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  The best free dating sites for Brazil?
Posted by: HunterBonito - 07-01-2017, 07:59 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (3)

Hi friends, can you tell me the best free dating sites for Brazil? 'm using Tagged, POF and Badoo but I don't like them because I see many ugly girls. [Image: icon_wink.gif]

Thanks for your suggestions.

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  I'm in Freetown
Posted by: Alex - 06-23-2017, 12:04 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (4)

Been here 12 hours and already ramping up the lunacy. This place is fantastic, I love the vibe of the city. I know it's cliche to say but the people are really nice and chill as well.

For big booty lovers this place is a mecca.

Will update when there's something worth updatibg.

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  Non-sausage fest destinations in summer ?
Posted by: Edmaster - 06-22-2017, 05:52 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (3)

Hello guys, 

I want to look for some girls this summer... however i think most places i thought about would probably be sausage fest.

Where have you been in summer with a good ratio ? 

Here's what i got in mine : 

1/ Odessa, Ukraine 

2/ Los Island, Greece 

3/ Zagreb, Croatia

4/ Cebu, Philippines 

I'm open to any others suggestions whether in Europe or not.

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  The nicest neighborhood in Medellin
Posted by: IEReed - 06-20-2017, 12:53 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - No Replies

Which area of Medellin would be considered the Beverly Hills of that City? I know El poblado is supposedly the nicest area, but is there a section or district of el poblado that would be considered the absolute nicest? If I go to Medellin I'm going to do the Airbnb thing, and I would like to pick the absolute nicest neighborhood to rent the apartment. Thanks for your help.

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  Rio or Medellin
Posted by: IEReed - 06-19-2017, 11:24 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (14)

Hi fellas I've been lurking for a while and decided to step into the light. LOL. I really love this board and have learned so much already period I'm hoping you fellows can help me with a little decision.

 In early November I'm planning a one-week trip, either to Rio or Medellin. I honestly I haven't decided but I'm leaning towards Medellin simply because it's closer, doesn't require a visa, would be less expensive overall to go and stay there, and from what I understand the dollar seems to go a bit further in Colombia than in Brazil. Having said that, my primary reason for visiting either of these countries is to 'spend time with' Latinas so hot I would rarely have a chance with someone of their quality here in the states. I would prefer to meet a regular girl, but I'm not against going pro, provided she's beautiful, where she works isn't hard to find or scary to go to and there's some chance I could get her to spend a day or two with me without it being terribly expensive. Ideally I would like to meet a regular, local girl, win her over and just spoil her for the week.

 I know being American is no longer a novelty in either country, but I would like to go to the country where being American and having dollars in your pocket matters the most. I'm African-American, so I don't know how much that will factor into the advice you give me. Thank you for any and all help!

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  Santo Domingo
Posted by: Mtrick1664 - 06-08-2017, 12:07 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - No Replies


I plan on visiting Santo Dominigo for 10 days in September, does anyone have any accommodation suggestions? Needs to be guest friendly hotel or budget appartments, so i can bring chicks back (no prostitutes)

If any one else is visiting during september let me know and we can go for a beer.


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  Ukaraine from 16 July, who's going??
Posted by: Gamerx - 06-06-2017, 01:30 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - No Replies

I am going to Ukraine kiev and then odessa.
I have never been there before, so I am looking to see if anyone else is going.
Be good to have a wingman on my first visit there. I have heard so much about the girls there, so now have to go see for my self. Also them Ukrainian girls are bloody beautiful!!
I am 43 but look a hell of a lot younger, from London, decent looking of mixed race background.
I want to go Kiev for few days then 6 days in odessa.
Look forward to hearing back.

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  Brazil: what are the best towns for mongering?
Posted by: HunterBonito - 06-05-2017, 06:08 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - No Replies

Hello, I am not young I am missing many years from Brazil and now I find a curiosity: in your opinion, which is the best cities or towns to have sex in Brazil? I don't mean only nice or big cities but the best towns to have sex: free sex, sex with freelancers, sex with normal girls, easiness to have sex, etc. etc. I will have 25 free days and I will rent an apartment with kitchen. Let me go with both white and slightly amber girls. That's all! ehehe But I would be grateful if someone who has visited Brazil for long and wide and has not only limited his visit only in Sao Paulo or Rio. Don't write me if you don't know well Brazil please.Thanks for some nice info.

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  Naughty Nomad Facebook Group
Posted by: Zolo - 05-26-2017, 07:20 PM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - No Replies

I had a few requests for one, so here it is...


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  Tallinn, Estonia mini datasheet (2017)
Posted by: Edmaster - 05-15-2017, 08:35 AM - Forum: Travel & Adventure - Replies (8)

Tallinn, Estonia 

[Image: tallinn-old-town-toompea.jpg]

Brief Overview of the City

Attractiveness of local women : 4/5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach : 3.5/5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach : 2.5/5
Logistics : 5/5
Cost : 4/5
English levels : 4/5

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia.
The city is among the best in the world regarding the Tech/IT industry. 
Tallinn is the home to Skype. Many indians people are coming here to study and work in IT.

The city is small, calm, and everything is within walkable distance 

The medieval old town is beautiful. The city is very safe. 

Logistics are great. 
You can walk from one club to another within few minutes. The city is really easy to navigate into. 

The Women

They are slim, usually blonde, with a soft face. If you like curvy women Tallinn is definitively not the place to go. 

Their attitude lean toward the shy/ introverted side, with a slight complex of inferiority. 
Once you pass the initial resistence they seem to open up like a beautiful flower.

My suggestion is to try to isolate them as much as possible (i know easier said than done). 
Rooshv in « Bang Estonia » even suggested to pick them up outside in the street when they leave the club to go home. 

The English level is great. No barrier at all. The younger generation speaks very good English. 


I will suggest to stay at least a week to get your flag if you game hard (i didn’t). 
It’s better to stay two weeks though. 

In Tallinn the ratio is in your favor.
Plus as it is an IT city there will be in your competition a lot of geeky type of guys. 
First night i came there i saw some geeky guys trying to pick up an hot estonian blonde at the club hollywood. 

I think both day and night game are really good option in Tallinn. 
Depending on what you like but i personally prefer to do day game in general. 

Day game

The best way to go with Estonian girl is indirect and opening just the women who are alone. 
Opening sets in day game is not effective in Tallinn.

Night game :

As for day game, the best strategy is to run an indirect game as many Estonian girls are open to meet and talk with a foreigner.

Online game

I don’t do online game because it tends to bore me easely but you can try mamba.ru or Vkontakte. 
Tinder can be an option too.

Nightlife Recommendations

Venue 1 here:

Club Hollywood

A bit on the younger side (around 18-20). Mainly freshmen student. 
The music is a bit commercial crap but the ratio was good. 

Plenty of young hotties.

The main problem : isolation.

I suggest two things : 

  • If you are a smoker (or some of your friends are) you can open her up in the smoker room where women have usually their guard lower than in the dancefloor. 
  • The second thing is to open her up when she goes out of the club. As Tallinn is a very safe city you can see some women going home by themselves. Also they some time chat in front of the club too. 

Venue 2 here:

Venus Club

It is 50% Russian and 50% Estonian. Women are older there (25-30). 

If you are into night game this club has an important advantage because there is a side isolated from the noise where people chill and is totally isolated from the rest of the club.

You can often see women there who are by themselves chilling out, looking at their phone or talking with one or two friends.

This is your best bet to pick up there. Just run an indirect game and don't be discourage if the girl doesn’t show you signs of interests right away.

Venue 3 : 

The club privé : 

It's a more classy club just 50 meters from Hollywood club.
I have heard so good thing about this one but didn’t try this one. 
It is more of a high end club so i think you can easely find hotties there too. 

Avoid most bars in the old town as they tend to be plagued by tourists (depending on when you visit). 

Day Game Locations

Location 1 :

The old town:

Viru gate is your best bet. 
Just walk along the street and approach (around 2-5pm) running an indirect game. 

Location 2 :

The Mall

Walk between the two biggest which are Solaris and Viru Keskus (the biggest one) in the Estonia Puiestee street. 
You can easely approach in both of them as well. 

However the best street to day game around the mall are Narva maantee and A. Laikmaa street.
Between the two mall Viru Kesku and the solaris center.
You can find plenty of hot women shopping around and who are alone.
Location 3 :

The Supermarket :

Rimi supermarket is the biggest supermarket in the baltic area. 
Just open the women with a weird local food and just keep the conversation from there. 

Location 4 :

My secret spot

When you enter in the Viru Keskus mall from the Narva Maantee street there is a small coffee place called « caffinn »  where you always find women who are alone working or chilling.
The environment is really laid back so it makes it easy to approach.

Other Info / Recommendations?

Where to stay

Stay in the old town. 
I suggest staying at the Red emperor hostel because it's located near the best club in Tallinn. 

Visa info :

European citizen don’t need a visa which is really convinient. I don’t know about other citizen.

Things to do

There are many spas to chill out. go to see the Alexandre Nevski cathedral. The city is not the most exciting in term of activities but great to relax or work.
You can take the boat for the day to go to Helsinki and go back in the same (just check eckero or viking line).


Avoid the tramway (The plan is not easy to understand) so just walk as everything is with walkable distance.

Personal Experience

I stayed there a week.
I didn’t get my flag but had a really good time.  

The Bottom Line

Beautiful medieval town and beautiful women. 
I really liked the city.

* This is my first data sheet 

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