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Changing my mind on Chiang Mai
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RE: Changing my mind on Chiang Mai
Spent a month there and I loved it. Beautiful city. Dirt cheap. I loved jumping on a motorcycle and touring up around Pai and Chiang Rai. If you like to ride, it is paradise.

Nightlife was decent when I was there. Heard it took a slide for the worse recently but I'm not sure. There must be some nightclubs still open late. Plus the street of girly bars and massage parlors if that's your thing.

Several huge universities there too so plenty of ladies. Still I look at Chiang Mai as more of a "girlfriend destination." A place to shack up with a cutie while you keep your head down, save money and grind on some business online. If you want to go nuts and live the playboy lifestyle Bangkok is the clear winner.

Actually I was so fucking happy to get back to Bangkok after a month... But I enjoyed my time there and would return.

Another cool thing about the city. It's the only place that offers the "Combat Training Visa."

Some school up there can get you a one year visa. You just have some basic self defense classes for a few hours on the weekend. Pretty sweet deal. Wish they had that available in BKK or Samui.
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