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Cheap suit?
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RE: Cheap suit?
(06-18-2013, 06:19 PM)Sexyback Wrote: You can get a boss suit at an outlet or sale for 350. I was talking about a custom made suit (that will always always always look better than any suit off the rack, no matter what brand it is). I can't get a custom suit made in switzerland for under 1500, there are practically no tailors left, the ones that are extremely pricy and have a waiting list, aside from that there are quite a few turkish tailors but their style is so distinctly different I haven't so far tried to give one a go. Yes, you decide on your own style, pockets, sleeves, buttons, collars but if anyone ever has seen a middle-eastern wedding, they'll know what I mean, their suits are somehow very tacky: think Saddam Husain wearing a white number firing his rifle into the air.

So my way is to go with the asian traveling tailors. If you live in a major urban area there will be traveling asian tailors coming to your area at some point, just google. They usually rent hotel rooms, you go meet them, they measure you up, select cloth of your choosing and they go home, make your suit and ship it to you a couple of months later.

I don't need that many suits (don't wear them daily) so I can afford to get 1-2 made per year. Has anyone had any experience with those custom suit websites?

I am also referring to custom-made suits, even Boss and Zegna. Here in Thailand they'll make you a custom-made suit at their stores. I would never buy off the rack.
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