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Cool Travel Posters... - Zolo - 01-01-2013

Some of you may know I own a small printing and graphic design company. Anyway, I want to design a range of 10 or so posters for a sale on Naughty Nomad. (I design and print them myself.)

Any ideas?

Any poster you would like?

BTW - If any of you would like one of your own pics made into a post, I can print excellent quality A1s and A2s cheaper than pretty much anywhere online.

RE: Cool Travel Posters... - Dash - 01-01-2013

A bad ass Colombia or Brazil poster would be nice.

RE: Cool Travel Posters... - mistersnort - 01-01-2013

Honestly, I think that pic of you in your avatar is pretty damn cool

RE: Cool Travel Posters... - varst - 01-05-2013

Cool idea,
What do you have in mind, print some cool travel pictures or make a design around a perticular city/country?
Can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

off topic: if you've been to NYC check out this travel vid. It captures the street aesthetic perfectly, makes me want to go back every time i see it.

RE: Cool Travel Posters... - gavinmadden - 01-07-2013

Maybe a t-shirt with a list of countries you haven't flagged yet on the back.

"Are you from.....blah blah blah country? We need to talk."