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tomtheman12 Offline

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I am thinking of going to Boracay in November? Is it a good months to go?  

I am thinking of staying in Station 1 as I believe it's more chilled out and laid back there.  If I go to Boracay I will be going by myself. I love the beach type holiday. How long should I stay in Boracay?  

I am thinking of moving out for 6 months to live Phuket or Boracay.  At the moment I am thinking of moving and living in Naiyang in Phuket as it's chilled out and  I know a few expats that live there and my cousin lives near by.

I have now given up alcohol smoking and drugs but still like sex and Rock and Roll. I also still like to hang out in a bar or beach bar and chat to the locals and holidaymakers and bar staff. But I am more into chilledout quieter bars than Ithan hanging out in loud clubs. But I still love to hang in watch live rock and roll bands.

Is it easy to make friends in Boracay? 

Is it easy to chat to local ladies in Boracay?

It would be nice to get a girlfriend in Boracay but if that's not possible then maybe just a holiday romance will do. Would Boracay be a nice place to live or is Phuket better.
 Any info would be great?
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Zolo Offline
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RE: Boracay
For living, defo Puckett over Boracay, the latter is way to small.

It's pretty easy to meet girls in both places.
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08-30-2017, 11:12 PM
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RE: Boracay
ive heard nothing good about the locals in phuket
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08-31-2017, 02:36 PM
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whiteknightrises Offline

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RE: Boracay
I went to Boracay late last year - PM me if you want to see my datasheet on it

I've never been to Phuket but Boracay isn't a place I'd stay for more than a short holiday.. However, I'm not a big fan of the beach or anything

I'd say it's probably easier to meet tourists than locals - lots of ladyboys/hookers/ladyboy hookers (at least when you go out and stuff)

Edit: Most tourists Korean and Chinese with some other Asians and non-Asians sprinkled in

FYI I went ~Christmas to early January (which is supposed to be "peak season")
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09-04-2017, 07:20 AM
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