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Ideal travel destination - Thomasss - 02-01-2018

Dear Fellow Nomads;

I just lost my job, with a nice pay-out check (26 years old) - so i decided to give up my apartment, move back to my parents and travel!

Now I am struggling with one thing; which destination to travel too?? It is a one month trip.

I hope you can help me with this, based on my past travel experience i can say there are 3 things which are important to me when travelling. This trip I intent to go one month.

1) Ease of travelling - I dont like long distances and taking multiple planes when travelling - I like waking up in the morning and if you feel like going to the next destination you go, If you dont feel like moving next you just book another night in the hostel
2) Ease of communication - being able to communicate well with local people and meeting many other backpackers .
3) Decent nightlife in which it is east to meet some girls - ease hookups but no prostitutes

These points are based on my best trip so far: Thailand from bangkok, to the north, ayuthaya,, chiang mai, pai and some places in between.

I really liked this trip, Travelling in Thailand was very easy - I liked the road travelling north in Thailand. Not too many tourist but still plenty of people to meet and plenty of things to do at a laid back pace. Also when going out in thailand meeting girls was never a problem-

Based on this information - which place would you guys recommend me?

Many thanks


RE: Ideal travel destination - Prince - 02-19-2018

definitely europe and potentially amsterdam ! one of the best connected places in the world and meet all your criterias

RE: Ideal travel destination - Zolo - 02-21-2018

I vote Philippines.