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Anyone get laid on NYE IN AMERICA? - Mixx - 01-02-2013

So, same as Halloween, I went out last night, and I did not get laid. Now, I noticed everywhere I went, hot girls were with a guy - tons of couples, and if she was cute, she was in a large group attention whoring for facebook photos to talk about today. Any girl by herself was below average in looks or with an ugly girlfriend/family relative you had to deal with to get to her.

In America, it has gotten harder and harder to pull on MAJOR HOLIDAY PARTIES. I'm seriously thinking Europe ans Asia is the way to go for NYE, a buddy of mine is in Paris and he scored.

So, if anyone here got laid in America by a girl THEY MET LAST NIGHT, let us know:

1. Your city and venue selection
2. Your approach and strategy
3. How did you isolate form her friends
4. Misc useful information.

** If you already fucked her before, or knew her before New Years Eve, it does not count. I'm only interested in hearing success reports from guys who went hunting last night.

** A make-out is not enough, I got a few of those, but was unable to pull away for sex.


RE: Anyone get laid on NYE IN AMERICA? - Mirage - 01-02-2013

I had to make the most of what I had already met, Colombians are all such homebodies on nye.

RE: Anyone get laid on NYE IN AMERICA? - Rick91 - 01-02-2013

I reckon bangkok on new year would be a blast.. Then again bangkok on any giving could be a blast.

RE: Anyone get laid on NYE IN AMERICA? - RockingForever - 01-03-2013

Bangkok is great 7 nights a week, I imagine on NYE it gets stupidly busy. I spent NYE in Saigon a few years ago and that was torture, I've never seen traffic like it. The roads were so packed with scooters they couldn't actually drive just had to wheel themselves around with their feet.

RE: Anyone get laid on NYE IN AMERICA? - Berliner - 01-03-2013

Just got back.I followed my advice and my score was 4.Can't imagine how much damage you would've done following my tips.My homie was at 2 when I left, but he was there from pretty much the beginning and after having a threesome with some chicks he met at the queue, was just chilling.
By your criteria, I'd probably have to discard one.Though the first time I met her was the last since yesterday and even though she was REALLY into me, she had a boyfriend at the time, so got an yellow/red light in the end.She still has a boyfriend.I normally don't go for girls in relationships...haha, of course I do.

1. Your city and venue selection
The techno church in Berlin.Have to contribute half of the success to the venue choice.
2. Your approach and strategy
Roaming around the club, looking for girls sitting/standing/walking by themselves, telling them to come with me to have fun/dance, leading to the dance floor or the dark parts, if the latter failed, back to the dance floor and pushing it again.Quite aggressive game, when I believe the deal was sealed, slowing down the tempo and pushing them away until they go crazy from the tension and during the next kiss, grab my dick.Then I grab their hand and without saying anything lead to the dark rooms.
3. How did you isolate form her friends?
I didn't.The 2012 chick was with a friend of hers, who was dancing with my homie, I told him to take her to a different floor, so they were out of sight.He said he tried to pull her to the bathrooms at some point, but she played it offended and by the time she found as, we were done.
The 2 girls were initially 3 from the Netherlands, one was checking me out, danced with all of them.The one I didn't fuck basically pulled one of her friends away from me, while she was rubbing her ass on my dick and told me that they didn't like me.I think she was jealous.Didn't push it.When we talked for a bit while dancing, they mentioned they were trying to find E.I bumped into a dude I knew from the gym an hour later and then we saw them again, going towards a side bar.I asked him to approach the 3rd wheel, who was a bit average and had the annoying type of Dutch accent with all the "HGHGHH" that some people fHRom Holland have.He went to dance with her, while I went for her friends, then gave her a chill pill.Cockblock destroyed!Then passed me two beans, I gave them to the girls and then said as usual : "Hey, have you heard about the dark rooms?Come!"Game over.They said I should take some myself, I told them I was on it(completely sober as always), but on no sleep, so they bought it.
The other one, who was actually the first, said she was with friends, but she was dancing by herself next to one of the big side speakers and with her it was pretty much after 5 minutes just finding where to fuck, as all the places were still quite rammed, like the whole club.Logistical nightmare, solved in 10 minutes.

4. Misc useful information.
I actually missed my first flight(AGAIN), which was supposed to be on early Sunday, so this whole journey started more on NYD.Had less than 24 hours in Berlin, was very sleep deprived, since I hadn't slept since Monday, excluding the plane trip.Regardless, decided to just go to the airport on early Tuesday morning and got a cheap flight.

We actually went to a really cool party for NYE and I said to myself that if I get laid there, I'm not going to Berlin.3 makeouts, nearly got into a fight and the last one may have closed if I wasn't restricted by time and had to push forward which put her off...

In Berlin bumped again into an yoga/dancing teacher, that I had met last summer in Spain.She had given me her facebook and number, but it was her last night and she didn't wanna come home with me, so I deleted them.Made out and danced again, but didn't like me enough again.Removed from my to do list.

The first time I met her, she was with 2 gay dudes.Had a couple of Es, gave them to them and I can guarantee you they were rooting for my 'sucsex' and trying to help me out.So E kills all kindzzzz of c-blocks.

The vibe at the party was even more INSANE than usual.I wish you all happy new year and nice vag flow Smile

RE: Anyone get laid on NYE IN AMERICA? - Mixx - 01-03-2013

There you have it players!! Berlin is the place to be for NYE!!

Come hell or high fucking water, NYE 2014 is in Berlin!

** I have actually banged 2 flight attendants from Lufthansa airlines (separate occasions), and they fucking LOVE latino boys. I am surprised at how open about sex they were; it almost felt as if they were trying to convince me to have sex, not the other way around. They are always inviting me to go to Germany and to come and hang out....I need to give Germany more attention in 2013.

Hey Berliner, any (sexual) events going on in Berlin during summer/fall I should be aware of?

Also, these Lufthansa flight attendants I banged keep inviting me to some club called the "kit kat club" - what do you know of it?


RE: Anyone get laid on NYE IN AMERICA? - Berliner - 01-03-2013

In the 2nd half of January is one of the Berlin fashion weeks.Last year I went down on a chick in the club, but she was shy and had to pull home, but then faced some angry cock block.I think there's one fashion week in the summer too, have to check the dates, haven't stayed in Berlin during the whole summer, so can't comment.There was even higher influx of model chicks(more to the sophisticated hip joints around Mitte, but to the dirty clubs too), even though Berlin's FW isn't big like NY/Milan/London/Paris.

In Autumn, there's the Bermuda festival, which is a pretty big event on the 1-2nd of November on the Tempelhofer airport.On the same week, most of the clubs throw big parties and a lot of out of towners arrive.There are a lot of open air parties in the summer, they start around the end of April, but most are 20-30 km out of the city, so you have to go there by car/train+walk/bike.They pop out randomly, often around holidays.

I was about to go to Kit Kat quite a few times...twice we went elsewhere instead, once I was going to go with a chick on a date, but fucked her all night at my place and didn't get to go.Once I got to there and met some girls just leaving, asked me to come drink at their hotel, ended up fucking one of them.I think I told you this one, another time I was going to go, but went by myself to some empty swingers/sex club instead, approached with asking in various ways if they wanna fuck in under 30 seconds all the girls at the place.There were no more than 10 girls there, it seemed like none were fucking new guys but just those they came to the club with.I was very disappointed and it was getting late.Still went to Berghain and fucked a chick within a couple hours.

I'll be going to Berlin once in the Spring, definitely not during the summer and probably for a weekend next Autumn.If you tell me like this time I'm in Europe for X period of time, I'd be able to better tell you when there's a big weekend ahead.I'd even join if it's outside of the summer.

RE: Anyone get laid on NYE IN AMERICA? - Mixx - 01-03-2013

Damn Berliner, every post I read of yours solidifies the fact I need to roll with 'cha in Berlin player!! Smile