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Singapore Datasheet by TheChief
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Singapore Datasheet by TheChief
Respect to The Chief for his submission.


[Image: ironman%2070%203%20singapore%20eventpgma...80x600.jpg]


Singapore is a fantastic city/country. It's clean, fun, safe, cosmopolitan, the people are cool, and it's an overall fantastic place to hang out for a couple days to a couple weeks to retirement. It also has a small island in the south that is considered the southern most tip of Asia.

There are three distinct ethnic groups there; Chinese, Malay, and Indian. All three groups speak their native language and English/Engrish. Malls! There are malls everywhere, and they are huge. You can take an escalator downstairs from the street to a mall, walk through, and wind up 4 blocks from where you went down. They are good spots for day gaming. Cafes! There are also cafes everywhere. And they are also good spots for day gaming.

I mentioned that Singapore is clean. This is because the litter laws are extremely strict. If you get caught littering, expect to get a hefty fine. If you get caught doing graffiti, expect to get your ass lashed a few times. Also, chewing gum is illegal there. It's expensive, so if you are traveling on a tight budget you might want to skip it. But if you have the funding, I highly recommend a look. One final note, like most places, you will need to get a SIM card for your phone so you can text.

The Women

The women range from free-spirited girls wanting to have a good time (the norm) to high end, snotty rich girls (the rare). Like I said, they are either Chinese, Malay, or Indian. However, there are also a lot of expats, including a large dose of Philippinas.

The Chinese: They are the largest ethnic group and seem to be the largest group out partying every night of the week. Most of them are fun, beautiful, open to being approached, and willing to SNL. Use day game in the malls, be nice, compliment them on their English, get the number, and ask to meet up in the evening. Trying to game at night could be tricky because they usually roll in groups of 4 or more, and they care about what their friends think. Get them on a date alone and you could easily close that night. Finally, they are also the ones with the most money. The ones with the shitty attitudes tend to come from this group.

The Malay: Most of them are Muslims, but that doesn't stop them from SNL (I'll get to that later). Again, most of in group are fun, beauty ranges from 3-7, open to being approached….but be careful if any Malay males are around. They certainly won’t way anything to you, but they might make it difficult for the girl. They also speak English almost fluently, much better than the Chinese. The best way to hook up with a Malay is pipelining.

The Indians: I didn’t really have any experience with them, so I can’t honestly comment. I can say that I’ve been to the Indian parts of town and I wasn’t impressed with what I was hearing, and smelling. The Philippinas: Most work in the service industry and are looked down upon. They also work in the various buy-me-drinky bars around the city. They are nice, fun, and cute though. And they are more than willing to party and get down with visiting expats.


Clark Quay: By far, the best place to party in the city, any night of the week. From restaurants, to small bars with pool tables, to high-end night clubs, this place has it all. Every single night of the week this place is packed with people looking to chill out, or party hard until 5 a.m. This is the place to go if you have medium to tight night game.

The 4 Floors: The 4 Floors of Whores that is. Now, before you say "uhhh, why would I go to a place full of pros?" Let me tell you why. This place is a mall by day, but at night this place has 4 Floors with 2 or 3 big bars/clubs on every floor. I've been to all of them, and they are all a good time. They range from American country music themed, to top 40, to rock and roll, and a couple of them have great bands every night. Most of them have pool tables and the drinks aren't as expensive as in other places to party. Imagine walking in to a bar with great music, a great vibe, and there are wall-to-wall with very hot girls, from all over the world, approaching you with offers to P4P. The thing to remember is this, the girls are primarily there for P4P, but they are also there to party. If you're good, you can shore pretty easily when it starts to get late and the girls haven't found anyone to pay for them. Just be nice, respectful, and don't treat them like whores and you will be good. Fortunately, the non-pros also find these places fun to party as well, so I highly recommend it. One more thing, stay away from this place when the US Navy ships arrive. They will be full of drunken sailors. The main street that The 4 Floors is on. I can't remember the name of it, but there are countless pubs and cafes that people are hanging out partying in. These are great places to mingle with the locals in low key atmosphere. The various buy-me-drinky bars scattered throughout the city. The title says it all. You walk in and there 5 to 10 Philippinas whose job it is to get you to buy them drinks for 5 to 10 bucks a pop. Sounds like shit right? Wrong. Here’s the thing, you walk in and there another 5 to 10 old/fat Chinese guys groping all the girls, treating them like pieces of meat. And then you sit down, are nice, respectful, keep your hands to yourself, maybe invite them to play pool with you….and all of a sudden guess who the superstar is? Also, guess who immediately got their drink prices cut in half? That’s right my friend, that person is you. The only issue I have with these girls is that if they decide to hangout with you after work (and they probably will if you followed my advice) you will have to wait until around 3 a.m. to meet them. And you’ll have to take them dancing as soon as they get off. But if you play your cards right, on her days off (1 or 2 a week) she will be at your place cooking you lumpia and screwing your brains out.

Final note, when going to Clark Quay, the 4 Floors, or the cafes/bars around it, make you dress nice. All the girls are dressed to kill, so make a good impression yourself. As for the buy-me-drinky bars, jeans and t-shirt are fine. But remember, if she's going to meet you after work she'll expect to go dancing, so dressing nice would be a good idea.

Other info or recommendations

Go check out the island in the southern part labeled “The Southern Most Part of Asia.” It’s a nice little island with some small hotels and restaurants. It also has a nice beach area. There is a border crossing to Jahor Boru, Malaysia. I went over and did some shopping and had lunch. It was a little dirty, but the people were nice and it seemed fairly safe. If you're there long-term, you can fly to Phuket, Thailand for about $130 round trip. Same goes for Jakarta, Indonesia. Taxis can get expensive if you're not near the area you want to be. I recommend learning the bus and tram system.

I can’t comment on accommodations. I am in the military, so I stayed in a hotel in the high-end part of the city the first few days ($130/night), and then stayed at the military lodge for free the rest of the time. Do day game in the malls and cafes. Just be nice, respectful, and smile. Say hello, ask her name, tell her she speaks English better than the other people you’ve met there, ask for her number, etc. You can also do day game at the island I mentioned.

Personal experience of the city

I was in Singapore for 6 weeks working for the military there. Since I was only on temporary assignment I had a more liberal schedule than the regulars. This allowed me to be out later on week nights than most. A month before I left I started pipelining on MySpace (I know, I know, but this was 2006). I nailed it down to two girls; one Malay and one Chinese.

The Malay: Very cute, 25yo, about 5’2, with darker skin, short black hair, and a fantastic body with tits and ass. Her English was flawless. Long story short, this girl met me at the airport when I arrived. We took my shit back to the hotel, which was one block away from the 4 Floors, which is exactly where she took me next for drinks. About an hour in at the bar I tell her we’re leaving. We go back to the hotel and the sexathon begins. She was fantastic in bed and overall fun to hang out with. I thought I broke my dick that night because we fucked so hard. Anyway, she also showed me most of the city. I only saw her about 4 or 5 more times because she started to get too clingy. She got drunk and blew up on me one night in front of her friends because she said I didn’t care about having a serious relationship with her. Well, she already knew that because I was upfront about it, so that was that.

A year later when I was living in Belgium, she contacted me and told me she had moved to the Netherlands and wanted to hang out. I told her no, sorry, I’m busy. For me, Asia was out and Europe was in.

The Chinese: Very cute in the face, 24yo, about 5’0, with light skin, long brown hair, and tiny Asian body with little to no tits or ass. Her English was OK to good. I met her at Clark Quay a few days after I arrived for a day date. We walked around, had lunch, and got to know each other. And then, BOOM!! I notice it; this bitch talks way to much. I mean, she didn’t shut her mouth to let me speak. And she randomly changed the subject every couple of sentences. I tried to keep her on track, but it was like trying to keep the attention of a 3 year old when there are toys around. I couldn’t take it, but I endured because I wanted to fuck her. It didn’t happen that day, but the next time I saw her I stopped her mumbling after about 30 minutes of ear rape and told her we were going back to my place. Agenda complete. She wasn’t too great in bed, but she moaned a lot, which was a turn on. We hung out for a few more weeks only because....I also found the magic button that shut off her ability to speak; it’s called the G-spot. I also hooked up with two Philippinas while I was there. One in a buy-me-drinky bar, the other at the 4 Floors. Buy-me-drinky girl: I went to the bar, walked in, sat down, ordered a beer, and watched all the Chinese guys make me look like a superstar. I had been in these situations before in Okinawa, and mainland Japan, so I knew what to look for. She was extremely cute, 22yo, about 5’2, olive skin, long black hair, and a nice firm and proportioned body. And she spoke English great. She came up to me and asked me to buy her a drink. I told to sit down and talk to m because I wanted to get to know her before buying her anything. After a while I did buy her a drink. But then I asked her to play pool, and I told her that if I win she buys me a drink, and from this point on I will only buy her a drink if she beats me. I was floored when she agreed. She was an alright player, but I smoked her ass in almost every game. The only time she won was when I let her. I figured I had to so she would stick around. We hung out for a couple hours, and importantly I never touched her, only talked to her.

At the end of the night I asked her to hang out after work and she agreed. We went dancing until 5 a.m. and then she went home. I did this whole thing one more time with her and she offered to come to my place to cook for me on her day off. Well she had two in a row and we never the flat. She was pretty good in bed, but a little shy being naked. I don’t know why because she had a great body. Anyway, deal done. 4 Floors girl: I went there by myself for a drink and to play pool. She was already playing, very well I might add, and talking shit to the people she was beating. My kind of girl. She was pretty cute, 28yo, about 5’6, olive skin, long black hair, and fucking fantastic body with big tits and juicy ass. One thing is, I knew she was a pro and looking for P4P. I put my money on the table and challenged her to a game. I then proceeded to kick her ass in front of all the people she was beating, and I was talking shit the entire time. This went on for about 5 or 6 games. I was asking her things like “how’s it feel to be on the other end of a spanking” and then I would give her a little tap on the ass. I talked to her like a regular person also, getting to know her, pretending I didn’t know she was a pro. I’m pretty sure all this turned her on because around 2 a.m. she asked me if I wanted to take her home. I was waiting for the P4P proposal, but it never came.

We went back to my place and fucked like animals. And it was premier!!!! She knew what the hell she was doing. She moved, she came, she was loud as hell, and showed me a great night and morning. Before she left she told me she was a pro and that more than likely she would ask for money if we ever hooked up again. I never saw her again. On random trips back to Singapore I also hooked up with two more girls, both Indonesian. But I’ll save those stories for another feed. Finally, I also went to Phuket, Thailand on two of the weekends I was there. So it’s fair to say that I was a very busy, yet satisfied, in Singapore. I recommend it highly.
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