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Dash's Ultimate Seoul, South Korea Sheet
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Dash's Ultimate Seoul, South Korea Sheet
[Image: 1003709_597566356931022_1749516654_n.jpg]


Seoul is pretty much it when it comes to South Korea. Sure Busan is a cool city, but it just can't compare to Seoul. Seoul has a population of over 11 million. Has a cool mix of towering skyscrapers with temples wedged in between. Foreigners are referred to as Waygooks. The official language is Korean, which there is really no need to learn. All the places you will be meeting women at, the girls will be able to speak English. English language is taken very seriously here and kids are taught from grade school all the way through high school and University, not to mention the millions of private English Academies / Hagwons. And due to that there is a gazillion English teachers in Korea. If your interested in working and teaching in Korea check out my teaching ESL guide here. Seoul is really diverse and there is something for pretty much everyone. If you can't find your niche here than I am afraid you wont find your niche anywhere. The currency used in Korea is the Won, for comparison 10,000 won = $9. One of the best things about Seoul and Korea in general is it's transportation system which I will touch on later. Another awesome thing is the food. I love Korea food. Galbi and Korean BBQ are awesome. Not to mention the many different Jiggaes / Stews and lets not forget Kimchi. One last thing I am gonna throw out there before moving on, Koreans love to drink! I have never seen a country with more drunk ass people getting carried around or passed out on the street.



Like always, logistics are important. Esp in Korea because most girls live with their family until 30's. You will need to have a place to bounce girls to. Seoul has basically 3 main areas of note. Itaewon, Hongdae, and Gangnam. Itaewon can basically be described as the foreigner district / hub, coincidentally home to the most sleezy clubs and red light district. Hongdae is the University / hipster scene, although you can still find any scene you want here as well. Gangnam is the posh high end area below the Han River. One thing to point out, there are a number of love motels and DVD Bangs in which you could bounce a girl to and close. Id recommend the DVD Bang. Cheap place where you go to "watch" a movie in a little room. However, many Koreans use these places to fuck. After deciding what area you want to base yourself out of you can look at Agoda, Asiarooms, and Tripadvisor to lock down a hotel.

[Image: dvd-bang.jpg]

The Girls

[Image: 575868_487488727985377_427073810_n.jpg]

Lets get this out of the way right now, Korean girls are fucking hot. Probably the best looking of the Asian women. They all dress sexy as fuck in short skirts or dresses and high heels. You go at night and your head is constantly on a swivel. Generally speaking Korean girls are very slim and white. Every now and again you see some girls with ass and tits. And that is a sight to behold. Now to the bad part. As a foreigner you hold ZERO DHV in Korea. Actually its a negative as Korea is one of the most xenophobic and homogeneous countries in the world. Now, there is exceptions and ways around this which I will touch on later. Beside the Korean girls, a big plus is you have a shit ton of girls from all over the world living in Seoul. English teachers, SEA working girls, and tons of European, Asian, and Latin American girls studying in the Universities around Seoul. You can pretty much just feast on those if you wanted to. Id suggest to keep a balanced diet though Wink Some things I dislike about Korean girls is they are super materialistic, vain,and immature. As a result I normally focus on the SEA's and International students.


Pipelining is pretty good in Korea (if you live in one of the 3 biggest cities). Id say that 60% of my bangs have come from online. KoreanCupid is the site of choice, but I suppose one can use DateInAsia, Tagged, and CouchSurfing as well. If you live in Seoul you will have unlimited options. Be sure to filter for other ethnicities as well. Like standard procedure, message them and set up a date at night. Get them drunk and back to the apartment / hotel and close. Most of the girls ive fucked on the first night doing this.


[Image: 091023_seoul_korea_metro_clean_line_9_gu...G_3019.jpg]

As I pointed out in the Logistics section, Seoul's transportation is awesome. Cheap and fast. Transferring and even getting on the subway can be challenging and tricky. Id advise to know the last stop on the line and the immediate next stop when using the subway. Another thing to note is that there are different types of trains. You have regular trains and you have express trains which skip stations. Just make sure to account for the subway closing around midnight. But hopefully your in walking distance to the clubs / bars so it shouldnt matter. With the subway closing around 12am and not opening back up until till around 6am you find be forced to use a taxi. Taxis are not cheap and if you dont live within the immediate area you are looking at a $15-25 dollar cab ride. $35-50 if you live in outside of the city in a bordering town on the subway line. The bus system is really good as well, but you will need to access the website or ask people as it is more difficult to navigate. One last tip, if your gonna be here a decent amount of time, go ahead and get a Tmoney or Prepaid Subway Card. You can also use these on the buses and in some cabs. It will save you money from just paying cash all the time.

Things to See & Do

[Image: 705227_image2_1.jpg]

As expected, there is a decent amount of stuff to see and do in Seoul. Some of the must see things to do & see are checking out main the Gyeongbok Palace. Taking a stroll in the late Bukchon Village. Going for a nice hike on the Bugaksan Mountain Trail. Doing some bargain shopping in theNamdaemun Market. Visiting the Cheonggyecheon Stream which is much better at night I add. Visiting theWar Memorial of Korea for you history buffs. Going up to the Seoul Tower and getting a great view of the city. Last but not least trying out some Korean Cuisine. If you dont want to navigate and trek this yourself id recommend doing the Seoul City Tour Bus. Some other cool things in the city to check out include National Museum of Korea, Gwanghwamun Square, Insadong, Changdeokgung Palace, Sodaemun Prison, Dongdaemun Market, Seoul Dream Forest, Han River, Sajik Baseball Game, Lotte World, and FC Seoul Soccer Match.

Day/Side Trips

[Image: dmz-korea.jpg?w=620]

Korea is so small that you can get half way across the country in a matter of 1-2 hours on an express train which is called the KTX. There are a few things you could make a day out of. Id def recommend the DMX Tour. For a day of run go to Everland and ride roller coasters. Another place you can check out is Daecheon Beach. They have a famous Mud Festival in July to hit if you are here in the summer. Its like the Korean version of Spring Break. Not much of a day trip but you could def make a weekend trip to Busan which id recommend. Check out my Busan data sheet here if you decide to head that way.

Daygame Spots

Korea is not the place id recommend daygame in. As I alluded to earlier 1) Koreans are quite xenophobic and 2) are not use to guys / strangers talking to them during the day making them very shy and standoffish. Especially with a Waygook. If you do do this, id suggest doing it in areas that will increase your chances ie Itaewon and Hongdae. With that said, here are some places you could give it a go. In Itaewon you can stroll around the Hamilton Shopping Center. I dont know of any actually malls in Hongdae but there are a ton of shops lining the streets and people walking every where. In Gangnam one can try the Galleria Department Store, Coex, and Hyundai Department Store. Some other shopping areas of note are DCube, MyeongDong, I'Park, Shinsegae Department Store, and IFC Mall Seoul. Besides the malls and busy streets you can also day game at some of the parks and around Universities. The best one that comes to mind is Hongik Park (Hongdae). As for Universities id give these a go, Seoul National University, Yonsie University (lots of foreign exchange students), Ewha Womens University, Hongik University, and Kyunghee University.

Like I said, I think you would be better off setting up dates online and doing nightgame.

Nightlife Guide

Seoul has some damn good nightlife. No matter what you are into, it can be found in Seoul. Here is alittle break down of the night scene here. Some tips you maximize your chances for lays. I think the dynamics are really different depending on if you are white or black. For white guys, I think we are best served trying to pickup in bars, where as for black guys I think they are better served for picking up in clubs. This is problematic for me as I dont really like bars. I think picking up in the big house/emd clubs is very difficult. I havent been to one yet where I saw foreign dudes opening with success. The hiphop/top 40 clubs are much better in my opinion. Those girls speak English better and are more westernized or like western culture. Not to mention you can actually dance with girls here as opposed to just bouncing around in place alone at some house club. The problem with this scene for us white dudes is these type of girls are pretty urban and prefer black dudes many times. Gotta find one that is in the middle to this regard as some are alot more urban than others. Another tip, go to the salsa clubs! Girls here, Korean and foreign are very friendly and open to dancing and talking. Also find out the watering holes of the International Exchange students. You can find girls from all over that are open and liberal. One last thing before getting into the specific areas, there is another type of club in Korea called Booking Clubs. Usually off limits for foreigners, but it is where Korean men go to meet women and where women go to get free drinks and food and flirt. Sometimes the women are looking for dick themselves. Very strange in Korea as foreigners try to pickup in regular bars and clubs but Koreans normally go to regular bars and clubs to hangout with their friends, get drunk, or dance. There is a massive one right down the road from my apartment I sneak into from time to time. One last type of venue I want to mention is the Juicy Bars. These are places with Filipinas working where they try to get you to buy insanely expensive drinks. These places can be alot of fun. You need to try to connect on a more personal level with these girls to get them out of work / shark mode. I do these with mentioning Ive been to Philippines etc etc. Can easily get these girls numbers and meet them outside of work.


Itaewon is my area of choice due to the clubs and the number of DTF foreigner friendly chicks. If girls are partying out here you can rest assured she is interested in waygookin dick. The main downside is you got alot of foreigner dudes out here as well, esp military. But I guess you could say that about most places in Seoul. Here are some of the main places to hit up. The military is actually starting to shift to Hongdae due to some clubs being put off limits to soldiers. Good for me. Here are some of the main clubs. I would always hit up Caliente first until about 1-2 am then bounce to one of the hiphop/top40 clubs. Can also throw in a few beers at one of the main bars to cover all your basis. Oh one last thing, in Itaewon you can find the famous Red Light District and Homo Hill.

B One - Jumping place and a good time.
UN - Got a few ONS from here. This place is a hiphop joint, not very large.
Kings Club - Similar to UN but more brighter and slightly less sluttier chicks. Like the ambient of this place. I usually find a decent amount of Pinays in here partying.
Caliente - Pretty good salsa/Latin club and can always find some Latinas in here.
The Venue - Pretty chill place with old school hiphop.
Helios - This is a pretty good sized bar that plays top40/hiphop.
Boom Bar - Upscale hiphop joint
Seoul Pub - Popular bar
Glame - Large house/trance joint inside whats known as The District
Prost Pub & Grill - Bar that is also in The District.
Grand Ol Opry - Country Bar


Ritz high end nightlife. Where the rich and affluent play. Didnt come here much due to the women being more pretentious and less foreigner friendly along with the big cover fees. Part of the area known as Cheongdam-dong, “The Beverly Hills of Seoul”. There are still some good places here though. Come here if you really wanna test your game!

Ellui - Big house club. More of a rowdy, younger crowd
Phantom - Really nice hiphop club
Octagon - Another big house club. More of the bottle service/rich kid crowd.
NB - Hiphop club
Turn - Salsa
Mambo - Salsa
Club Naomi - Salsa
Answer - Emd club
Top Bar - Salsa


This is the "it" spot in Seoul. Very unique feel and vibe to this place. Really hipster and artsy scene here. Dominated by University students. You will see many people out relaxing on the streets having a beer or listening to people playing live music. Hanging out in the park is also very polular. On the last Friday of each month is “Club Night”, where you can buy a pass for something like W20,000 and gain access to almost every club in Hongdae

Harlem - Hiphop
Mansion - Upscale house / electronic
M2 - More rowdy house / electronic place
Cacoon - Mix of electronic and hip-hop
NB - Pretty large hip-hop club with a few floors. They play mostly recent hip-hop music. It get packed like sardines in there to the point where you hardly have any room to dance without stepping on someone.
NB2- No need to pay to get in if you've paid for NB. Medium-sized club. Also a hip-hop club with a mixture of 90's, 00's, and current hip-hop music.
Naked - Small club but not quite as small as UN in Itaewon. It also gets pretty packed but still enough room to dance. Good modern hip-hop music and a great fire show that the bartenders put on. Saw lots of hot girls. Place is really urban on weekends.
Gogos - Mostly foreigners. 2 floors. This is more of a bar with a dance floor but still lots of people dancing. It has a very chill vibe and the music isn't as loud as most clubs so you can still carry on a conversation.
B1 - Pretty popular place playing a mix of thing
Bonita - Salsa joint
Macando - Salsa joint

Clubbing in Seoul can be pretty expensive. Esp if you are like me and want to hit up numerous places. Cover charges and drinks add up. Without mentioning buying drinks for girls.

Also, the club scene is constantly changing so be sure to ask and double check when planning a night out. Most of this stuff is accurate as up to August 2013.

Final Thoughts

Seoul is truly a great city. No shortage of good looking women and nightlife 7 days a week. I would not live in Korea by choice (only here for work) but If I where to return Seoul would def be my top choice. The only other livable cities in Korea are Busan, and Daegu. And even those are a pretty big step down from Seoul. Below are some websites about Korea that might be of some use.

I will leave this dope video of Seoul to wrap things up.

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RE: Dash's Ultimate Seoul, South Korea Sheet
How much actual Koreans did you pump and what rating was the highest. Finest chicks I'v seen have been Korean their difficulty puts me right off going there though.
08-05-2013, 10:21 PM
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RE: Dash's Ultimate Seoul, South Korea Sheet
Around 8-10 from online + bars and clubs.

Ranging from 5-8 in looks. Most being around 6.

You dont really come here for women. Place to come for two weeks to experience new country and hopefully get that k flag.
08-05-2013, 11:12 PM
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RE: Dash's Ultimate Seoul, South Korea Sheet
Korean women never going to chase after you, they expect you to come to them and be nice and chase them. If you're too aggressive they'll likely go all christian on your ass, if you go too conservative they'll think you're not interested and lose interested. Sadly, english teachers don't have the best rep. But if you have something else going on, are a stand up guy in the traditional sense (have a decent place... this is big, as Dash mentioned, they all live with mummy and daddy), and if you go where the girls go that clearly are interested in foreigners (a decent percentage are), you can do quite well. Never talk about it though, every girl you meet will accuse you of being a playboy and talk bad about other korean girls that hook up with foreigners, ignore it.

I'm somewhat surprised no ones just signed up to one of the women's universities as exchange student (they allow men exchange students, it's 200 chicks to one guy), then get an obnoxious ringtone and wait for a phone call in a lecture. Instant celebrity status, then just walk around campus and make friends.
08-06-2013, 12:55 AM
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RE: Dash's Ultimate Seoul, South Korea Sheet
Hey Dash, another great Data Sheet!

I'd only add that any visitor should get Kakao Talk app on their phone as everybody uses it. Also, daygaming is possible BUT BE PREPARED FOR MAD STARING FROM PEOPLE NEARBY. I remember trying it in Itaewon and some old lady started mocking me by saying "ohhh... hellooo... you're sooo beautiful" while i was chatting up this chick.
Lastly, DVD Bangs are a great place to pull to if you are nowhere near your place or hotel (or dont want to spend too much on a hotel). It's a small private room where you watch DVD Hollywood movies (with Korean subtitles) that cost around $20 for two hours. Note: There aren't any in Itaewon but there are some in Hongdae and Gangnam. You can say you've never tried it and want to practice your Korean reading skills.

One final note to anybody who has visited Koreatown in LA. It is NOT like Seoul at all, Seoul is way better. I don't know how many people told me K-town was like Seoul before I visited. Interestingly enough, some Korean students have told me they hate Koreatown in LA as the Koreans there aren't as nice. And American born Korean gals compared to actual Korean born gals? Like night and day man. Night and day. The princess attitude that Dash talks about, you might expect that from a model hot gal in Korea. But in K-town, you might get that from even an average chick. This is old news to most on this forum but yeah, Korean girls actually born in Korea, on average way more sweeter, kinder and hotter.

Man, I wanna come back and visit.
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08-08-2013, 03:25 AM
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RE: Dash's Ultimate Seoul, South Korea Sheet
How could I forgot Kakao!?! lol Good look. Yes everyone download that when coming to Korea.

Other things to modify.

No M2 is Gangnam and B1 / B One is only in Itaewon.

Forgot to add Lucidream in Itaewon. More upscale hiphop joint.
08-08-2013, 09:27 AM
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RE: Dash's Ultimate Seoul, South Korea Sheet
I agree that this is a very nice data sheet. Great overview, Dash. Makes me want to go back, since i had not been there since 1996, and your various descriptions remind me of a lot of different things that were in the recesses of my memory.

However, i had not realized that there were so many salsa clubs in these various locations (and, well I was not into salsa in 1996, either), or even into clubbing. I taught english, and generally was picking up through acquaintances that i made through my teaching work. Personally, if i were to return to Seoul, I would want to hit up many of those various salsa clubs that you listed. Seems that it would be a great way to meet girls and also maybe to rotate the locations.. i do not like to go to more than one place a night, especially for Salsa dancing,... personal preference.. Dash, do you happen to dance salsa? Do you recall whether there was room on the dance floors in these salsa places b/c sometimes dance floors can be real good, and other times they are not b/c they are too small or strategically placed in a bad way. Personally, i prefer salsa dance places with a big dance floor, music not too blaring and light enough that i can see the girls. To me, it gets a little freaky when the salsa club is too cluby, makes it harder for me to adequately execute my salsa dance game.
08-15-2013, 12:04 PM
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RE: Dash's Ultimate Seoul, South Korea Sheet
Yes, I dance salsa as well as bachata, merengue, and cumbia. Not the best but not the worst.

I mainly just go to Caliente in Itaewon. It is a venue with a large wrapped bar in the middle with seating around it with a decent sized dance floor at the end of the bar. I like the set up.
08-15-2013, 12:12 PM
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