha.

Bars: lastly I wanna cover a few spots that are more bars than clubs although you could probably say that about a bunch of places that I already mentioned. The distinction is often very hard to make in Moscow.


Big hipster bar in front of the Christ-the-Saviour church. They have the most beautiful summer terrace with great views. Good place for pre-party because it attracts a good mixture of people between hipsters and regular cute girls.


Centrally located bar that is rammed on weekends. Decent spot to bring girls and start the night with them there. Think dimmed lights and electronic music.


Tucked away in a Chinese restaurant’s basement. Very similar to Ugolek. I still haven’t figured out whether it is better to come early or late here. Afaik some real power players also hang out there from time to time and apparently they also have a private section. Generally better than Ugolek for chatting up people at the bar.


Slightly out of the center. Great interior and a high-end place with regular prices. On weekends plenty of hotties start their nights here. It used to be better though and might get hit even more by the closure of Soho which was very closeby.


Good dating spot and good for chatting up girls on the bar or the slightly lame dancefloor. Bit older crowd in here if memory serves correctly.

Timeout Bar:

Nicely located on the top of Hotel Peking in the city center. However, the two times I was there it was more empty than full. Supposedly it’s good in summer when the weather is great but then again, you have a dozen places which are better in that case.


Located around Miks, next to Hotel Ukraine. Been only twice, once it was dead, the other time full with hotties at tables with other dudes. So the judges are still out on it. They seemed to have good music though.

Bamboo Bar:

Totally inconvenient to reach because it’s where the skyscrapers in Moscow City are. That’s probably why it was so dead. It had very nice interior and it’s probably a good place to bring a high-end date and have some privacy but not for an actual night out. 

Places I haven’t covered:

The other datasheet mentioned a few places that I haven’t been to like Turandot, Kalina Bar, O2 Bar, Mercedes Bar… I could go on and on. Most of these places are to my knowledge either restaurants, which I don’t visit, or high-end bars, which might be worth checking out but from what I’ve heard through friends and contacts are not all that great.

Another spot is Soho Country Club, which is sort of a daytime version of the now closed Soho club and operates in summer. They have a pool where tons of hotties and rich Russian baller dudes hang out. Also proper face control at the entrance. It’s quite a bit out of the center, so make sure you get in, otherwise you’ll be kicking yourself for wasting so much time and energy to get there. Needless to say that you better have a damn good angle and VERY sharp game (+bankroll) if you wanna do any damage there. You’ll get laughed out of the establishment if you try to pull on game alone there.


That is really it. I haven't covered stuff like how to actually talk to and swoop Russians cause this is a whole topic in itself and warrants a completely new discussion. 

I also launched a site that I plan to extend to a full-time business. It revolves around Moscow nightlife for the moment but most probably I will also branch it out into the topic of Russian girls, since this seems like a formidable niche for a competent gent like me Wink I'm happy to answer questions, however I'm not sure how you guys handle this here. This post is first and foremost supposed to add value and not to promote myself. In case you are interested, you can find it here. If that's not ok, the link can of course be deleted.

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  Soviet Tour 2017
Posted by: John Doe - 09-09-2017, 02:59 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (3)

Hey Nomads,

This is it. This is live and real now. After my "Blonde Tour" in 2016, I'm continuing my exploration of Europe. This time I go further East. I'm still a Northern-Eastern Europe guy. 

I want to thank EdmasterMotherRussia and Zolo for their feed-back in my "draft" thread, where I was considering the idea and asking for advice. I did not read properly your advice about visas, so now I got it: 5 days in Minsk, 3 days in St-Petersburg. I'm guessing Mass Tourism wins against Politics, right?

Departure: 14th September
Duration: About 30 days

My Plan:
1. Talllinn
2. St-Petersburg: 3 days
3. Riga
4. Vilnius
5. Minsk: 5 days max
6. Kiev
7. Odessa

Theme: Exploration of Europe

My Goals:
- Discovering Culture (Food, Customs, Architecture, Contemporary Art, History)
- Discovering Landscapes
- Meeting Cool people
- Meet Sexy women
- Use my mornings to learn German (starting a job in october in this language)

Lessons learned:
As I said in my previous thread, I put way too much emphasis on women in my last trip, which had the following consequences:
- I missed discovering places because I was going out so much, during the day I was dead tired
- I pissed away tons of money (in the thousands) for taking expensive AirBnBs in Gothenburg and Copenhagen in central places
- I was so attached to having sex with a swedish girl that I spent 2 weeks in Gothenburg whereas I could have seen the Nature in Sweden or Stockholm

So now, what I'll do differently:
- CHEAPER is the name of the game
- I'll go to Nature (which I love)
- I'll switch between Hostels and AirBnB
- So now, when I'll meet sexy women, I'll go to THEIR place: cheaper! 
- I'll take my reflex camera to take nice pictures, something I did not do in my last trips
- I have a much better self-esteem and confidence than last year, so I'm sure everything will go smoother

Tastes in Women
These days I'm obsessed with blondes and redheads. I love dark-raven hair as well. Big boobs, blue/green eyes, thin waist are a must. Long legs and tongue piercing are a plus. I'm more of a hair/face/boobs/legs guy. Personality-wise: open-minded, funny, spiritual, sexy, well-travelled, down-to-earth, artist, submissive.

Recently, (thanks porn on the Internet) I discovered that the beauty of russians and ukrainian women really is superior to many others. I did not like women that are too thin, but now I do. I'd trade a too-skinny girl with beautiful face and hair for a more fleshy one with less beautiful face and hair any day. 

My Favorite countries for women so far (very biased based on my subjective experiences): 

1. Poland
2. Netherlands 
3. Denmark/Sweden/Czech Republic

As always, any advice, feed-back and comments are welcome. I'll keep you guys updated, using this thread as a journal. I learned tons from you last year and from guys at Roosh's. 



I'm referencing Edmaster, MotherRussia and Zolo's advice below for the purpose of readability:

(08-08-2017, 12:49 AM)Edmaster Wrote: Hi man,

No visas needed if you are a EU citizen (except for Russia) but your passport is required (ID card alone is not enough at least in Ukraine and Moldova).
For Belarus you have a 5 visa free day to visit if you belong to this list of countries : Here 

Here is my opinion about the place i have personally visited :

Helsinki :
Pros :
People are very friendly.
Chicks are probably the easiest in Europe (i found them even easier than swedish and Norwegian) 
The city is very safe (almost no crime or corruption) 

Cons : 
The city is a bit isolated. 
Not many exciting activities. 

Tallinn :
Pros : 
Nice city with a beautiful old town.
The chicks are friendly and hot and relatively easy. 
Every nightclub are within 5 minutes walk so you can really easily bounce from one to another.

Cons : 
A bit small so you tend to come across the same people when you walk in the city.

Notes : i wrote about my experience here

Riga : 
Pros : 
Beautiful old town. 
Very cheap even in the best area of the city. 
Chicks are hot but less friendly than in Tallinn. 

Cons : 
Most of the bars and club in the old town are filled with foreigner.
Some people have reported some scams there (i didn't encounter any).

Vilnus : 
Pros :
No tourists.
Good amount of young girls and little competition. 
Nice old town. 

Cons : 
Very small so you can visit it in one day.

Kiev : (i am there when i am writing this message) 
Pros : 
Very feminine girls (model style) each time you look somewhere. Probably the most beautiful girls on the planet. 
Very cheap for a westerner. 

Cons : 
Low english level.
Food quality is low. 
Some people (the older generation mainly) tend to be disagreeable with foreigner (don't take personally).

Notes : stay at least 2 weeks there because Ukrainian chicks take time to wram up.

Chisinau : 
Pros : 
No tourists so you have a huge foreigner value. 
Girls are beautiful.
Most nightclubs are very close from each other in the center of the city.

Cons : 
it feels like traveling back to the 90's (old nokia, cars...)
The city is mostly a shithole and very isolated from other cities.
English is low. 

Note : take the buse to Tiraspol it's about 2 euros and a fun experience. Chicks are hot there too. 
I personally didn't encountered any problems there but some people have. 

I will write some data sheets in the future. 
If you need further informations on each of those cities PM me Smile

(08-21-2017, 02:26 AM)MotherRussia Wrote: Greetings,

For starters, what is the aim of your trip? Knowing this could be the difference between me suggesting Chisinau and recommending you to not go.

Secondly, you can actually visit Saint Petersburg visa free for 72 hours via Saint Peter Line Ferry from Tallinn or Helsinki. It sure is a little pricier than the $20-25 price tag of a bus, but if you don't plan on staying in SPb for more than 3 days, you could go this route. However, if you plan on going to SPb for less than 3 days then I recommend you not going at all.

I've been to every place on your list and everything is going to fall well short of your time in Saint Petersburg. Nothing else can compare in my honest opinion. From nightlife, women, and attractions I'd rank SPb number 1, by far. Weather and food are a big blow, however. 

Let me know when you plan on coming and I can meet up with you potentially.

I have to agree with much of what EdMaster wrote, with a few exceptions and additional notes.

Helsinki is terribly boring and super expensive. I went there with my girlfriend so I wasn't actively trying to pick up chicks, but I can tell you that it would be an expensive process.

Tallinn, hmm I always feel like I am the only one who holds this opinion, but I think the Estonian women are some of the least attractive in Europe. Two of the guys I know who lived there say they are fantastic, but theyre both uglier than those dogs with the smushed in face and one of the guys thinks his "5" rated GF is a dime.....so take that with a grain of salt.

But, don't fret. there are still a great bunch of Russian women there to choose from. It's an incredibly boring place. You can walk all of old town in 30 minutes and you won't encounter a single store or restaurant designed for locals....One of the most touristy, gimmicky places I've been too. Some of my friend who used to live there have moved onto other areas of Estonia and seem to be enjoying it much more now.

Riga - I like me some Riga!! You definitely get more of a Russian feel here than anywhere else in the baltics. Not only are the Russian women here hot, but the Latvian women aren't too bad either. Cool markets and beaches all around. Certainly a more lively and upbeat place compared to Vilnius or Tallinn. Old town at night is quite touristy, but still the nightlife is better here than in Helinski, Tallinn, or Vilnius.

Vilnius - Boring and I felt it was the least developed of the 3 Baltic capitals. Your time would be better spent visiting the college town of Kaunas. 

Kiev - This is where I disagree with EdMaster. Obviously, the food is terrible but the attractiveness of their women in Kiev does not even compare to that of Russias.  I've been in Kiev and Odessa for a total of 2 months on 2 occasions. Yes, women can take a little while to wrap up, but that doesn't go for every women. If they are taking too long, then just move on. I had a few days on our first meetings. Also, their English is going to be better than Russians, Belorussians, and Moldovans

Additionally, I think Ukrainians are probably on par with Polish girls. The quality and quanity of hot girls is simply much more in Russia compared to Ukraine. I'd say that Ukrainian chicks are behind  Russians, Belorussians, Romanians, and Moldovans. 

Chisinau was incredibly boring, however I was only there for a 2 nights awaiting my departure flight back to the U.S. I took a train from Odessa and no one checked my passport, which makes sense given that you go through Transnistria. Also, I didn't go there but many people who went to Tirasopol said it wasn't any more interesting than Chisinau. Honestly, the most popular thing in Chisinau was their McDonalds. The girls were incredible and everything was just stupidly cheap.

Minsk, you don't need a visa here if you FLY into Minsk and you can't fly from Russia, because of the Belorussian and Russian Union (no border checks and flights are considered domestic). So it might put it out of reach for you if you need to get a visa, though they did recently lower the price. Definitely worth a visit. It's said to be the most Stalinistic city. It's true what they say about it being very clean and the women are sensational. English is quite bad If you have time, definitely try to get Romania on your list. My time I spent in COnstanta/Mamaia Beach was fantastic

I don't know the aim of your trip, but SPb - Minsk - Odessa would be a much better time. Cutting out all the boring, useless places and getting right to the good stuff.

(09-05-2017, 09:09 PM)MotherRussia Wrote: I mean, if you like Dutch, Swedish, Czech women it's a very safe bet that you're going to like women the further east you go. Polish and Czechs are slavs. In the former Yugoslavia, they're slavs. Former USSR, they're Slavs. They're all going to have similar looks and personalities with little variance.

What do you mean by culture? What interests you the most...art? Music? Theatre? Vibrant history?

Saint Petersburg is home to the Mariinskiy Theatre and one of the best museums in the world (hermitage), Odessa has those awesome Potemekin (sp?) steps, famous opera house, and dangerous catacombs. Minsk is where you go when you want to see the ideal Stalinist architecture. Riga had some outdoor theatre stuff and a nice indoor theatre. Tallinn and Helsinki were just boring af. Kiev, compared to most other places in eastern europe was pretty miserable. 

If you want culture, then go to the former Yugoslavia. When I was in Bosnia and Herzegovina I was able to see some of the crazy Yugoslavia monuments (http://www.cracktwo.com/2011/04/25-aband...-look.html) as well as visit Tito's hidden bunker. Also, Sarajevo has an extremely rich history and is quite charming. So many places to go and see in the region...Mostar, Dubrovnik, Pltivice, Kravice, Kotor, Budva, Jajce...I can name many more....

Women are also amazing (much better than Dutch, better than Swedish, Czech, imo). They're like most slavs anywhere else in EE but they're a bit more reserved.

(07-31-2017, 10:58 PM)Zolo Wrote: Sounds like a great trip. I wouldn't finish in Chisinau though. A huge anti-climax.

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  Jakarta and Manila: differences in the cost of living
Posted by: HunterBonito - 09-05-2017, 06:37 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (1)

Hi, I know well Manila and I went to jakarta some years ago and I'd like to know the differences in the cost of living today in these two cities. I mean: to eat, to buy at supermarket, taxi, to eat at restaurants, clubs, bar, fun, etc. etc. For example if I spend US$ 1,000 in one month in Manila, how much money will I spend in Jakarta? I hope will reply guys who have recently been in both cities.
I thank you.

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