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  Long distance relationship, never met!
Posted by: Ibs266 - 08-04-2017, 09:46 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (2)

Hey y'all,

I've been talking to this girl on Facebook for almost 2 months now and we've been video calling everyday as we are in 2 different countries. It's going very well. She thinks I'll be back tomorrow but I will surprise her today and head somewhere she'll be at.

I'll be back home today and I am planning to meet her as soon as I am back. She's Tunisian and started working for my country's flagship airline 5 months ago.

She's a virgin so no sex for now. And she mentioned how she feels a turn on when someone don't want her physically but make her trust him and protected. Although she told me where is her turn on spot to be kissed and how much she wants to be between my arms and be hugged and kissed etc.

I want to know your feedback about how to demonstrate domeniance, protector, and trust worthy vibe and energy when I meet her? How to demonstrate that I am interested in her but not only physically, and give the trust and protection energy?

I would appreciate your input.


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  Riga vs Tallinn
Posted by: Barny - 08-02-2017, 02:09 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (2)

Hi Guys ,

So I narrowed down my list to Riga and Tallinn for my next trip. Read around and most reviews and datasheet are at least 2 years old.

Can you give me some feedback on either or both destination if you have been in the last year / months. Some sort of mini datasheet would be awesome.

Thank you in advance

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  St-Petersburg - Chisinau
Posted by: John Doe - 07-31-2017, 05:03 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (11)

Hi guys,

I'm thinking about travelling and I had this Idea: Helsinki - St-Petersburg - Talinn - Riga - Vilnius - Minsk - Kiev - Odessa - Chisinau.

I know you must have a visa for Russia. What is your opinion on this trip? Any advice or comment? 

I'm at the brainstorming stage.




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  Going to Kiev, need advice!
Posted by: latinluva - 07-25-2017, 06:46 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (1)

So here's the deal, I'm white Mexican and wanted to go Ukraine to get girls, I'm a good looking guy but not a pick up artist. I had my doubts about going to Ukraine because I thought if I stayed for a week was not enough to meet girls, I intend to meet a cute girl and invite her to live with me to a beach destination in Mexico, that's my plan, I actually already did that with an ex Czech girlfriend, but it took me 1 month of being flatmates.

Anyways, I thought the idea was crazy but then I had friends who had visited Kiev and they told me amazing stories such as Tinder always works, you can go to any club and pick up a girl and that kind of stories. My friends spoke Russian so I thought it was only possible because of that.

However, I met a Spanish guy who is my friend now, he is like 42, I'm 34, he looks like a middle aged man, barely speaks English, not handsome and he told me that he arrived to Kiev went to a club called Caribbean or something like that and had a one night stand with a hot girl who didn't speak any English and everything was just body language, he then told me he got 3 Tinder dates, some of these women were looking for something serious (which I am) and basically he had to dump one to go fetch the next one, the first date would notice and get pissed off, blah, blah,...

He also told me there are women in Tinder who are prostitutes but they are easy to spot, etc.
And he also made the comparison against other countries and cities and he says there's nothing like it. We are in Krakow now, it is July so I think most students are gone, the ambiance is very touristy, the girls are hot but seem more conservative, I've been using Tinder and Badoo with no luck after 1 week, the girls stop talking to me in Tinder, I also went to a club one day but was not in the mood and it was full of Polish men who are fugly and smell like fart and seem drunk and aggressive and I just lost the mood since it feels comparable to Prague and I don't want to waste my efforts when I know I would need much time. My friend said he has had no luck in Krakow and only in Warsaw he got some flirting but he says Kiev will for sure deliver. He is planning to come back to Kiev in August and this time stay for 2 weeks (last time he stayed for only 3 days!)

So what I am saying is, what do you think about this? What tips would you give me? How should I move around? Does Tinder work? Does Uber work? What other tips? 

Also I will be staying with an Ukrainian friend and he told me we will go out to meet girls, I think he has a solid game and he is Ukrainian.

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  Eastern European Destination in September
Posted by: Barny - 07-21-2017, 08:50 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (7)

Hey peeps ,
My bros and I , all in mid 30s , looking for our next annual trip. Last year was Krakow and Big Bang Success. It was Nov time but we still had amazing time. We all have brown skin and professionals speaking several languages ( French included- they loved it in Poland )
We like proper bars that can serve you a great old fashioned without asking what it is and clubs where the ladies dress to impress...
So any recommendations for Sep period?
Already done Romania ( Mamaia and Bucharest )

Thanks in advance

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  Zrce Beach/Novaljia, Croatia 2017
Posted by: ceeisevil 1 - 07-19-2017, 05:12 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - No Replies

Zrce Beach/Novalji, Croatia

Brief Overview of the City

It is a whole lot more family activities and calmer than I expected until I hit Zrce Beach.
I liked it a lot after I stopped comparing it to other party beaches. I like that it seems like it's not a popular worldwide destination. Therefore it's not too overcrowded. The worst thing is the logistics of getting there. Either fly into split and take a 2.5 hour private transport or 4.5 hour bus. Or fly into Zadar and still have a 1-1.5 hour transport or 2 hour bus. The thing about is. The price is comparable. Maybe better for you, but coming from Germany it was about the same price.

The Women

Are the women hot? I was definitely surprised at how the local talent looked. Naturally pretty ladies. There were alot of Slovenian, UK, and other countries that I really couldn't tell what they were. What they look like like? It seemed like you me and my buddy that the girls there were of a little lower quality than ibiza and cyprus. Just my opinion though.What is their attitude like? Everybody I talked to was very receptive and inviting.Are they liberal? If you find the right girls. They a very liberal. Do they speak English? Everybody speaks English of course


What are the chances of hooking up? ⅘ during a festivals. ⅗ not during festivals. Luckily they run almost back to back
What strategy do you think would work best for picking up? Catching girls in novaljia before heading to Zrce on the bus. Also getting them outside one or the clubs in Zrce Beach before they head in.
Do the girls prefer an aggressive approach or an indirect one? I think aggressive approach works there.
What's best-
I think night time game is better because everyone is there to go to Zrce Beach clubs at night which is a 5 min bus ride away from the main stop on Novaljia strip.

Day time pulls can happen since while everyone parties in Zrce, everyone stays in Novaljia which have a lot of activities like boat parties, lots or bars/restaurants, and a couple of small clubs.

Nightlife Recommendations

Where are the main nightlife areas?
Main nightlife area is Zrce Beach. Nobody goes there to party in novaljia. What particular places would you recommend:
Honestly I couldn't really tell a big difference in these clubs. Except for a little bit of the music choices. You will be too drunk for it to matter

When you get off the bus it's the first spot you see. They have some good 1L drinks for 100 kuna(13 euro). Not a bad deal. It's open air like most of the clubs. No entry on non festival nights.


I liked this club alot, it was the most packed every night. It right on the water and has nets you can lay in right above the water.


Go before midnight and it's free entry and buy one get one free.

Day Game Locations (optional)

Any day game locations you'd recommend?

Cocktail bar:

Give me a Maimi South Beach vibe, because of the nice ambiance and the great fruity drinks. I'm a sucker for a good Mai tai. Open early and closes late. 10am-3am


On the way to the bus stop, but the drinks are a little more expensive and maybe not as good.

Other Info / Recommendations?
There is alot of good restaurants in Novaljia from local cuisine to Asian, Italian, and some killer kebabs.

Places to stay, things to do, visa info, transport.
You have to stay in Novaljia to be close to Zrce. Stay as close to the main strip in novaljia to a bus stop as possible. Near Cocomos

Personal Experience

I was there for 4 days in between a couple of festivals, so I saw the lull after the first festival and the high leading up to the next one. The first day I was thinking it was a non stop every night party like other summer party locations. On my second night me and my friend decided to pre game at cocktail bar in novaljia before heading to Zrce. So one girl walked by us staring and waving heading to the bathroom. On her way back out. She boldly stopped and said “hi my name is ____, you guys seem cool. We talked for a second, but she let us know she was with a friend and some guys already. So we thought. That ain't happening tonight. Next thing happen her friend ran over to talk saying the same thing. So they left the bar. About 15 mins later they come back saying we are hanging with us and they were waiting for those guys to leave. So we thought, this might happen. So we commence to all drink more. Within 10 mins my friend is kissing the girl sitting beside him and talking the girl I sitting beside is talking about getting choked and her hair being pulled. After a while we leaving and they say how we are together for the night. Since Cocomos was too packed because of a street party we head to Zrce. Everything is going well till around 4 and one girl tells my friend they are ready to go. So we think flag captured. Oh no they start saying not tonight, we respect ourselves, and they will see us later. Haha what a water of fucking time. We were a little heated.
On the third day we woke up thinking dam we wasted the night on those two sluts. So we just chill around go get some food and relax till the night. That night we get a quick pre game liter for 100 kuna from a bar near cocktail bar. Then we head to Zrce. We don't know it, but a festival is starting the next day and the clubs are now charging entry. So we decided to walk around first. We head toward kalypso the farthest club on the left and a lot more people are out this night. We stop to ask some girls why is everyone outside, and they explain the entrance fee. It was 5 girls with all different color hair. Kind of interesting to see. They had some friends lounging on the beach a little ways from us and went to get them. They come up a one was a very pretty Welsh girl at least 5 11. First thing I said was “ Girl you sure are long”, it wasn't meant to be a line, it just was my first thought. One other girl was italian. Another UK chick, and a guy that I thought had to be gay to be hanging with 8 girls. So we decide to walk back down the strip with this crew. The initial 5 girls drop off and me, my friend, and the second crew stop for 2 1L tequila sunrises between then the six of us. We swallow that down real quick then continue up the strip. We decide to go in Noa, because it's the cheapest spot for the night. So we go in, get a few drinks and we noticed the girls went to dance on of the small stages people dance on. First thing we thought was not again. But they came back and pulled us to dance. I noticed they were all just kissing each other. The girls and the guy with them. So I focus on the talk pretty girl. Then I think now or never so I go to kiss her. Success. Then I think might as well shoot. So I lean in and say how I want to take her home later. To my surprise she replies by saying she is so lucky to meet me her first night there. I was thinking, for real. Did she just say that. So before she changed her mind I saying let's go. She didn't want to leave her friends which I understand. So I think on the fly. I saw somewhere where fucking on the the beach is common there. So I ask her do she want to find a spot on the rock covered beach to fuck. She said ok let's go. So we went to the right of Noa on the other side of a closed bar and I got my Welsh flag in Croatia. It was fun. She was really down. My first time getting head and fucking while being naked on a rock covered beach. I still wanted to get her in the bed since the beach was fun, but it was pretty rough on my knees, her knees, and her back. To my surprise when I'm heading back my friend is heading to the same location I left from to fuck her Italian friend. Haha, what's the chances in that. They go do there thing while I convince the tall one to come back for another round. By the time we in the taxi. My friend is ready to go with his girl. So we all head back. We almost pulled a switch a roo, but they changed there mind. Oh well. Haha

The Bottom Line

Go during a festival or right before and you will have a good time. If you never fucked on the beach, this is the place

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  Ayia Napa, Cyprus 2017 Guide
Posted by: ceeisevil 1 - 07-10-2017, 08:22 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (8)

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Brief Overview of the City

If I had to describe Ayia Napa in one statement it would be a cheaper version of Ibiza. Shit gets crazy there.
I like love it there, I went twice last summer and once this summer already. Best thing about Ayia Napa is the easy navagation and centralized location of the action. The worst thing about it you will run in to the same girls you just smashed if you there for a week, due to everyone pretty much ending up on the strip at night at some point.

The Women

There are hot local women there, but the party tourist and workers are where you are gonna have most of your success. Most locals have Greek characteristics, with slightly Turkish features. Most tourists are from the all over Europe , with a few Lebanese, Syrian, and other Asian cointries sprinkled in. Everybody has a party hard attitude there. I would say everyone on vacation there is very liberal. I've had on the spot I'm going with you hookups". And yes everyone speaks English.


What are the chances of hooking up? 4.33( Maybe because I'm a Black American. Not alot of us visit there)
What strategy do you think would work best for picking up? I think the best strategy is the numbers game. You will miss all 10 shots you don't shoot. What I mean by that is girls will be walking by you all day in bikini's and and showing alot of skin. If you see something you like talk to her. No matter if it's on the street, at the beach, or even in line at McDonald's.
Do the girls prefer an aggressive approach or an indirect one? The aggressive approach works here because with that she will let you know real quick if it's going to happen or not.
What's best- nightgame, daygame, online? etc...
I think night game is king, but you can definitely pull in the day time. There are alot of party packages that people pre buy before they get there. So girls have spent 140 Euro for these events. Most likely they are not missing them for you. Over half of the events are in the day time(i.e boat parties, champagne spray parties, Street parties.
Nightlife Recommendations

Where are the main nightlife areas?
The main nightlife areas is near the Ayia Napa square. This is where all the clubs and bars are at.
What particular places would you recommend?

Black and White: I think the oldest club on the strip, this place is packed almost every night. It doesn't open until 2am after all the bars close. They always have a famous DJ or performer,but since I'm from the States most acts I don't know. If you like Rnb, rap, and grime. Or you want to see girls who do. This is the place to be. My second night in Cyprus a girl came up to me and said I saw you earlier walking down the strip. Want to dance. I replied ok. Next thing I know she was saying no need to talk. Me and my friend coming home with you. I didn't even know there names until after a marathon sex session with the both of them and waking up the next morning.

After Hours Clubs:
This place has one of the loudest sound systems I've heard in my life. It's the place most workers go when the get off and has a pool in the back that don't be surprised if find a condom or two in. Girls in there are still up for a reason. Good place to pull.

River Reggae
This place is not on the strip, about a 10 mins walk away. I pulled in there the first night I was there at 630 in the morning. A must visit if you can stay up or struck out earlier on the strip area.

Day Game Locations (optional)
Only real day time locations are the two close beaches. I like Nissi beach. It rated a top 10 beach in the world. You might see a few topless girls around as well.

Other Info / Recommendations?
Look into pre buying party passes before arriving. It might be 140 Euro, but it's well worth it. Check our club 100 megadeal ayia napa to see what is included.

You should definitely stay in a airbnb close to Ayia Napa square. All the owners know you are there to party and understand. Transfer to Ayia Napa from Lanarca airport is easy, but I usually try to go through the home owner so I have a set price already.

Personal Experience

My first time I was there for 7 days, second time 4 days, this year 7 again? I have alot of stories, but I will share my latest one. My last trip I went with two of my friends. It's about 2 am the time when everyone is leaving the bars and heading to the clubs. One of my friends stops at a small store for a water. There is a guy and a girl sitting on the steps. They hear us talking, and the girl says "are you Americans, I love Americans. Sit down beside me". I really didn't think nothing of it because she was already with a guy I thought. She then was saying how we were cool and she was going wherever we were going. I said well I'm going home and coming with me. That was very bold, because she was already with a guy. So after another minute or so my friends came out the store and we're ready to go. So I get up and walk one way. Her and the guy get up and walk the other. She yelled back for me to stop and came over and said" so where we going" I said to my spot so I can pull your hair. She said ok, but we have to go now. So I yelled at my buddies, gotta go right now and I was off to one of the most unexpected epic pulls of my life. She was my first black English girl. My friends were like, how did that happen. I said I shot, therefore I scored. I have alot more stories, but this post is long enough already.

The Bottom Line

Ayia Ayia Ayia Fucking Napa is a must visit if you like summer fun, it's not Ibiza, but from personal experience I like it more.

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  The best free dating sites for Brazil?
Posted by: HunterBonito - 07-01-2017, 07:59 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (3)

Hi friends, can you tell me the best free dating sites for Brazil? 'm using Tagged, POF and Badoo but I don't like them because I see many ugly girls. [Image: icon_wink.gif]

Thanks for your suggestions.

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  I'm in Freetown
Posted by: Alex - 06-23-2017, 12:04 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (4)

Been here 12 hours and already ramping up the lunacy. This place is fantastic, I love the vibe of the city. I know it's cliche to say but the people are really nice and chill as well.

For big booty lovers this place is a mecca.

Will update when there's something worth updatibg.

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  Non-sausage fest destinations in summer ?
Posted by: Edmaster - 06-22-2017, 05:52 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (3)

Hello guys, 

I want to look for some girls this summer... however i think most places i thought about would probably be sausage fest.

Where have you been in summer with a good ratio ? 

Here's what i got in mine : 

1/ Odessa, Ukraine 

2/ Los Island, Greece 

3/ Zagreb, Croatia

4/ Cebu, Philippines 

I'm open to any others suggestions whether in Europe or not.

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