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Shoring in Las Vegas
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Shoring in Las Vegas
So home base for me in the US is basically the hooker capital of the country, Las Vegas. I'm actually only in Vegas perhaps a few weeks every six months, as I travel for work all of the time, and when I am not travelling, I try to visit friends and family on the east coast or elsewhere.

Anyway, a friend was DJ'ing (in from NY) at GhostBar, which is the club at the top of the Palms hotel. Drinks, music, but very few decent girls, which is usually not the case at Vegas night clubs. There was one very hot latin girl dancing, but being used to Vegas, I could tell she was either a stripper (and most Vegas strippers expand the experience for more money, if you know what I mean) or a straight-up hooker. But I was there with my boy, we had a table and this girl and her companions, neither of whom I'd touch five martinis in, were floating around, talking to dudes, and looking for a landing spot. I figured, at worst, its less boring than sitting at the table by ourselves.

I make eye contact with "Chanel" - ok, so now I know what I'm dealing with. She comes over with her two fugly companions, who my buddy (blissfully unaware they are pros) starts entertaining. Don't blame him, hes a great guy, but a very young 23. I make Chanel a drink, and immediately start gently negging her, verbally and with body language, and also by not responding to her forward body language. She had this great little body, like a tiny rubber band, similar to what you find in Asia but with a bouncy little ass. In any event, I made it clear that I didn't even believe that she was 27 as she claimed, but only 13, and made her show me her drivers license. She wouldn't show me the name on the license, just the age, sign 2 positive of a pro/stripper. Confidence level on that is now 100 percent. She even had a business card with no job title.

I'm not as experienced, not nearly, as some of you guys, and Vegas pros are hardened like titanium, so shoring is going to be a challenge. That being said, I'm not about to pay for it, especially because I'm going back to China the end of this week. The going rate in Vegas is out of my paygrade anyway.

I spoke to her, and I used a gambit that someone had mentioned here on the forum I believe. I can't quite recall who wrote it (apologies, but thanks for the rap){edit: i looked it up and it was Van of Victory, thanks Van}, but I thought it was charming and genius, and even the hardened hooker was seriously entertained by it. It was the "kissing instructor" answer when she asked me what I did for a living - and very much of the dialogue tracked pretty much as dictated in the story. She was intrigued, to be sure, despite her callused approach to men, and she wouldn't leave me alone about it. I added a few bells and whistles, and let her know that not everyone, her for example, is helpable, and that my training had lasted years, and she should never take instruction from someone who isn't certified with the ISCKI (International Society of Certified Kissing Instructors). She's basically doubled over in laughter at this point, her little body all over me, and my hands all over her, with her not even seeming to notice.

Now, cutting to the chase, I wasn't gonna pay, and there were other potential johns around for the taking (maybe), so I switched off her, because if I was going to shore in Vegas, there was no was to do it until she had exhausted the paying options. So I started talking and dancing to one of her far less desirable friends while she worked the crowd (guys) a bit. I saw her hand out a few more of her cards. After working the dwindling population of the club, she of course eventually circled back to me. I told her I work for a charity (which is very true), and I'd be willing to help her with her instruction - but that I had no money (not true, I just have no money to pay Vegas prostitutes).

It being three Am by now, and after last call, my boy, who I tried to warn that he was talking to a hooker, and a fugly one at that, finally gets the "pitch" from his girl. He was a bit offended, which was kinda funny, but what was more funny is that his butter-face pro asked him for five hundred US for her company. She'd have to pay me far more than that to sleep with her, decent body aside.

We were rolling out of there, and Chanel texted me to find out where I was (she took my phone earlier to call her phone to "prove" her number was legit- as if). I got a few texts saying "wya" - I'm 42 and I had no idea wtf wya was - turns out it means, where you at. Anyway, I got home, unshored and untainted.

Anyone ever successfully shore in the US? in Vegas? How did you do it? I dated a stripper before that I picked up at her club in NYC once, so that was kind of a shore, but I don't think she was fucking her clients. She was still very young and probably hadn't graduated yet.

Interested to hear also if anyone might have some advice on how I could have closed.

BTW, the girl on the right is the one. The other one was one of her companions.

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02-19-2013, 05:09 AM
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RE: Shoring in Las Vegas
yea that's a tough you said vegas prices are insane and many of girls you think you meet cuz of your looks/game are in fact pros scamming you. You're looking at about $150 for a blow and $400 for a fuck. well FUCK And if you order through the agencies on the street, they will charge u $50 before they even start talking about the prices.

And most of them aren't even that hot to begin with so i really don't understand it. I can fuck the HOTTEST sluts in Germany for $75. And of course there are all these red light districts for 50 euros (amsterdam, frankfurt, etc). So why the f*k would i want to pay that money for vegas bitches? The simplicity of it??? hmmm. For $400 each me and my boy will pop bottles at Clubs like Pure, Tao, etc, have lots of fun, get drunk, and most likely pick somebody up to come back to hotel at end of the night. That's one thing that is easy to do in vegas ill give it that. But you DO have to spend...

Money aside though, in my experience it's been very difficult to shore in Vegas so i don't even try...

Just a guess, but maybe you may have closed her at end of the night by getting her to your room and then just telling her you're not paying. At 5am, if she likes u, she might just fuck you for free. But even then i think best case, you will just get a good discount
02-19-2013, 05:30 AM
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RE: Shoring in Las Vegas
I would have escalated more, as much as she would allow and then i would tell her that i liked her and she seems like a cool chick then go into a story about how some chick the other night tried getting money from you and you never pay.

If she doesn't fuck off then there is a good chance she is keen on you. Follow it through to the end just making it clear you are not paying. This was the strategy that i used in Peru if i ever had doubts.

02-19-2013, 06:12 AM
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