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Energy Game
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Energy Game
Hey all,

I wanted to contribute my own theory to the "game" or whatever you wanna call it and I now dub it "Energy Game"

If we each look at our past successes and failures, I think it ultimately boils down to how your energy was. Whether you were sly on the street, a dancing Casanova, or just a confident cool mofo in the bar, you were radiating some energy that women naturally detect. If you look at any videos of the so called "veterans" or "masters" of Game online (ex. Tyler Durden, Mystery, BadBoy, Zans Perrion, Ross Jeffries, Alan Rodger Currie), even though they practice and preach diff strategies, you'll find they all share one common attribute, good energy. Whether it be sexual energy, outgoing energy, fun energy, confident energy, it all boils down to some intense energy. That's why say, for example, MM openers used to work for some and would bomb for others. In fact, I'm willing to bet 99% of every successful LR/FR you've ever read on any forum was one where the guy had solid energy. It had nothing to do with the opener itself, but the energy that was behind it that ultimately dictated whether the girl hooked or not. That's why we all have good days and not so good days. If we each look back at our own personal successes and failures and analyze what went wrong or why it went so well, it boils down to your energy. Maybe you had a stressful day at work, maybe you were broke, maybe you just got a raise, wrote a cool song, got the number/makeout/fclose and the next girl happen to feel that energy and thats why you got the results you did. On another forum, somebody made the comment of guys trying shit on vacation that they might not try at home. To that, I responded why not always be in vacation mode! This forum is unique in that many of us are always or at least trying to be in vacation mode ala traveling the world so you probably know this already.

Are you doing something you love or just in the grind? Are you making time for your passions or do you even have passion? Whether we are conscious of this or not, all these little things in our lives add up and ultimately affect our energy. If you wanna get really deep about this, many traumatic events in our past may still be affecting our outlook and views on life, women, money, everything and if we haven't dealt with those demons, then they're still there in the background of our subconcious. Ultimately affecting our energy. While I like partying a lot, drinking, hell I'll admit, doing a line here and there has always been fun but that shit fucks up your body long term and while you may have a really exciting energy for that night, your body can only take so much so why not focus on eating healthier, excercising (or doing physical activities you enjoy like dancing, skateboarding, surfing, hiking, walking around trolling for chicks).

Anyways just wanted to share this as if your energy is good, you can have the most retarded opener but girls will detect that presence in you and you will pull. Don't get me wrong, logistics are another integral part of the plan as you can have great energy but if you're at a sausagefest gathering, you won't have as many options but good solid energy and good logistics are the key to women.

Happy hunting!
06-19-2013, 06:28 PM
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RE: Energy Game
I think many things go into "getting" the girl. Energy and vibe is certainly important but people need to understand other factors are at play. You can't expect a girl to start talking to you simply because you approached with great energy and vibe.

Attractiveness of female
Energy / Vibe
Intangibles (dancing, things in common, etc)

All these play a an important part in pickup and attraction.

06-19-2013, 10:11 PM
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