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Black Triad Seduction Thread - ilostcount - 07-17-2014

Its so black triad I hesitate to reveal it. But I use a tragic backstory at times to give me an excuse they forgive my bad treatment to like them but treat them like sex meat so they get more confused and attracted but seeing I have a heart somewhere. Being mysterious helps greatly all around too.
I actually picked some of this up for that movie magnolia where Tom does it. I converted virgins with similar shit where they refused hundreds of guys in the past. It builds a drama girls love. Romance novels are often based on this kind of character.

Anyone else use some black triad stuff?

RE: Black Triad Seduction Thread - fucksong - 07-17-2014

Damn dude, I've never done shit like that but I must say that I admire the effectiveness and brilliance of it. You might've seen in that other thread that I've recently gotten into tantra and there are actually different forms of tantra (white tantra, red tantra, black tantra, etc). Im not entirely sure but i think black tantra is one where one person manipulates the other so on one hand you could say you've discovered and perfected this black magic but long term think if it's healthy for you. Damn bro, i'm horny as fuck myself and have used diff "sales strategies" to get some but try looking at other more positive strategies where you dont need to lie but can actually show who you are as a person and you might be surprised that there are a lot of women who will still want to fuck you, if not more. I've found dealing with my inner demons has helped me waaay more with women than any one strategy. Especially when chicks are hyper sensitive and can feel our energy.

RE: Black Triad Seduction Thread - nescio - 07-24-2014

No one likes girls who lie, but at the same time so many guys in here lie. I find it pathetic, I've always been myself and honest. I'm not gonna give some stupid fake story to some girls to get in her pants, I'm better than that.