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RE: top snatch flowchart latam - Dash - 01-11-2013

(01-11-2013, 01:52 AM)RockingForever Wrote:
Quote:Try ever (quilla grl on rooshs)

So you've never lied ever...apart from that time you lied about the girl...and the times you made up info on data sheet...and wrote data sheets on places you'd never been to...and wrote about bars and clubs you went to even though they hadn't existed for years...and the list goes on.

I thought we went over this JackingForeva.

You need to use specifics. What info was "made up" on a data sheet? What city did I write a sheet on that I didnt go to? Which club or bar did I say I went to that hadnt existed for years?

If you dont have any facts to back up your claims you need to keep your fucking mouth shut.

But let me help you out on some of those claims.

1) Lay in Killa - Yes I posted the pic of my SNL's friend due to my SNL's picture looking not good in my opinion on the RVF. That was 2 years ago when I cared about "image". Now I dont give a fuck. High chance ill fuck a hb5-6 in Manila and will post a pic of her.

2) Made up Info - about the only thing you could be referring to is the Rooftop bar at the Windsor Hotel in Killa. Me and another poster went over this already. From my view across the street having drinks I assumed there was some sort of bar / lounge due to a) rooftop balcony b) neon lights c) people on said balcony d) palm trees ect. I posted pictures of it on another thread. While I did make the mistake of assuming, making up is a bit of a stretch buddy.

3) Data Sheet on place I never went - Every sheet I have made I have been to said city / country. The only thing you could be talking about is the one time I posted a pre-data sheet in which I said I havent been yet and was only posting it for some posters that were going to said place before me. It was basically a list of clubs and hotels. It had no personal experiences from me added. When I returned from my trip I went back in and added details and personal experiences to the sheets.

4) Closed Bar/Club - Now this is just a complete made up fairytale of yours. I havent said I been to any bar or club that didnt existed. Please go and find some proof that, id love to see it. The correct thing you should try to claim is I posted a bar or club in one of my datasheets (santa marta) that had closed. Me and another posted already discussed this as well. To refresh your memory, when I post a data sheet it is a combination of info from personal experience (which I write about in sheet and trip report) along with the other intel / names of clubs and hotels that I compiled while researching the city. Which is obvious to anyone that has a brain, which apparently you dont.

Pay attention to this.

You starting flame wars with me on a daily / weekly basis does nothing for the forum. It gets redundant for me and ends up spamming people's threads. I dont give one flying fuck if you believe anything I say, just like I am sure you dont care if I believe anything you write. Difference is I ignore your general comments and never initiate conversation with you. For the sake of the forum, you need to follow suit. It is not that hard to do trust me.

Now, if you manage to round up any new info on the 4 points I made above then feel free to come back and share them.

Outside of that, I will ignore you, in return you need to ignore me.

RE: top snatch flowchart latam - RockingForever - 01-12-2013

The lady doth protest too much.

RE: top snatch flowchart latam - Rick91 - 01-12-2013

@rockingforever, were you also gringo over at rvf?

RE: top snatch flowchart latam - unkind - 01-15-2013

lol, what is this, I thought this forum has mods now...