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007 Game's VIDEO library - Dance-floor game to SNLs
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RE: 007 Game's VIDEO library - Dance-floor game to SNLs
Here is a longer video, about 6 minutes long. Good example for how salsa helps you move from talking to seductive dancing ("flirt dancing") which easily smoothly and naturally transforms to makeout and pulling REGARDLESS of the type of music in the venue.

If you read the 007 Game theory posts you already know the difference between "regular" dancing and "seductive" dancing. Eye contact is key. You need to have maximum variation in the dancing moves and "little games" you're doing to keep it interesting. Notice how quickly we go from talking to maximum contact. It's built into the dance.

We're not just dancing - we're seducing each other. This equals connection time and replaces the need to talk. The less talk, the better.

I'd rate this chick a solid 9.

Stats for past week: 4 pulls, 1 threesome, 5 notches, no new flags. No online shit, no day game, no dates. Business hours strictly 23:00 to 04:00 .

Have a nice weekend boys.

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