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Evolution of RSD's concepts and principles
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Evolution of RSD's concepts and principles
Anyone who isn't familiar with RSD or brushed it off and paid it no heed due to the manosphere generally not acknowledging it may find themselves missing out on a lot.

This company was basically founded by breaking down what naturals do. There are no routines as such just concepts and principles that you will likely be able to see if you look back over your past bangs. They were a massive part of my success in peru and i may break down why.

This video is an excellent breakdown and explanation of what they are about. I hadn't seen it in like a year but makes so much more sense once you have a greater understanding.

This was in a comment on there which gives a nice breakdown of the vid if you don't have time and are interested in something in particular.

1. You can get better with women by going out more 3:33 2. Buying Temperature 9:40 3. Natural Game 15:20 4. You're not as cool as you think you are/furthering natural game 24:30 5. Ego vs Self Esteem and being totally present 25:57 6. The Buyer Seller dynamic/Assuming value 32:30 7. The claw 38:30 8. The Law of State Transference/ Self Amusement 46:40 9. Social Momentum 54:25 10. Intent and Freedom from Outcome 59:57 11. Micro Momentum vs Macro Momentum 1:03:43
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