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Soviet Tour 2017
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Soviet Tour 2017
Hey Nomads,

This is it. This is live and real now. After my "Blonde Tour" in 2016, I'm continuing my exploration of Europe. This time I go further East. I'm still a Northern-Eastern Europe guy. 

I want to thank EdmasterMotherRussia and Zolo for their feed-back in my "draft" thread, where I was considering the idea and asking for advice. I did not read properly your advice about visas, so now I got it: 5 days in Minsk, 3 days in St-Petersburg. I'm guessing Mass Tourism wins against Politics, right?

Departure: 14th September
Duration: About 30 days

My Plan:
1. Talllinn
2. St-Petersburg: 3 days
3. Riga
4. Vilnius
5. Minsk: 5 days max
6. Kiev
7. Odessa

Theme: Exploration of Europe

My Goals:
- Discovering Culture (Food, Customs, Architecture, Contemporary Art, History)
- Discovering Landscapes
- Meeting Cool people
- Meet Sexy women
- Use my mornings to learn German (starting a job in october in this language)

Lessons learned:
As I said in my previous thread, I put way too much emphasis on women in my last trip, which had the following consequences:
- I missed discovering places because I was going out so much, during the day I was dead tired
- I pissed away tons of money (in the thousands) for taking expensive AirBnBs in Gothenburg and Copenhagen in central places
- I was so attached to having sex with a swedish girl that I spent 2 weeks in Gothenburg whereas I could have seen the Nature in Sweden or Stockholm

So now, what I'll do differently:
- CHEAPER is the name of the game
- I'll go to Nature (which I love)
- I'll switch between Hostels and AirBnB
- So now, when I'll meet sexy women, I'll go to THEIR place: cheaper! 
- I'll take my reflex camera to take nice pictures, something I did not do in my last trips
- I have a much better self-esteem and confidence than last year, so I'm sure everything will go smoother

Tastes in Women
These days I'm obsessed with blondes and redheads. I love dark-raven hair as well. Big boobs, blue/green eyes, thin waist are a must. Long legs and tongue piercing are a plus. I'm more of a hair/face/boobs/legs guy. Personality-wise: open-minded, funny, spiritual, sexy, well-travelled, down-to-earth, artist, submissive.

Recently, (thanks porn on the Internet) I discovered that the beauty of russians and ukrainian women really is superior to many others. I did not like women that are too thin, but now I do. I'd trade a too-skinny girl with beautiful face and hair for a more fleshy one with less beautiful face and hair any day. 

My Favorite countries for women so far (very biased based on my subjective experiences): 

1. Poland
2. Netherlands 
3. Denmark/Sweden/Czech Republic

As always, any advice, feed-back and comments are welcome. I'll keep you guys updated, using this thread as a journal. I learned tons from you last year and from guys at Roosh's. 



I'm referencing Edmaster, MotherRussia and Zolo's advice below for the purpose of readability:

(08-08-2017, 12:49 AM)Edmaster Wrote: Hi man,

No visas needed if you are a EU citizen (except for Russia) but your passport is required (ID card alone is not enough at least in Ukraine and Moldova).
For Belarus you have a 5 visa free day to visit if you belong to this list of countries : Here 

Here is my opinion about the place i have personally visited :

Helsinki :
Pros :
People are very friendly.
Chicks are probably the easiest in Europe (i found them even easier than swedish and Norwegian) 
The city is very safe (almost no crime or corruption) 

Cons : 
The city is a bit isolated. 
Not many exciting activities. 

Tallinn :
Pros : 
Nice city with a beautiful old town.
The chicks are friendly and hot and relatively easy. 
Every nightclub are within 5 minutes walk so you can really easily bounce from one to another.

Cons : 
A bit small so you tend to come across the same people when you walk in the city.

Notes : i wrote about my experience here

Riga : 
Pros : 
Beautiful old town. 
Very cheap even in the best area of the city. 
Chicks are hot but less friendly than in Tallinn. 

Cons : 
Most of the bars and club in the old town are filled with foreigner.
Some people have reported some scams there (i didn't encounter any).

Vilnus : 
Pros :
No tourists.
Good amount of young girls and little competition. 
Nice old town. 

Cons : 
Very small so you can visit it in one day.

Kiev : (i am there when i am writing this message) 
Pros : 
Very feminine girls (model style) each time you look somewhere. Probably the most beautiful girls on the planet. 
Very cheap for a westerner. 

Cons : 
Low english level.
Food quality is low. 
Some people (the older generation mainly) tend to be disagreeable with foreigner (don't take personally).

Notes : stay at least 2 weeks there because Ukrainian chicks take time to wram up.

Chisinau : 
Pros : 
No tourists so you have a huge foreigner value. 
Girls are beautiful.
Most nightclubs are very close from each other in the center of the city.

Cons : 
it feels like traveling back to the 90's (old nokia, cars...)
The city is mostly a shithole and very isolated from other cities.
English is low. 

Note : take the buse to Tiraspol it's about 2 euros and a fun experience. Chicks are hot there too. 
I personally didn't encountered any problems there but some people have. 

I will write some data sheets in the future. 
If you need further informations on each of those cities PM me Smile

(08-21-2017, 02:26 AM)MotherRussia Wrote: Greetings,

For starters, what is the aim of your trip? Knowing this could be the difference between me suggesting Chisinau and recommending you to not go.

Secondly, you can actually visit Saint Petersburg visa free for 72 hours via Saint Peter Line Ferry from Tallinn or Helsinki. It sure is a little pricier than the $20-25 price tag of a bus, but if you don't plan on staying in SPb for more than 3 days, you could go this route. However, if you plan on going to SPb for less than 3 days then I recommend you not going at all.

I've been to every place on your list and everything is going to fall well short of your time in Saint Petersburg. Nothing else can compare in my honest opinion. From nightlife, women, and attractions I'd rank SPb number 1, by far. Weather and food are a big blow, however. 

Let me know when you plan on coming and I can meet up with you potentially.

I have to agree with much of what EdMaster wrote, with a few exceptions and additional notes.

Helsinki is terribly boring and super expensive. I went there with my girlfriend so I wasn't actively trying to pick up chicks, but I can tell you that it would be an expensive process.

Tallinn, hmm I always feel like I am the only one who holds this opinion, but I think the Estonian women are some of the least attractive in Europe. Two of the guys I know who lived there say they are fantastic, but theyre both uglier than those dogs with the smushed in face and one of the guys thinks his "5" rated GF is a take that with a grain of salt.

But, don't fret. there are still a great bunch of Russian women there to choose from. It's an incredibly boring place. You can walk all of old town in 30 minutes and you won't encounter a single store or restaurant designed for locals....One of the most touristy, gimmicky places I've been too. Some of my friend who used to live there have moved onto other areas of Estonia and seem to be enjoying it much more now.

Riga - I like me some Riga!! You definitely get more of a Russian feel here than anywhere else in the baltics. Not only are the Russian women here hot, but the Latvian women aren't too bad either. Cool markets and beaches all around. Certainly a more lively and upbeat place compared to Vilnius or Tallinn. Old town at night is quite touristy, but still the nightlife is better here than in Helinski, Tallinn, or Vilnius.

Vilnius - Boring and I felt it was the least developed of the 3 Baltic capitals. Your time would be better spent visiting the college town of Kaunas. 

Kiev - This is where I disagree with EdMaster. Obviously, the food is terrible but the attractiveness of their women in Kiev does not even compare to that of Russias.  I've been in Kiev and Odessa for a total of 2 months on 2 occasions. Yes, women can take a little while to wrap up, but that doesn't go for every women. If they are taking too long, then just move on. I had a few days on our first meetings. Also, their English is going to be better than Russians, Belorussians, and Moldovans

Additionally, I think Ukrainians are probably on par with Polish girls. The quality and quanity of hot girls is simply much more in Russia compared to Ukraine. I'd say that Ukrainian chicks are behind  Russians, Belorussians, Romanians, and Moldovans. 

Chisinau was incredibly boring, however I was only there for a 2 nights awaiting my departure flight back to the U.S. I took a train from Odessa and no one checked my passport, which makes sense given that you go through Transnistria. Also, I didn't go there but many people who went to Tirasopol said it wasn't any more interesting than Chisinau. Honestly, the most popular thing in Chisinau was their McDonalds. The girls were incredible and everything was just stupidly cheap.

Minsk, you don't need a visa here if you FLY into Minsk and you can't fly from Russia, because of the Belorussian and Russian Union (no border checks and flights are considered domestic). So it might put it out of reach for you if you need to get a visa, though they did recently lower the price. Definitely worth a visit. It's said to be the most Stalinistic city. It's true what they say about it being very clean and the women are sensational. English is quite bad If you have time, definitely try to get Romania on your list. My time I spent in COnstanta/Mamaia Beach was fantastic

I don't know the aim of your trip, but SPb - Minsk - Odessa would be a much better time. Cutting out all the boring, useless places and getting right to the good stuff.

(09-05-2017, 09:09 PM)MotherRussia Wrote: I mean, if you like Dutch, Swedish, Czech women it's a very safe bet that you're going to like women the further east you go. Polish and Czechs are slavs. In the former Yugoslavia, they're slavs. Former USSR, they're Slavs. They're all going to have similar looks and personalities with little variance.

What do you mean by culture? What interests you the Music? Theatre? Vibrant history?

Saint Petersburg is home to the Mariinskiy Theatre and one of the best museums in the world (hermitage), Odessa has those awesome Potemekin (sp?) steps, famous opera house, and dangerous catacombs. Minsk is where you go when you want to see the ideal Stalinist architecture. Riga had some outdoor theatre stuff and a nice indoor theatre. Tallinn and Helsinki were just boring af. Kiev, compared to most other places in eastern europe was pretty miserable. 

If you want culture, then go to the former Yugoslavia. When I was in Bosnia and Herzegovina I was able to see some of the crazy Yugoslavia monuments ( as well as visit Tito's hidden bunker. Also, Sarajevo has an extremely rich history and is quite charming. So many places to go and see in the region...Mostar, Dubrovnik, Pltivice, Kravice, Kotor, Budva, Jajce...I can name many more....

Women are also amazing (much better than Dutch, better than Swedish, Czech, imo). They're like most slavs anywhere else in EE but they're a bit more reserved.

(07-31-2017, 10:58 PM)Zolo Wrote: Sounds like a great trip. I wouldn't finish in Chisinau though. A huge anti-climax.
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RE: Soviet Tour 2017
Hello guys,

what are your favorite cities in Ukraine, apart from Kiev?

I updated my plan:

- Helsinki
- Tallinn
- St-Petersburg
- Vilnius
- Kaunas
- Riga
- Minsk
- Odessa
- Chisinau
- Kiev

in order to: 

- See Helsinki (so close, that would be a shame to miss it)
- Spend a week-end in:
  a) St-Petersburg instead of Tallinn
  b) Riga instead of Vilnius
- See Chisinau
- Spend a week-end and take off from Kiev

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RE: Soviet Tour 2017

I was in Helsinki yesterday for a few hours. Finland definitely is the land of the blondes. And people are more friendly than in Gothenburg. I cannot tell for Stockholm. I'm definitely going to come back as I might love Finland. If you love Licorice, this is the country for you. So far, I don't think it's THAT expensive. The price are very smilar to Switzerland. So expensive, yes. But like London. Not like Norway. 


I woke up today in Tallinn, whole different vibe. This is not Scandinavia, for sure.
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09-15-2017, 03:24 PM
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RE: Soviet Tour 2017
Where's the rest of your report on the cities you visited? My only comment from the list of cities is that you going too many cities in a short period of time.
10-04-2017, 01:49 PM
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