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Facebook Privacy WTF - Dash - 03-30-2013

Ok can someone tell me how the fuck do I block people from seeing comments I make / leave on other people's pictures / statuses?!?!? I dont want my activity esp comments popping up on their damn news feed.

Just lost a hot ass chick becuse she saw what I wrote on another girls foto, they are not even friends.

Looking at the settings I cant figure it out.

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - Dom Taurus - 03-30-2013

You cant block peopke from seeing a comment on someone else's picture

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - RockingForever - 03-30-2013

You used to be able to change it so no one could see it but they change so often that it's hard to figure shit out on there these days, they don't want you to know how to do it.

The best thing to do is just not write anything you'd be worried about being public or other people knowing about.

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - RockingForever - 03-30-2013

Years ago I set up my profile so that it can't be found through searching my name or email address, that anyone who's not on my friends list can't see it or any comments I make on other peoples profiles. Seems to have worked as people always say they can't find me. I jacked up all the privacy settings but they seem to have changed it now so you can't do it very easily.

I used to have some stupid photos on there too, deleted all of those. Who knows where they'll end up.

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - mistersnort - 03-31-2013

Facebook no good for girls, numbers, old fashion style, is better. You don't deal with this shit.

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - PlanetOzzy - 03-31-2013

Hey Dash are you talking about the news feed or the scroll thing up above the chat bar that updates automatically?

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - Dash - 03-31-2013

I am talking about the news feed. These girls are not friends. So it was simply my activity showing up on her news feed.

This is some damn bullshit. Cant believe you cant make that private. Now I am not gonna be able to post shit on anyones stuff.

Da fuq

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - RockingForever - 03-31-2013

I'm sure there is a way to change it but it'll be hidden away somewhere not easy to find.

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - Dash - 03-31-2013

It appears there is no way to change this. Searched and asked a question on yahoo. Which is bullshit. Fuck you Facebook.

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - fucksong - 03-31-2013

facebook has caused a lot of fuckups for myself and a lot of other friends of mines. if at all possible, stay away from it or only post minimal info.

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - Dash - 03-31-2013

Not going to stay away as its a valuable tool to chat and stay in touch with alot of people. But will def have to restrict what I write on other peoples profiles.

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - RockingForever - 03-31-2013

Just don't write anything you wouldn't want the wide world to know or add any pics you might regret later. I deleted a lot of pics a while back that were too incriminating.

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - Broon - 04-01-2013

fucking hate Facebook and was so glad to get away from it, though I did get sucked into Twitter which whilst it isn't fantastic I get a good range of information from various other travel bloggers. Far superior for p2p information, though you all knew that anyway!

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - RockingForever - 04-02-2013

I don't like Twitter at all, it's just pointless. Facebook has uses like keeping in touch with friends across the world and storing photos. Twitter is just a time waster.

RE: Facebook Privacy WTF - Dash - 04-02-2013

Twitter is excellent for keeping up with sports teams and music artists (shows etc)