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My First Fight
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RE: My First Fight
(06-15-2014, 01:43 PM)Rick91 Wrote: The idea for this thread came whilst remininsing with friends while wasted about times in the past. Every word of this is true not that anything is outrageous. It's not really meant to serve a purpose but let the younger guys know - there are too many cowards and not enough guys putting cunts in their place..

Im going to split this into 2 parts in case people who are interested want to skip ahead however I truly hope you don't.

The Build Up

I was considered a nerd in early high school. I was a very skinny guy. I was hyperactive and pre high school I was known for my fascination with dinosaurs up until about the age of 10.

The good traits that I possessed at that age were few however I believe I was considered a leader amongst my group (I would say the group I hung around with were beyond nerds but were not considered cool) and I had started masturbating by around the age of 10 which I consider a tell tale sign of someone who has high T particularly when the individual comes across it themselves without previously being aware of it's existence.

Around the age of 12/13 I became aware of ones status as in how cool you were but paid no heed to the opposite sex, I truly didn't give much of a shit how girls saw me.

I was friends with what I guess you could call higher status individuals than myself at times, I believe this was due to being a funny generally likeable guy once you got to know me. However there were individuals amongst groups who had a severe disdain towards me bordering on hatred. They would often refer to me as being a nerd and ask their so called friends "why are you hanging out with him". I didn't act at the time but inside I wanted to destroy these individuals who were at times literally nerds themselves talking about me in this way. I look forward to seeing some of these individuals in future.

Fighting at this stage in my life had literally mythical status. It almost never happened at my school. We are talking about the suburbs of the suburbs here. When it did your adrenaline would be pumped beyond believe despite the fights being very shitty 99% of the time and the fact that you were not even participating. You would get 2-3 legit fights a year slightly more as the years progressed and I'm talking about within the whole school not 2-3 fights per person. I often wondered what it would take to be the hardest kid in school. The training involved, the experiences you would garner, the cunts you would put in their place. By the way no kids in my school trained and none of them could truly fight perhaps for 1 or 2 who had some potential at a push.

My interest for becoming a fighter grew. And it all stemmed from dinosaurs. When I say dinosaurs what it really meant was I liked monsters. I liked monsters because action often accompanied them and by action I mean dudes doing heroic shit. I had no father but I respected these guys I wanted to be like them. These men. These idols. These idols if you grew up in the latter part of the 20th century would likey be Stallone and Schwarzenegger. From here you likely develop an obsession with being like them e.g. You want to get jacked. You start lifting weights. You will likely be mocked by certain individuals for it at the same time as developing relationships with others purely through it. You may develop an attachment to certain characters. Mine was Rocky. I wanted to be Rocky. I wanted to be his height, have his IQ and to be able to fight like Rocky.

I more or less always considered myself weak until my mother bought me a punching bag for my 14th birthday. I had been trying to get jacked and strong quite unsuccessfully for some time ever since I got terminator 1 and 2 for my 12th birthday. I also got a rocky soundtrack cd for my 14th birthday and followed the most ridiculous extreme idea of a routine my young mind could conjure. My right tricep basically exploded after doing non stop bench dips for 3 songs.

When I punched that bag I punched it more rapidly and powerfully than anyone else I knew. Im not shitting you people would film me letting loose on this bag I believe I could do this because I had the same nervous/muscular system as those mentioned here Google easy hardgainer if you are follow their advice I gained a kg a week for 10 weeks following their advice that is if you fit the description.

I would have friends amongst my group who considered me weak who would state after seeing me on the bag "if you did that to ----- (the apparent hardest guy that we knew of) they would die". All this praise made me feel quite exceptional. A nerd who could destroy.

I would dream about it. In my dreams I often remember being on top of my enemy and punching their face. Their face would not bleed then my enemies face would transform into my friends face and they would be bloody then I would wake up. This was a recurring dream for me.

Around the age of 15 I would consider myself still skinny but I had developed rather large delts for my frame (it was quite an obsession I neglected every other body part). So much so that the lifeguard (who was a personal trainer would mention them as he passed the showers) as well as aceing physical tests in push ups, pull ups and sheer jumping power during PE, coming second in the entire country for the army assault course (or so they told me I was about 5 seconds faster than anyone at the school) and hospitalising one of my friends in a game of dodgeball resulting in its banning I began to feel above many people who considered me below them.

When a fight broke out at school now I would hear people discussing it afterwards. To me they seemed completely clueless in what they were stating they would often have discussions of who could take who in class pitting me often against some weak mongol and actually discussing who would win this made me slightly boil inside (the guy who often brought up these discussion's turned out to be a flamboyant homosexual).

I was never truly bullied at school nor were most of my friends at least in the brutal sense. Some were however, saying that, bullies have a habit of never pushing things too far as for there never to be any real repercussions for their actions.

The Fight

I developed somewhat of a tormenter around about late 14. The night before I had watched roadhouse and for some reason I just remember that. I was at the skatepark and someone who had generally been ok towards me who had a reputation as a psycho e.g. Carrying knives, putting bricks through windows, being a complete retard decided to pick me. He grabbed my foot and tried dragging me around the skatepark while calling me a nerd. He failed more or less however from that day forward it began. The basic jist off it was he would be as degrading and as disrespectful to me as he could e.g. Throwing burning cigarettes at me and any chance he got would try to intimidate me.

This guy also assaulted some friends of mine. One friend in particular I know could have destroyed him (he had a very impressive boxing record). These things culminated with him becoming my enemy. I would fight this guy at some point. I knew it. I dreamed about it. For reference this cunt was known as a psycho and I was a "nerd" amongst our small town.

It all began with my boxing friend. He would spar with me (beat me black and blue literally I had teachers question me on it) he would also egg me own and back me up when one of the more popular guys would attempt to belittle or be disrespectful towards me.

We were at a party one winters eve, deep snow, an apparent rave in a seniors house out in the country. Random guys were there, guys who didn't know their place. I was fucked beyond belief. 13 ciders I drank, I'm a major lightweight this was a big deal. Some ugly guy tells me to fuck off when I say hi to him. I don't even notice. My boxer friend tells him to wise up and an argument starts up. I believe the guy was slagging off my boxer friend so I head butt him and split his nose in 2. There is a pool of blood on the kitchen floor and he is dragged off.

This was a little bit of a big deal. Nerds don't do this kind of thing.

Then the night came. When I would have my first fight. So called psycho for some reasons is on good terms with me but asks me and my mate should he start a fight on the boxer. This is while he is in a car, it's a summers night and there's a house party down the road. I call him a cunt. He says "what did you say to me" he goes to get out of the car. I run round to his side and slam his door, crushing his hand in the door. I'm holding that door closed out of fear I decide to let it go. He gets out, grabs me by the throat and pushes me towards a stone wall about as high as your belly button. I'm completely weak. My friends shout "Take him!". I grasp him around the throat and I push him towards the car as if he was a little girl. I'm much stronger than this guy but much drunker. Once we reach the car he smacks me 2 or 3 times then I trip up he pulls me down and knees me in the head. I don't feel pain only heat.

My mates split it up and I go back for more, throw a punch and land on my ass. He drives off.
The next day I'm black and blue. I tell everyone what happened who asks. And I also tell them I will get him back.

It's study leave, meaning semi summer holidays only we are meant to be studying for exams. My year is all off going around the town having parties here and there. Everytime I go out I leave my house with the intention of if I see this guy I will beat the shit out of him. To anyone who has never been in this position understand it is an experience in itself. Particularly if you have never experienced such a thing before. For me it felt like I was wired at all times. I wasn't afraid at this point due to me being the aggressor.

I visualise what I will do to him. I think about it 90% of the day for weeks on end. I plan on doing what I do to my punching bag but on his face. If it goes to the ground I will get on top and I will continue until he is a bloody pulp and doesn't move.

My time comes. An exam has finished their is a small crowd outside the local store. "He's outside", one of my friends whispers in my ear. I don't feel fear I just walk. Adrenaline soars through my body. I reach the store door. I see him. He see's me. He is completely shocked and screams at me in some high pitched manner "Come on then". I run at him taking the biggest shot at knocking him out I could. He blocks it I throw a good few more and we grapple and make thorough fools of ourselves.

After a minute of struggling like retards I tell him "let's call it quits". He mumbles some shit about him putting people in the hospital. It ends that day and we go our seperate ways.

Unfortunately there were some everlasting lasting effects from that day. I developed some form of agoraphobia and felt extremely uncomfortable leaving my house without certain friends. This would last almost a year.

I was greatly ashamed that I could not beat him to a bloody pulp for a long period of time.

However positives did show themselves after sometime. His reputation was somewhat tarnished amongst his social circle, my name would be used to torment him, despite the fact I never beat him, I never won, the fact I didn't lose was all it took.

The biggest bully of my time in my town referred to me as "stupid but had balls".

On a more personal note I was mocked amongst my friends who had seem me on my punch bag, they expected more and got some sort of grappling display that would make the most boring of UFC matches look like a professionally choreographed fight scene from some jap flick.

However it wasn't until one of my closest friends told me you should be proud of what you did. Nobody ever did what you did.

Well It was your first fight and you have achieved a lot..You must feel proud of yourself...
08-26-2014, 08:18 PM
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RE: My First Fight
Something about you just grinds my gears. What's your notch count?
08-26-2014, 08:48 PM
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RE: My First Fight
Dont listen to these people who have never been in a fight. Sometimes its neccessary and sometimes its best to walk away-it all really depends. Personally, If schools werent so Marxist today I think kids fighting it iut with their fists from time to time would do alot to prevent school violence.

As far as your fight career-
how tall are you?

Did you fight many Muay Thai fights in Thailand? Ever KO a guy? Did you have to fight any in the bars or clubs. At home in the UK or overseas?

I confess one thing I hate about many American night life areas besides isolated bars and clubs (streets full of action are different) is they have cops crawling everywhere so if some prickly gets in your face and you KO him the pigs will be swarming all over you. The best clubs with the hottest girls where I'm at have 12 cops 30 yards away from the main entrance on a Fri or Sat night. It's a police state in America. I think some people need to be hit hard from time to time if thy are unreasonable and start trouble or bully others. A fist in the head is all I've ever seen bullies and arrogant Jerks understand but as an adult in America the court issues and subsequent problems can lead to trouble.

Have you trained grappling like Brazilian jiujitsu or Sambo?

08-27-2014, 05:05 AM
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RE: My First Fight
"It's a police state in America"...not only in US but also in Canada
1000's of innocent folks were arrested for no reason during G20 Summit.
Fuck This !

08-29-2014, 12:59 PM
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