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Pedophile Sarah Jones gets slap on the wrist
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Pedophile Sarah Jones gets slap on the wrist
I'm sure you all remember this teacher/cheerleader who was accused of having sex with a student some time ago and went on every tv show and newspaper denying she had sex with her student...

[Image: sarah-jones-cody-NC.jpg]

Well the truth has come out and she has plead guilty and admitted to banging her student, I found this out on dateline msnbc, and she was very convincing in pleading her innocence initially (before she plead guilty) and it just goes to show how much of a bold face liar a woman can be, I'd say she was even more convincing than the bill clinton I did not have sexual relationships speech.

All in all she just got 5 years probation which is nothing, doesn't even have to register as a sex offender, and surprisingly low, given that the show - showed that she lied to police by denying explicitly sexual text messages she didn't know the police had and lying about having sex with the student (plenty of people go to jail for up to 5 years for lying to police)

Worst of all is how after the tv host confronts her about lying she shows her black belt in hamsterism and starts spinning her lies like dj's on turntables and break dancers from the 80's, about how when asked about by the interviewer previously if she had sex with the student )prior to her guilty plea) why she did lie to the interviewer, coming up with the most bizarre argument about why it was not a lie. She now claims she is studying to be a lawyer.

And while lots of people might look at her and say, dude its nuts to think she is a sex offender or she raped him. I think women sex offenders are worst than male ones. Men just fuck the girl then leave her, really thats not that bad if a 30 year old male teacher just bangs a 17 year old student and they both go on with their lives. Women sex offenders basically trap their male victim into marrying a way older chick who is going to balloon up in 5-10 years, put them on the hook for child support, alimony, divorce rape them (I guess that is why she is going to become a lawyer, so she can rape him a 2nd time) or just trap them in a dead end meaningless marriage. Full grown adult men get butt raped by women from all directions (financially, emotionally, relationship with their friends and family etc.) We all agree women try to manipulate men into marriages as they see their stock falling.

This bitch is going to hook this guy in before he has even had a chance to live, one day after an argument when he is on the cusp of leaving she will forget her pill or not want condoms in sex, and then the dude is screwed for 18 + years. He will probably be a good little beta husband for her because thats the only pussy he has ever had, while she at 27 has already ridden the cock carousel, and she will now have him solidly whipped in a few years, more so than the average American man.
12-17-2012, 04:06 PM
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RE: Pedophile Sarah Jones gets slap on the wrist
yeah she should be castrated.
12-18-2012, 01:01 AM
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