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Peru- Arequipa Datasheet
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Peru- Arequipa Datasheet
I spent 1 week in Arequipa, about double the time i intended.

I stayed at pirwa hostel. Good location, its cheap, and was pretty quiet when i was there. The crowd that was there was real chill, a lot of stoners. I aquired a reputation for going out everynight and not appearing till late morning/ early afternoon next day. That and id go ahead and tell everyone about the girls i fucked who would listen.

I nearly always headed to Dejavu.

First night i arrive late, its a monday, i go to Dejavu, theres an okay crowd. Doesnt pick up until around midnight. Met this Israeli dude. Total player, helped me out in a lot of ways. He had the ideal vibe for picking up chicks i feel. The 2 nights he was there he picked up. Nearly always leaving with the chick within 40 mins or so.
I banged id say the 4th best looking chick on my trip that night. She owned her own maggage parlour and could clench her vag. Vey easy to make orgasm and a very nice chick.

Next night was like my 4th night in the whole trip where i did not hookup.Reason being cocaine. I turn into a hyperactive retard on that stuff. An uber confident hyperactive retard. I dont let it happen again.

Third night, im hoping I didnt just get lucky the first night and have a feeling Arequipa might be a lot harder than everywhere else id been. Plus chick from the first night was pretty awesome. I meet her again and have some pretty awesome sex. We watch porn together while banging, it was interesting.

Fourth night, one of the best pickups of my life goes down on this night. It starts within minutes of entering dejavu, i have some black south african chick, trying to pick me up. She tells me i look like Channing Tatum, (never heard this before, but while watching jump street on the plane i did kinda think that) make out with her, but shes a 6 at best and i came to peru for latina pussy not black. I am a fan of black pussy when the mood strikes me.
I pull a move id developed in Lima while dealing with bricheras id fucked the night before. Same move hundreds of girls pull in the western world all the time. I excuse myself and go to the toilet never to be seen again. Except for i do and i just ignore her.
I see some chick, taller for a Peruvian, with very long curly hair and quite a killer body. She seems to have a real bitchy attitude for a peruvian chick. Her friend is some fat, huge retarded chick. ( i actually think she may have had some learning difficulties) i approach, goes no where.
On dancefloor some other quite hot chick is trying to grab me but some peruvian dude is stading between us holding her back. I move in anyway and the dude says shes his friends girlfriend he doesnt want touble and tries to push me, but basically just pushes himself back. I let it go, you seriously do not want to get yourself banned from Dejava.
I approach bitchy looking Peruvian chick again while shes sitting. This time we hit it off. She tells me about herself, shes rich, inheritated 3 family farms, and owns 2 businesses. Worth 4 million soles she tells me. Buys we whiskey its all cool. She tells me iam super cute but shes 27 and would never sleep with 20 year old. She says she needs bathroom and if id look after her friend for her.

This is where it gets good, like the moves i pulled, i did not plan out, they were just a result from a massive amount of abundance id aquired through fucking all of the chicks so far, and the fact my sexual intent was soo strong( nothing to do with not masturbating i just tended to get very sexual very fast because there was nothing else i could do after using all my retarded spanish).
First, something happened in the toilet i didnt find out until later, the black chick was there and warned her that i was an asshole, who went with any women and that i was also a racist(lol only towards anglo chicks).
Then while this was going down, i immediately ditched retarded fat chick and went about hitting on 2 chicks at the bar. I totally forgot about hot rich chick, sheapproaches while in conversation( she tells me later that she was going to ask if i wanted to leave with her to a hotel at this moment) i stop her from saying anything and tell the 2 other chicks this is me amiga, really shouting out the amiga part. She looks at me with disgust and walks away. I try going for the older chick of the 2 she tells me her friend likes me, i say i dont like her friend and i want her. She says she doesnt like me, i just make a confused sound and look at them if theres something wrong with them.
I then move back to hot rich chick, she calls me iam a bendecko, and an asshole. She tells me she was going to ask me if i wanted to leave with her but theres no way now.
Then i do something which was probably the reason i get to bang her. I just accept that. I tell her iam a guy who wants to get laid and i left because she said she didnt like me in that way. This was all true, i said i did like her though and that we could still be friend but just not have sex with each other. This was all true and i said it in a very gentle genuine tone of voice with a hint of sadness.
I then say do you want to find an afterparty. Iam in hergood books again. What we actually do is leave minutes later, shes pays for a hotel and pays the taxi, i end up fucking her 6 or 7 times from about 4 in the morening through till about 12.
She then later tells me shes married. Adds me on facebook i see her weding photos, she is soo fucking hot with straightened hair. She also told me she loved me after getting fucked and then says she didnt mean it.
Try to meet with her later that day but flakes. She said she wanted to show me the snobby upper class version of arequipa. She also just recently deleted me on facebook Bummer cause i used to enjoy showing my friends pictures of her.

Next night i score with some 7( at least i think it is at the time,) shes 20 only been with another guy, its very easy take her to hotel shes well self conscious though, (some reason i really feel urge to go down on some cunt that night, hers fucking stinks though, no way thats happening) one good thing is shes the tightest chick iv been with so far and is scared of my dong. After fucking that hot rich chick from the night before i cant help but feel kinda down.

Next day i go with the hostel to some massive club thing during the day called monster fish or something. Its like this massive warehouse type thing goes from 3pm till like 9. Really out of my comfort zone during the day and get kinda typsy. Get used to it nd befriend some chick whos friends with owner of hostel. Make out with her on way back to hostel. Go to some clubs with her, shes young and quite hot but i really cant be fucked with all this salsa shit and im trying to figure if she'd be down for fucking that night.
I decide to ditch and go to dejavu, within minute iam approached by 2 chicks i already knew from Haucachina. I had already fucked one of them. The other one tells me her friends seen me with 2 other girls so far and asks why i want to fuck soo much women. I say i just do. She then says she wants me tonight and we leave. I blow my load twice in girl i previously fucked and go back to dejavu cause its only about 2 am this time.
I decide to approach hottest chick i can find. Some milf looking chick, shes got 2 dudes around her, i know one from chick i was with in monsterfish. Hes gay. Basically end up asking to practise my spanish with her, ask her to dance with me, pull mma ring girl kiss move, and make out and try cover my farts that have gotten brutal since iv been drinking since 3pm at beginning of monsterfish.
Two hours laters its on, this chick looks 27 but is in fact 35, thers also photos of her in some beuty pagent from a few years before on her facebook. I bang her, shes on her period, there is quite a lot of blood i dont care and bang her twice that night. In morning she says theres no way iam 26(i tell them this if there nearing 30 range or over) and say iam 20 she bursts out laughing and cant believe shes done this. I win.

Next night is sunday, its sucks theres only 4 girls out in both nightclubs.

I then go to Cusco the next day.

Conclusion - Arequipa is awesome.

09-25-2012, 04:22 AM
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RE: Peru- Arequipa Datasheet
I like the honesty and indeed the humour in the original article. I do agree that generally we are all chasing links, hence the comments. Although occasionally we all comment on sites simply because we have a real empathy with the subject matter.
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05-31-2013, 11:34 PM
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