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Cheap suit? - mistersnort - 06-12-2013

I am looking to source some cheap suits made in asia, I heard clothes are suppose to be super cheap there but I cannot seem to find the real cheap ones online. I know alot of guys here are in asia, can anyone give me any tips on where or what websites I could get a large quantity of cheap suits delivered to North America? And by cheap suit I mean like definitely under $100. It should be no more than 80 but ideally as low as 40 or less.

RE: Cheap suit? - Dash - 06-12-2013

Not that viable as shipping costs, import taxes etc would severely eat into profits imo. Atleast on a small scale level.

RE: Cheap suit? - G_global - 06-12-2013

you could probably (1) visit thailand, and (2) order a lot of suits (100 plus) for shipping back to the USA and acheive that cost. Why? I don't know as there are plenty of shops in the USA in urban neighborhoods selling very cheap suits made in asia.

RE: Cheap suit? - mistersnort - 06-12-2013

reason is a rare business opportunity has come up, and yes ordering in bulk would work well, I'd just trying to figure out if india, china thailand or bangladesh or possibly mexico would be best. I heard that they make clothes there for like $1. They cheapest you can get a suit set is around $120 per suit that I've seen in the US. I've read that but cannot find an example on a website with prices you can get it dirt cheap in india or thailand taiwan etc. I am looking at around 2000 suits. so if I can go down from $120 to $20 thats an extra 40k

RE: Cheap suit? - mistersnort - 06-13-2013

Nope already have a major buyer lined up who doesn't care about quality. As in they don't care if it is single stitched and falls apart in a 3 years. Unless you have extra stitching or are paying a serious premium there is little difference between the different low quality suits. Ie. there is a big difference between $500 jacket and $100 jacket, but little difference between a $100 jacket and a $20 jacket you get in Asia except the $100 jacket in the US has a 150% markup for the retailer.

Nah, I tend to jump right into things, in business you can't overanalyze things, it is why overly educated people never make good ceos. They overanalyze everything and always find some debilitating flaw.

Anyhow what I am really looking for is low cost retailers online rather than people telling me to learn this or that about a product. I'm not trying to find buyers, I have one, I am trying to find product for cheap.

RE: Cheap suit? - G_global - 06-15-2013

thailand or india, i think. but china has plenty of tailors, and i'm sure other countries in asia could accomodate. the poorer the country, the better. pick somewhere you want to visit like vietnam and I am sure you can load up - 2000 suits will give you quite a bit of bargaining power. frankly, china might be best due to the large quantity you're buying.

RE: Cheap suit? - anamericaninbangkok - 06-17-2013

(06-15-2013, 12:20 AM)G_global Wrote: thailand or india, i think. but china has plenty of tailors, and i'm sure other countries in asia could accomodate. the poorer the country, the better. pick somewhere you want to visit like vietnam and I am sure you can load up - 2000 suits will give you quite a bit of bargaining power. frankly, china might be best due to the large quantity you're buying.

You'll be lucky to find suits at that price in Thailand unless it's a total piece of shit that most people wouldn't wear.

I've been going to the same tailor for the past 20 years and my suits run me around $400 each. Then I always have 3 or 4 shirts made so every time I go in I spend $500-$600. The suits are stitched well though and excellent quality.

Many years ago I went to the Cannes Film Festival. I had to walk the red carpet and wanted to look good so I bought a couple of suits before leaving. I was one of the best dressed people anywhere I went and got compliments every day. suggestion would be China or India if you don't care about quality.

RE: Cheap suit? - mistersnort - 06-17-2013

Any websites with cheap suits would be ideal because then I don't have to spend money on a plane ticket to travel

RE: Cheap suit? - Sexiback - 06-17-2013

Get mine done from a guy from HK who comes to town once a year. They're about 500 a pop (good material), the very best, add another 100 at least. And that's at least a third of what I'd pay a swiss tailor to make a suit... not that there are any swiss tailors left.

RE: Cheap suit? - mistersnort - 06-18-2013

You guys are paying $500 USD for suits and thinking thats a deal? Suits must really be expensive wherever you all come from. I guess Hong Kong is expensive

RE: Cheap suit? - anamericaninbangkok - 06-18-2013

$500 is peanuts for a suit. Maybe $500 is a lot of money to you but when you get a quality suit for this much, it's a deal. Ever had a primo Hugo Boss or Zegna suit made? They can easily run $3000-$4000 and up. For $400-$500 you can get the exact same suits made. Like Sexyback said, some other tailors are charging $1500+ minimum for a decent suit.

$100 suits are shit - they're like the worst used car on the lot that nobody wants to buy. That is, unless they only have $100.

Here in Thailand there are Sikhs on the street offering a suit and a couple of shirts for $150. I never get suits made by these types of guys. Good tailors build their reputation and people come to them and spread the word. I've had many suits made here over the years and after seeing my suits, they've emailed their measurements and had suits made and shipped to them. So simply wearing a well-made suit is advertisement enough.

RE: Cheap suit? - mistersnort - 06-18-2013

I agree there is no difference between a $500 and a $5000 suit. But if you can't get a good pants for $100 or a good jacket for $300, you must be living in fifth ave

RE: Cheap suit? - Sexiback - 06-18-2013

You can get a boss suit at an outlet or sale for 350. I was talking about a custom made suit (that will always always always look better than any suit off the rack, no matter what brand it is). I can't get a custom suit made in switzerland for under 1500, there are practically no tailors left, the ones that are extremely pricy and have a waiting list, aside from that there are quite a few turkish tailors but their style is so distinctly different I haven't so far tried to give one a go. Yes, you decide on your own style, pockets, sleeves, buttons, collars but if anyone ever has seen a middle-eastern wedding, they'll know what I mean, their suits are somehow very tacky: think Saddam Husain wearing a white number firing his rifle into the air.

So my way is to go with the asian traveling tailors. If you live in a major urban area there will be traveling asian tailors coming to your area at some point, just google. They usually rent hotel rooms, you go meet them, they measure you up, select cloth of your choosing and they go home, make your suit and ship it to you a couple of months later.

I don't need that many suits (don't wear them daily) so I can afford to get 1-2 made per year. Has anyone had any experience with those custom suit websites?

RE: Cheap suit? - Don - 06-19-2013

There is no doubt a great suit can do wonders. I, however, am on a pretty tight budget. I check the sales for the slim fits at Macy's and have a couple H & M slim fit ones.

Even if they don't fit right you can get them tailored. I had the tailor in Bosnia do two of my suit jackets and it cost around 15 km or $10 usd.

RE: Cheap suit? - Sexiback - 06-19-2013

Yeah ofc. You can always have them altered and you might be lucky with your build anyway. I have a very small waist so most pants are just too frigging wide for me, and when they're not, they're too short at the leg. Lately though, with more italian style coming around, those fit me better. That said, my legs aren't all that bulky and that shit is already tight on me, I can't imagine if you're someone who rides a bike regularly or plays football can fit in those pants.

Main thing is to take your time picking a suit and get the shop assistant to help you out and show you different sizes, fit is everything. No one's going to notice how nice wool your suit is if the fit is poor, fit is also what will get you noticed from across the room or street.