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Dash's Suwon, South Korea Sheet
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Dash's Suwon, South Korea Sheet
[Image: skor51619.jpeg]


Suwon is one of the main cities in Korea. It is home to a million plus people. It is about a 40 minute bus or subway treck to Seoul. It is known for being the only remaining walled city in South Korea. The Hwaseong Fortress is the main draw. The city has about 4 areas to note. Suwon Station or better known as "The Station" gets the most traffic for obvious reasons. This is the transportation and main nightlife district. The next main are is Ingyedong. It is sorta like the downtown area which has started to take off in recent years. Next you have Yeongtong. This place houses a lot of foreigners. There isn't really anything that would make you go to that area if you didnt live there. Next you have Paldal-gu. This is a small area with a nice pedestrian walk way. This place is important due to having 2 solid nightlife options. Last but not least you have the Aju University area.

This Girls

Like with any major Korean city, its gonna have its fair share of hot women. And like most of Korea they are still some what shy and conservative.


Not real familiar with exact names. Cheap hotels can be found on every street almost. Tons of love motels as young people need a place to go as most live with their parents until late 20s / early 30s. You can also use DVD bangs to fuck girls. Where would I stay? Either Ingyedong or the Station.

Things To See / Do

Isn't a ton to see and do here. Gonna have to go to Seoul or Busan for that kind of stuff. But there is a few things to note. I went to a Bluewings game against Seoul and it was a lot of fun. Suwon won and it felt like I was in Europe or South America with all the celebrating (dancing / singing) that was going on after.

Hwaseong Fortress

Samsung Bluewings Soccer Match @ "Big Bird" World Cup Stadium

Manseok Park

DayGame Spots

I dont really do any day game. I think atleast in this city you will freak most girls out as a foreigner opening them in the day. But none the less, for you guys that want to give it a go id try these place.

AK Plaza / Suwon Subway Station

This place gets the most foot traffic. AK Plaza is attached to the subway / train station. There is always a ton of girls here going about the day shopping ect.

Galleria Shopping Mall

Newcore Shopping Mall

Aju University

Sungkyunkwan University

Kyonggi University

Nightlife Spots

I would suggest leaving Suwon for nightlife purposes and going to Seoul or Songtan, but if you live here or are visiting a friend here are the spots to check out.

Loop Disco (Ingyedong)

This is the only actual dance club in Suwon at the moment. There use to be a more western option down at the staton but sadly it shut down. Anyways Loop plays exclusively house, techno, and trance music. It is alittle small and on the dark side (lighting) and the music is blaring. Really hard to talk to any females, not that any of them would be interested in talking to you anyways Wink Solid ratio in here though with always a handful of hotties. The cover is retarted 15 bucks.

The Big Chill (Paldal-gu)

This is the main foreigner hangout that also attracts a few Koreans. It is a decent sized bar. They hold weekly theme nights. On Friday they play a lot of American music which I like and some of the foreign teachers will be dancing.

Plan B (Aju University)

I recently discovered this place. I like it a lot. Place good music and has a little dance floor. It attracts a lot of the foreign exchange students from Aju University as well as the Korean students. This place has a lot of potential.

Lao Bar (Station)

I like this place. God place to go post up at the bar or at a table with friends. Always is a handful of Korean women in here.

Sam Ryans (Station)

This is the other western bar in town. Id say this place gets a fare amount of military guys. Not sure on the female situation. Havent been on a Fri or Sat night yet.

Turn (Paldal-gu)

This is the salsa club in town. It is a bit tricky to find. Have to go down a side street just past the Lotteria. The bad thing is it finishes by 11pm every night.

Bulldog (Ingyedong & Station)

Bulldog has two venues in Suwon. One at the station and one in Ingyedong. The one at the station is very small. The one in Ingyedong is much bigger and has a pool table. These places are more of a foreigner hangout. Lots of military guys.

Rhythm & Booze (Ingyedong)

This is a pretty nice spot. Has a bar, plenty of seating, pool table in the back. Kinda dead during the week nights, but gets a decent crowd of teachers and Samsung workers on the weekend. Not many Koreans though.

The Star Fish (Ingyedong)

This is an interesting place. Pretty much no foreigners go here or hardly even know about this place. It is like a restaurant / disco combo. And get this the music is like 90's American pop. I am not sure if they allow foreigners in here without being with a Korean. I went and was denied entry but lied and said my friends were in inside (had to go to the bathroom and make a new friend asap). Lots of Korean girls here.

Tunnel Night (Ingyedong)

This is a booking club. Where guys go to meet women. You have to purchase a table then order drinks. The waiter will then bring girls to your table. I am dying to go to one of these places. Some of them might not be foreigner friendly though.

P4P Spots

Suwon RLD (Station)

You wont be doing much p4p here even if you wanted to. The hot young girls will not even look at you. The B team on the side alleys are ugly and not worth the money. It is interesting though. Sorta like a scene out of Amsterdam with girls in these little glass store fronts. I like to stroll through here and look when I am down at the station. There is tons of South East Asian workers that come here to relieve the days stress. 30 bucks for them in the back alleys.

Here is a video of the main drag (i think). It is funny because all the girls get pissed when they see the dude is filming and start to cuss him in Korean saying "shibal".

Final Thoughts

Suwon shouldnt be your first choice or even your second choice, but it is decent considering its proximity to Seoul and Songtan. If you are just visiting Korea than skip Suwon, but if you find yourself looking for a job and one comes up here id give it some thought. You could do far worse.

Alright guys. Only main cities left I have to break down are Daegu and last but not least Seoul.

Stay tuned.........
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RE: Dash's Suwon, South Korea Sheet
Thanks man, good info.
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11-09-2012, 01:49 PM
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RE: Dash's Suwon, South Korea Sheet
I would agree....this is some of the best I've seem in Deep Creatormore info

05-31-2013, 11:36 PM
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