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Dash's Thrilla in Manila
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RE: Dash's Thrilla in Manila
(05-19-2013, 11:38 AM)RockingForever Wrote: Why....did you delete the threads?

Smart move Dash. Now no one will remember the Japanese porn star pic you posted claiming to be a Fillipino chick you smashed or the Colombian girl that turned out to be a 'friend' of the girl you banged or any of the other shit you've posted.

Not deleted they are here.

Lets recap

1) Filipina (who are notorious for posting fake pics) loads up a similar pic to her with her face covered on her facebook (which I took a screen shot of). I assume its her and post it here for eye candy purposes. Turns out that wasnt her real pic. And? Means nothing lol

2) So all you have is the one Colombian chick that I switched for her friend the morning because my lays pic's I took that night didnt look satisfactory, which was like 3 years ago lol I have pics with both girls that night, which I even posted on here with the girl I posted around my arms.

Big deal. Sue me lmao

Quote:And still not getting laid.

You would know how? I posted a pic of the last Korean chick I fucked laying in my bed phaggot lol

Must be nice to live in a fantasy world. Guess you have to convince yourself other people are not getting laid so you can better coup with your own failures and insecurities.

There is still hope for you brah.

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05-19-2013, 12:54 PM
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