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how to make a good profile at help needed
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timmyjack Offline

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how to make a good profile at help needed
Can someone tell me how to make a good profile and how to generate interest? I used google.translate to make a profile and included 2 photos . However, i notice when i send a message t oa girl ,i use google.translate and i barely get a response. What bugs me is it tells me wh ohas looked at my profile and often ofcourse girls wh o i sent a message look at my profile but it seems most do not even get looked at. WTH? If they do not look at my profile, the only thing they can see is my little photo in the left hand corner. I could be the most handsome guy i n the world, but they wil l not know this because looking at the tiny photo i n the corner when they get my message is to smal l to make out. So i must be striking out based o nwhat i am writing . s o maybe someone can tell me what to say? what should i send in my message and what language? what shoudl isay in my profile and msot important how t oclose the deal .it seems they interrogate em on why i am living i nthier city ,what to counter this with?
09-08-2012, 11:39 AM
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deb auchery Offline

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RE: how to make a good profile at help needed
I would not bother with Google Translate initially, just message her in English with something like "hey! Do you speak English?))"

Ukes love to pose, upload some photos of you in a suit and tell them you're a "biznisman"
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09-10-2012, 05:15 PM
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